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Map: Militants Anounce Major Offensive in Quneitra, Syria


Accroding to reports, militants have announced a massive offensive in the province of Quneitra.

Maps by anti-government sources:

Map: Militants Anounce Major Offensive in Quneitra, Syria

Map: Militants Anounce Major Offensive in Quneitra, Syria




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  • lazy susan

    Like a landed fish flopping around in the basket!
    Will the fish be able to flop out of the basket?
    Are the Rooskies acting as a lid on the basket?

    • mick

      The Rooskies are going to down what the America couldn’t do …the Rooskies are going to fry those fish!

    • Stendec

      What the Rooskies have done to our boys ISIS in one week our Air force couldn’t do in one year!!! God bless Russia, a beacon of hope and a shining star on top of the hill..

  • Tim Hadfield

    A diversionary tactic, seeing as it’s the opposite end of Syria to Aleppo.

    • ISIS IDF

      Not really. Quneitra is the gateway to the Golan and the highway into Damascus. These guys are being fed into the pipeline directly by ISRAEL, IDF who treat ISIS injured across the fence in Safed hospitals. They are opening up a second front as the spearhead for Op Northern Thunder. This is very bad folks, and the West is on the evil side.

      • Tim Hadfield

        Oh – Israel – ’nuff said.
        Still, the Russians will eat them for breakfast.

  • Zaphod Braden

    Someone should explain to those “militants” that they are nothing but pawns of Israel.
    Erdogan is Israel’s puppet. They are dying for ISRAEL not Islam.

    • yep

      it been say over and over, takes some time, but it will happen and people are listening now, because the world is going to war again with nukes this time, and that worries people.