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Militants Attack 10th Russian-Turkish Patrol In Southern Idlib (Video)

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Militants Attack 10th Russian-Turkish Patrol In Southern Idlib (Video)

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‘Peaceful Idlib rebels’ tried  to attack a joint Russian-Turkish patrol along the M4 highway in southern Idlib on May 12.

This was the 10th joint Russian-Turkish patrol in the area and the 3rd one, which was set to be held via the extended route from the west of Saraqib to the eastern entrance of Ariha.

However, the patrol was aborted after an explosion (supposedly caused by an IED) erupted near the patrol in the area east of Ariha. The incident happened after Turkish troops briefly clashes with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) supporters throwing stones at vehicles.

On May 10 and May 11, fierce clashes erupted between the Syrian Army and al-Qaeda-linked militants in the town of Tanjarah in northwestern Hama. Militants briefly captured the town but then they were forced to retreat under strikes on the Syrian Army. 37 soldiers and 24 militants were reportedly killed in the clashes.


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Mustafa Mehmet

Assad and gangs agents trying to sabotage as usual not gonna work

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I don’t know about that, it seems to be working out extremely well for Assad I’d say, but I couldn’t say the same thing for Erdogan though, it seems he’s the one getting the short end of the stick now.

Jacob Wohl

Turkey had a choice – top notch F-35 stealth fighters and Patriot PAC-3, or some crappy rusty s400 that cant detect an F-35 past 5 miles. They chose the Russkie trash weapon system that can’t even detect Israeli F-16’s. Their loss.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

LOL, that’s not what the US military experts say about the S-400, in fact everything I read from the US says they’re the most advanced systems in the world right now, and until both the defence system and the stealth jets perform under actual real time combat situations, neither the US or Russia will be 100% certain of either of their systems real performance capabilities.
But here’s some indisputable facts about the F 35, they’re plagued with hundreds of ongoing technical problems that still haven’t been resolved, and some of them are very serious problems, just google search for F-35 problems and you’ll see there’s over 800 issues they’ve had to deal with and many more they still do.
But this is the biggest kick in the guts for the F-35, they’re not really stealthy at all. The US and Israel can brag all they like about them being stealthy but the truth is they’re only stealthy against certain radar frequencies and band lengths, older radars using different frequency wavelengths can detect them much easier than the new Russian and Chinese radars can.
So even if the S-400’s can’t detect them easily the Russian have heaps of older radar systems that operate on frequencies that can detect them, so they can still be seen and targeted by older radars even if the most modern equipment can’t see them until it’s too late.
I suspect the Russians are already complimenting all their S-400 systems with additional radar systems that do operate with the frequencies needed to detect the F-35’s, and I also suspect their new S-500’s will probably have an additional radar unit that specifically operates on the frequencies that are best suited for detecting stealthy aircraft.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

I agree up until you said the older radar systems can detect stealth better than new ones can. Truth is Serbia’s P18 from the late 1960’s detected a F-117 stealth Nighthawk from 50km away, but its targeting radar could not get a lock until it was only 14km away.

S400 uses much newer, accurate and more advanced anti-stealth radars capable of not only detecting advanced stealth at long ranges, but accurately guiding missiles as well.

Look up Nebo-M radar complex, Protivnik-GE, Gamma-DE, Podlet-K1, Kasta-2E2. Incredibly advanced long waveband radars capable of DETECTING and TARGETING stealth at very far ranges way more than old P18 used by Serbia could.

Stealth is meant to absorb x-band radar used in targeting radar, missile seekers. But S400 uses so many different wavelengths/bands to overcome this. They use ultra-high frequency, L and S band targeting radars instead, increasing engagement ranges for stealth anywhere from 60-150+km, instead of the mere 14-30km of using only x-band.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The 91N6E surveillance radars the S-400’s use operate in the S-band frequency range, which means they’re really good at detecting fast moving high altitude targets like ballistic missiles, but they’re not as good at detecting low signature aircraft made from certain materials, and their targeting radars fare no better either, but some radars that operate in the VHF and UHF frequency range can detect low signature aircraft that are made with radar absorbing materials much more effectively, and they’re usually the older systems that use those low frequencies.

This is what they have to say about the Nebo-M radar complex,

“If deployed in robust numbers, the Nebo SVU will be capable of frustrating offensive operations by any air force not equipped with an F-22 or better capability.”

