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Militant Groups In Southern Syria Establish United Force As Reconciliation Agreement Still Not Reached

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Militant groups in southern Syria, including the Southern Front, Ahrar Nawa, Al-Maghawir and Ahrar al-Golan, have merged into a new militant formation entitled “The Army of Salvation”.

Experts link this development with ongoing negotiations on a reconciliation agreement between militants and the Syrian government.

The Syrian-Russian delegation has reportedly provided the militants’ leadership with the following three options:

  1. To surrender heavy weaponry and to withdraw to militant-held areas in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo;
  2. To accept a full reconciliation agreement, to surrender weaponry and to normalize their legal status;
  3. To face a military operation.

It appears that militants are openly preparing for a military confrontation. This attitude is likely linked to the increased US-Israeli activity over the issue. The US-Israeli-led block is clearly aiming to prevent the Syrian military operation and to rescue a militant-held buffer zone in southern Syria.

Militant Groups In Southern Syria Establish United Force As Reconciliation Agreement Still Not Reached

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There are two de-escalation zones on the syrian borders, this one, with Israel and Jordan, and Idlib, on the border with Turkey. The faith of one will be the faith of the other, and will decide also the faith of the occupied territories near the two zones, At Tanf, occupied by the north americans, Afrin and the rest of the north occupied by Turkey. Lets see what is going to happen, but I bet that the Tigers are going to eat the Salvation Army, ISIS and the rest, for now.


Russia……all depends on Russia…without air support they cannot free idlib,southern syria or the east.Period.
But, here is the big but……..Turkey invaded Latakia 4 days ago…fighting between turkish army and SAA ongoing…….where the fuck is RUSSIA???
In the upcoming offensive to free Daraa and surroundings nato has already told SAA that nato will attck SAA if offensive goes ahead…again where the fuck is RUSSIA???
Bombing again by nato on SAA forces in deir e zoor days ago…where the fuck is RUSSIA???

Folks u have to understand the big picture….
A one world government with jerusalem as its capital under jewish satanic leadership….and they are all into the agenda…includes us, europe, russia,china etc… who are the countries that give no legality to the illegal jewish entity called israel?
Persia(iran), Hezbollah,hamas,syria……..these are the so called rogue nations and allies of our jewish controlled world, that do not recognize israel…for good reasons…its satanic.
Anf if someone does not believe this agenda…u must be blind and deaf not to see the jewish footprints all over our systems on our planet…be it monetary system,information system,military system,history,family everything…..and all are going in the direction of being satanic…check your countries….are families now better off than 50 or 100 years ago?is our nature better or worse off than before?military…just a donk can say it aint satanic to use depletd uranium on a massive scale since the yugoslavia wars…..monetary system?lol..insane truly insane..the rich get richer the poor get poorer…u heard that sentence in each and every country, well thast because of interest rates…whcih are satanic…moslems are banned fromusing interst rates…christians were banned for 1900 years using interst rates..why? because interst rates is satanic…..I could go on and on and on…….people have to wake up..use your brains to THINK….we are being lied to, the moment we are born…..just a satanic donk would or could say that this world is going in the right direction.The direction of peace and love and harmony.But were not.The direction we are heading is truly satanic.Nuclear war in the northern hemisphere.THINK!!! There are just 2 possibilities….1 make Israel bigger…2. make the world smaller…..take a wild guess which one it will be.The jews are making the world smaller through nuckear war between east and west, thus devastating the northern hemisphere, so that they can rule the rest.Thats the AGENDA.Period.

neil barron

Idiot the Russians are only there to prevent the ISIS and the terrorist of all ilk from coming into Russia, same with China simple picture their not there to fight your imaginary evil. Muslims of the Quran persuasion are what is fought here the center of evil of over 1400 hundred years, ever since they swooped in to conquer the original people there and that includes Jews fool. Go back to your stormer pamphlets and live a quiet and peaceful life in your empty head.


It’s not really the “Quran persuation”. It’s a literalist reading of the hadiths such as Bukhari that’s the main problem, which is especially prevalent amongst Salafist/Wahhabi/Deobandi groups. The Quran without the hadith is almost completely benign.

I’ve read and studied the Quran multiple times. That’s not where the main problem with modern radical Islamist movements lies.


I can see why your name is “pot cracker” now…

Richard M

Pot Head’s Pipe Dreams! :D

Jim Prendergast

A constructive relationship between Jordan and Syria can be mutually beneficial

Pave Way IV

Oh my… new recruits? And so many? How lovely! Now let’s get you nice boys cleaned up a bit – those scruffy beards will simply have to go. What? Well, I’m sure we can figure out your problems with this Mr. Assad fellow later, but it’s time for our evening prayer services and bible study.
comment image

yudha bdg

Don’t worry, the US and Israeli guns will save the day for the militans

Sam Culpak

The world might have forgotten the relentless bombardment of the defenders of Deir Ezzor by NATO but we shouldn’t. “We thought we were bombing Daesh. You want us to apologize for killing over a hundred soldiers and opening the door for Daesh to overrun the city? How dare you?”


If Assad makes a deal with Israel (as I’m sure they are) then there will be no obstacle to the SAA slowly asserting control over the whole area.

Richard M

This is going to be entertaining watching the Daraa Orc Haven get obliterated. The desperation of FUKUS (France UK US) NATO (Nazi Alliance of Terrorist Organizations) and SHIT (Saudis Hashemites Israel Turks) will impel them to furious acts of aggression against Syria.

Sam Culpak

Language…. ;)

Richard M

Acronyms! :D


I’m no military expert but with access to the Jordan and Golan hinterlands, this is not guaranteed to play out the same as E Ghouta or Rastan pockets. Also there seem to be key Jordan–Israel pipeline interests at stake. The American threats are a clear signal to the moderates “sit tight, we got your back”. This doesn’t quite decide the future by itself, but we understand the *purpose* why they said it. In contrast, when Lavrov pretty much said that Russia won’t fight to US no matter what, that helps Moscow’s strategy how again?!

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