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JUNE 2023

Militants Are Withdrawing From Towns In Northern Hama Fearing Inevitable Fall Of Khan Shaykhun: Reports

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Militants Are Withdrawing From Towns In Northern Hama Fearing Inevitable Fall Of Khan Shaykhun: Reports

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Late on August 19, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Tiger Forces started storming the militant stronghold of Khan Shaykhun in southern Idlib.

By August 20 morning, they had not liberated the town yet. However, according to both pro-militant and pro-government sources, Khan Shaykhun is about to fall into the hands of government troops.

Memanwhile, reports are surfacing that Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) and other radical militant groups that have been for a long time in control of the area are now withdrawing from northern Hama and the countryside of Khan Shaykhun to the north.


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Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

So nice :)))))))) we should all pray for SAA and tiger forces every day to achieve complete victory, keep their losses as low as possible, and cause as much damage as possible to the rats

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Check syrialiveuamaps for stupendous news.

Concrete Mike


You can call me Al

Yes, excellent site, pity about the comments section.

You can call me Al

* Damascus: the battle in Idlib proved Turkey’s clear and unlimited support for militants.

* Warplanes target towns of Hish, Armnaya and Besida, south of Idlib with rocket strikes.

* Intensive raids by helicopters on Deir Sharqi village in the southern countryside of Idlib

>>>* Watch for the sudden reappearance of ISIS from the predictable US of A – https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/china-warns-of-next-jihadist-wave-in-syria/

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Trump keeps saying Assad can stay in power, he has since June last year, so have the Israelis French and Germans, and the Arab league apart from Qatar, they’ve been saying Assad can remain in power since before 2018, only Erdogan himself is still opposed to Assad remaining in power. And on top of that you have Trump wanting to pull his forces out of Syria but the warhawks in his government keep pointing out that Erdogan’s still a potential threat to their Kurdish allies [we both know they’d throw them under a bus if expedient], and they use that as an excuse to keep their troops there and thwart Trump’s plans to withdraw. If there’s a resurgence of Isis in Idlib I won’t be blaming the US or Israel for it this time, this time I think it’ll be Erdogan all alone pushing for an Isis resurgence. it’s not in the US’s or Israel’s interests anymore even if it was originally, and besides that the Arab league wouldn’t allow the US or Israel to do that again, Jordan and Egypt nearly had Isis outbreaks of their own and were the ones responsible in the change of mantra from “Assad has to go” to “Assad can remain in power”, they stopped the US and Israeli war against Syria back in january last year, but they couldn’t stop Erdogan’s war against Syria. Erdogan is fighting wars on 3 different fronts now and losing on two of them, an Isis resurgence in Idlib and Aleppo is just what he needs to help change the tide back in the places he’s losing, so I suspect he’s the only player that was involved in Syria’s original troubles, that still has anything to gain by supporting an Isis resurgence, no one else at all stands to benefit from an Isis resurgence now. Trump want to pull out and save money, he can’t do that with Isis around. Israel wants trade security as well as military security, that would also be hard to achieve if Isis made a resurgence in Syria, Jordan and Egypt. And Erdogan has recent form for complicit dealings with Isis, both he and his son may face charges of conspiracy over illegal oil trade deals done with Isis, possibly after Erdogan finally loses political power, so my finger points at him alone now. And the article you linked spoke of tens of thousands of Isis fighters, that’s incorrect, the real number was 49,500 from Ar Raqqah and Al Hasakah, there were 50,000 fighters there and the SDF only captured or killed 500 from the original 50,000, all the rest just disappeared back into the countryside, and there’s still another 10,000 in southern Syria, and another 15,000 in Iraq, so there’s still lots of them around.


Well, i am not deeply religous, but i did indeed pray last night for the tigers, as they asked us who viewed the lasted video report from ANNA news. Not sure it help.. ;) But no matter what it is a nice gesture of solidarity for those brave souls we all owe so much.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

No offence, but if praying to God helps (In what ever shape or name he/she/it have for you), why did God allow this situation in the first place?

Create a problem and then force the solution over your worshippers to carve you total dominance in stone and dictatorship over your slaves/worshippers/followers?

That sounds more like the way the US Gov/deep state operates.

But if it helps the SAA and the Tigers; please say one for me tonight.

You can call me Al

Deuteronomy 30:15-20

One of the Bible’s greatest principles is “choose life.” God sets before us two ways of life—His way and the wrong way—and gives us the freedom to choose which we will follow. He commands us to choose life so that we may live fully, both now and in His Kingdom, but we can opt for the other way of sin just as readily.