The Nebo operates on both the L band and X band but only the L band is effective against the newer stealth aircraft.
Which means that even the older F-22’s are not easily detectable by the systems and the F-35’s even harder, so I’m not sure if this equipment is the right solution but it’s better than nothing.


This system operates in the D [now classed L] band frequency range and is designed to detect RCS less than 0.1 sq. m so it may be a very capable system used in conjunction with the S-300 and 400 systems.
The others I couldn’t find enough info on or they weren’t effective at lower frequency bands.
The low frequency radar systems can be linked to the S-300’s and 400’s to make them more effective though, here’s a good article that explains why some radar frequencies are better at detecting stealth objects than others, it also explains how the Russians use their low frequency radars to help make the higher frequency surveillance and targeting radars the S-300 and s-400’s use even more effective at detecting stealth aircraft than they are by themselves.


Jacob Wohl's Nose

S400 uses missile seekers in X/I/J band for the final intercept phases. But it has multi-band built in receivers which can be directly guided by either S/L/UHF or indirectly guided by VHF via midcourse uplinks, this enables them to engage stealth at far distances, and when they get close enough to a target, the more accurate X-band seeker takes over at such a short range from the stealth craft that its anti-radar abilities degrade (<5km). This way stealth can be engaged without the need for relying on just x-band for majority of its flight. Big reason why S400 is a beast of a system that counters stealth even without the need for vhf/uhf radars.

As for the L/UHF band provitnik (600km range against 1.5 sq m), gamma (400km range against 1 sqm) that equates to a max engagement range of 40-55km for .0001 and 71-96km for 0.001 sq meter stealth craft. but remember these small radar sizes is from a very small cone portion of the aircraft nose. From sides and especially rear, signature will flare up considerable meaning even further engagement ranges.

Ausairpower is very informative. However, their detection charts are based of export systems. Not domestic. Remember export radars always have reduced range, especially provitink-GE (400km vs 600km domestic) or the gamma-de (400km export vs 500km domestic)

Willing Conscience (The Truths

That article I linked also stated the low frequency radars direct the targeting radars in the right direction and then boosts their RF signals to make them more accurate/effective.
The LEMZ 96L6E all-altitude radar is the best radar the S-300/400 systems use and it operates in C band.
Acquisition Radars for S-300/400
The 9S112 Kupol M2 Acquisition Radar – 9 operates in the S band.
The 59N6 Protivnik GE and 67N6 Gamma DE in the L band,
And this is the only low frequency radar I found the S-300/400 using, the 1L119 Nebo SVU [150 to 250 MHz], and the multiband Nebo M both in G band and the lower end of P band.
I couldn’t find any radars that operated in I band though, you may have to link it because I can’t find any for the S-300/400.

cechas vodobenikov

the turkey proxies bite the hand that feeds them…LOL

Willing Conscience (The Truths

If the Russians and Turks succeed in reopening the highway it will not only make Turkey more powerful and increase their influence in the region, it will also give Turkey at least some measure of legitimacy as well, and none of those things benefit Assad in any way, in fact they’re all incredibly harmful to Syria’s interests.
On the other hand Turkey losing power to HTS and Al Nusra does nothing to harm Syria’s interests, in fact it’s actually in their best interests for Turkey to lose power and influence in the region, even if it is to the 2 biggest terrorist groups in Syria, better them than Turkey.
Driving a wedge between the enemies factions is a very old tactic that’s never gone out of use, and Assad’s giving us all an excellent demonstration of just how effective that tactic still is now, ” divide and conquer”.

Jim Bim

The 10th militant attack on the patrol on highway M4.
Clean this area for terrorists, stop waiting for the Turks to their part of the agreement.

Jacob Wohl

Right now, Turkey would’ve had F-35’s and Patriot missiles deployed in Idlib to fight against the Russkies and Butcher Regime. Instead they opted for crappy s400 that cant detect a drone, let alone a normal fighter jet. Now they’re on their own. It’s never too late, they can destroy or get rid of their s400s and America will deploy Patriots in Idlib/Southern Turkey, and hand over at least 5-10 F-35’s. It’s their choice.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

Rocket Nose, the arab world, India and NATO want the S-400. You can shove the F-35 up your insanely massive nostrils

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