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Militants Once Again Accuse Syrian Army Of Using Chemical Weapons In Jobar

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The militants’ “medical” office in Jobar district claimed on Thursday that two men were injured in a chemical weapons attack on Damascene district of Jobar. Several other pro-opposition sources also claimed that the Syrian Army used chemical weapons in its operations in Jobar district and the neighboring Ayn Tarma area.

Though, the medical office of Jobar failed to put forth any evidence beyond pictures of supposed victims of those chemical attacks.

Militants Once Again Accuse Syrian Army Of Using Chemical Weapons In Jobar

From its side, the Syrian Army continued its operations in Ayn Tarma capturing a new group of building blocks between Zamalka Bridge, Ahl Al-Safa Mosque, as well as captured Shamini Land Complex.

Syrian Arab Air Force warplanes resumed its bombing campaign targeting positions and fortifications manned by Faylaq Al-Rahman and its allied Hayat Tahrir al-Sham terrorist group inside Jobar and Ayn Tarma.

Notably, this is the third time the opposition accused government forces of using chemical weapons in eastern Damascus in 10 days.

It is believed that the opposition is attempting to take advantage of the American threat against the Syrian forces especially that Faylaq Al-Rahman fighters have not succeeded yet in blocking the SAA’s advances on their strongholds.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has warned of false accusations by militant groups claiming that the Faylaq Al-Rahman and Jaish al-Islam “terrorist groups” possess chemical weapons in Eastern Ghouta.

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andy l

Does anyone else smell horse shit. As predicted the militants are faking again to stir up US anger!


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Terra Cotta Woolpuller

I smell gas …..did someone Fart !

Gary Sellars

Stoopid goat-rapers… they telegraph their intentions and then wonder why the world doesn’t leap to attention when they try a false flag… and these clowns think they will takeover control of the Syrian state?


These photography will not work. Its time for all Rebels and ISIS terrorists to think and lay down weapons for the sake of their own families. Just by destroying one BMP&Tank they cannot win. Only ten X-101 are enough for all East Ghouta but government think that there would be a child in their families who will raise up and would help to make Syrian nation developed and strong enough in entire world.

John Mason

What is interesting about the alleged chemical attacks by Syria is that there doesn’t seem to be any terrorist victims, always civilian. One would assume that the Syrian military is attacking the terrorists then there should be terrorists as victims. False flags and propaganda.

Pave Way IV

Figures they would roll out the false flags in East Ghouta again. Jobar and Ayn Tarma are the site of the big Sarin false flag attack. There were reports (widely discredited in the MSM) about Saudi and Turkish rat lines smuggling Sarin into labs and bunkers in those neighborhoods before the attack a few years back. This was also the site of a large pharmaceutical complex that Nusra and foreign FSA head-choppers took over early in the ‘war’. If any place has coalition-supplied Sarin in Syria, it’s these neighborhoods.

Hell, just the SAA shelling could be enough to blow up their Sarin stockpiles – which will be labeled a Syrian CW attack, of course. The SAA has been trying to take back Jobar for almost five years now. I can’t believe the head-choppers are holding it without tons of western/GCC/Israeli help. The entire neighborhoods have been almost completely leveled. The only way any head-chopper is defending that territory is because someone is paying them to do it.

Wahid Algiers

These two guys on the beds of the picture are posing for a photo shooting and playing “I was attacked by chemical weapons”.

John Marks

Get ready for a White Helmets video to be distributed to all their “friends” in the corporate media.
And then the drums of war from the likes of Nikki Haley.

Pave Way IV

I don’t know if the current effort was botched or everyone is just ignoring it so far. I expected the same – frantic White Helmet vids – but there really hasn’t been much about this on the news so far (at least the little I watch). This must have just been a practice run. Their CIA handlers usually make them kill a few kids on tape for their serious efforts.


Excuse me but is that a People’s Front of Judaea section of the hospital or the area reserved for the Judaean People’s Front? Under no circumstances should fake gas victims be treated in the Popular Poeple’s Front of Judaea section or that for the Popular Front of Judaea. Splitters.


No cuts, no bruises, no dirt, no soiling or torn, wet stainied clothes? Everything in the room symmetrical and ordered? No signs of a rushand nothing on the floor? Certainly not an NHS hospital….


I see two medical workers above treating victims of a chemical gas attack with bare hands, no goggles and no overalls?


Srini Rao

Look at the shining walls, polished floor, bright lighting, young victims, young doctors , clean curtains. Looks like a Hollywood setting or Syria is f**cking rich in a war torn country with supposed to be reacting to chemical weapons. With all the US war machine lined up in middle east, It looks all set for empire’s military invasion. What will Russia do?. One can expect big surprise from the Bear.


USA will do the impossible to attack Syria. They know that a lie is not important for UN or other nations ¿ do your remember “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION” supported by Bush, POwell, Blair and Aznar ? Who in the world did something about this lie which destroyed a whole country ? ! Has anybody try to put in a criminal court these people ? well, the same will happen in Syria if Russia do not stop USA-NATO-Israel.

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