As i said i am not deeply religious, and dont believe some prayer i say would have any true consequences for them. But as i already wrote, they asked us for it, and who am i to judge that request? Believe is likely sometimes the only thing that can comfort a soldier in this mess, so again, who am i to judge? And yeah, i know. I lost my believe as a child, when my stepfather tried to strangle my mother and sister. Though we survived, i knew there is no justice in this world from above, only what we ourself achieve by our own hands and will. But again, i am not arrogant to look down on those deeply religous SAA troops, that face brainwashed fascist Jihadists. And when one’s life is threatend, we all have the instinct to hold onto anything, even a straw. But if it works, again, who am i to judge? My western education and socilization is galaxys away from those of the SAA, and i can differentiate between those to worlds, and accept both, with all the good and evil shit on all sides.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Im truly sorry to hear about that..

And i agree with what you are saying, about even a straw can be “enough”, ive been a soldier once, being in the thick of it, and if it helps, whatever you are doing, even just in your imagination, then thats good enough.


Hmmm, nicely done; looks like I overestimated the staying power of the US head-chopping, heart-eating, rapers and slavers. Better be ready to shred a counter-attack though.

northerntruthseeker .

No need for prayers… What the SAA needs is our support and to let people know that the liars in the Jew spew media will be out there once again trying to brainwash stupid people with the false assumption (of course) that Assad and his forces are somehow “evil” and the ‘bad guys’….

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

There is always need for prayer

Willing Conscience (The Truths

They’ve left already, the whole southern area is back in SAA control with not a rebel in sight, but the fate of the Turkish OB post at Murak is unknown, or the fate of it’s previous inhabitants, are they all dead or did they flee with the rebels, it doesn’t really matter, what’s really important is the whole southern area has just been retaken with minimal casualties. Now the same number of rebels will have to share even less resources together, that big piece of pie they all had to share has just gotten a little bit smaller, that means their slices of that pie have just got a little bit smaller too, and I won’t be surprised at all if they start fighting over that ever decreasing pie now, especially if Assad gives then time to reorganize, hopefully he won’t.


Good point. With luck there will now be a massive Falling Out amongst the US/UK/Turkish sponsored terrorist thieves, akin to internecine drug gang warfare in all ‘Civilised’ Western nations. :)

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Assad has to give them time for that to happen, but I think Assad’s better of pressing on now, squeezing them even more before he gives them a break. That old saying “strike while the iron’s still hot” is based on real life experience, the SAA’s morale is at an all time high, and the rebels morale must be at an all time low, the perfect time to continue making that rebel pie even smaller, then they’ll have even more reason to fight amongst themselves when Assad finally gives them and his own troops a break. But while Assad’s troops get to enjoy some well earned R&R during the break, the rebels will instead be fighting amongst themselves for whatever scraps Assad leaves them. Hopefully though he presses forwards for now.


Why are they allowed to ‘withdraw’?!

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

One of the arts of war is discipline, the SAA and Tigers knows that being overconfident and overstretch themselves now, at this very moment, could destroy everything and kick them back months and months. So i dont think they are “allowed” to withdraw, its probally just the most sound tactics at the moment.


Rats on the move are a lot easier to kill than the ones that are holed up.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Actually no, 10 rats in a building is easier to kill than 10 rats in cars spread out over an area giving them the freedom of movement.

Static defences are the monument of stupid commanders.

And with the tiny gap, “allowing” the rats to escape, you hereby have controlled their movement, meaning you know where they are, where they are going and de facto when; Ie you own the battlefield.


Cars aren’t that robust but the us head-hopping, heart-eating rapers and slavers can imprison civilian hostages easier in a building, there isn’t as much room in a motor, not even one of those brand-new Toyotas.


A built up area conflict is not what the SAA desires. It is better to surround such obstacles, control the supply routes and enable an escape route.

FIBUA has been and always will be a destructive method of war, in human and material terms.



Great progress. Opposition factions have withdrawn from Ltamenah, Kafr Zita, Morek, and from villages of Latmeen, Lahaya and Marakba in the northern countryside of Hama and from Khan Shaykhun in southern Idlib countryside. Now the SAA should confirm.

Now towards north Marathul Numan town is next.


The evil Jew baby raper’s Yinon plan regime change terrorists know that they face certain defeat with the cordon advance closing their escape route. And with green bus rides out possibly not being an option this time. Are getting out while they can.


The SAA has advanced into the city. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/619bd2e9ca6dcb3b2f86a1d3b7c3d38b2f870b90f6ac546589d031d4433f2b45.png



Congratulation to SAA ground troops and Russia airpower support, keep going without any stop.

Lord Humongous

It’s going to take SAA awhile to clear the Northern Hama/Southern Idlib pocket, but it is a sweet, sweet victory. Imagine the tunnels they will find, particularly in Al-Latamnah.

Hassadnah Abraham

As a great Islamic country Turkish should not help the terrorist operated in Syria. As brother in religion Turkish must help Syrian government to eliminate those terrorist. As an Islamic country Trukish should leave Syrian soil.

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