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Militants Amass Armored Eqipment in Northwestern Aleppo

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Militants Amass Armored Eqipment in Northwestern Aleppo

Militant groups have deployed a large number of armored vehicles to in the northwestern outskirts of the Aleppo city, a spokesman for the Russian reconciliation center in Syria said on June 9.

“A convoy of armored vehicles arrived yesterday from Hraytan to Tell Nsibin. Militants have strengthened their positions and continue to shell Syrian army units,” the official said.

On June 8, trucks with weapons and munitions, escorted by some 160 Al-Nusra militants, have been seen crossing over from Turkey into Syria in the north of Idlib province. The militants were heading to Aleppo.

Meanwhile, clashes are ongoing in and near the city of Aleppo amid the rumors about the full-scale offensive of the government forces in the area.

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chris chuba

What kind of tank is that?



Robert Guttierez

I want to know why all these columns of armor and terrorists are always spotted but not taken out? Why doesn’t Russia have the border on lockdown? If any terrorists or armed vehicles are spotted, blow them off the road.

Also, if all these tanks are amassing, I would think it would be easy pickings with precision bombs from very high above so as to not get hit with manpads.

Any armed vehicle or terrorist formations should be easy targets for the airforce.


Then the Turkish Airforce will be shooting them down claiming they flew above Turkish territory. It’s one big dirty game there with Turkey having different interests than other Western Countries yet they claim to be allies due to them being in NATO.

Robert Guttierez

I doubt Turkey would be stupid enough to shoot another Russian Jet, now that the bombers are escorted with actual fighter jets and the S-400, but they are stupid, so who knows.

That wouldn’t stop the Russians from bombing these columns of terrorist armor in Aleppo. That’s no where near the border. There is no reason why the terrorists should be allowed to freely shell government positions with Howitzers, tanks or trucks without being blown up within the first 30 minutes.

von Tchurov

This particular T55 is upgraded with some stealth technology. You see, on this one they took the great pain properly camouflaging the vehicle. That single branch on the turret makes the vehicle entirely invisible from above.

Veritas Vincit

Until the sponsors (U.S., NATO, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Jordan, Israel, etc.) of the various militant/terrorist groups are made to cease their proxy warfare operations, the conflict in Syria will continue to be fuelled. Failure to close the ongoing spigot would logically translate to another Afghanistan for Russia, an objective of the anti-Assad bloc.

It is worth observing Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, etc., have state opponents that are capable of increasingly compromising their security and can present far more profound challenges for these states. Calculated responses can serve to change their behaviour.

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