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Militants Once Again Accuse Syrian Army Of Using Chemical Weapons In Jobar


The militants’ “medical” office in Jobar district claimed on Thursday that two men were injured in a chemical weapons attack on Damascene district of Jobar. Several other pro-opposition sources also claimed that the Syrian Army used chemical weapons in its operations in Jobar district and the neighboring Ayn Tarma area.

Though, the medical office of Jobar failed to put forth any evidence beyond pictures of supposed victims of those chemical attacks.

Militants Once Again Accuse Syrian Army Of Using Chemical Weapons In Jobar

From its side, the Syrian Army continued its operations in Ayn Tarma capturing a new group of building blocks between Zamalka Bridge, Ahl Al-Safa Mosque, as well as captured Shamini Land Complex.

Syrian Arab Air Force warplanes resumed its bombing campaign targeting positions and fortifications manned by Faylaq Al-Rahman and its allied Hayat Tahrir al-Sham terrorist group inside Jobar and Ayn Tarma.

Notably, this is the third time the opposition accused government forces of using chemical weapons in eastern Damascus in 10 days.

It is believed that the opposition is attempting to take advantage of the American threat against the Syrian forces especially that Faylaq Al-Rahman fighters have not succeeded yet in blocking the SAA’s advances on their strongholds.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has warned of false accusations by militant groups claiming that the Faylaq Al-Rahman and Jaish al-Islam “terrorist groups” possess chemical weapons in Eastern Ghouta.



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