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Militant Got Million £ for ‘Unjust Arrest’ by British Intelligence & Blew Himself up in Iraq

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British-born terrorist, who blew himself up for the Islamic State terrorist group, had been previously put in the Guantanamo Bay detention camp and then discharged due to the ‘unjust arrest’.

Militant Got Million £ for ‘Unjust Arrest’ by British Intelligence & Blew Himself up in Iraq

Bomber, named by the group as Abu Zakariya al-Britani (Photo: Universal News and Sport (Europe))

British intelligence agencies shamed themselves on the whole world, letting a terrorist of the Islamic State (IS) group Abu Zakariya al-Britani, who then blew himself up in a vehicle, loaded with explosives, on an Iraqi military base near Mosul, slip through their fingers, the Telegraph newspaper reported.

Abu Zakariya al-Britani, also known as Ronald Fiddler, was born in Manchester in a family of immigrants from Jamaica. After adoption of Islam, he took a name Jamal al-Harith and went to Pakistan and Afghanistan in 2001.

There, he was taken captive by the Taliban, who decided that al-Harith is a British agent. Later, he was liberated by US military, but not for long – they put him in the Guantanamo Bay detention camp due to suspicions of involvement in terrorism.

The Briton got out of the jail in 2004, and the UK paid out al-Harith a million pounds sterling as compensation because not only the Americans, but also representatives of British special services took part in the interrogations of the suspect.

Al-Harith claimed that in the prison, where he was shut on a false suspicion, he was “kicked, punched, slapped, deprived of sleep shackled in painful positions, given only meagre rations of water and fed on food marked as up to 12 years past its use-by date.”

In the end, the man gladly got the compensation and bought a Victorian house for 220,000 pounds sterling in Manchester suburb, where he lived with his family.

In 2014, al-Harith again left Britain and joined the IS. After the terrorist attack near Mosul, boasting of numerous victims, the terrorist group published a photo of its ‘hero-terrorist’, who turned out to be al-Harith.

The scandal is obvious: al-Harith was discharged from Guantanamo with the active participation of British politicians and media that organized a campaign to support him.

In this context, media relish loud statements of then UK Minister of Internal Affairs David Blunkett, who swore that “no-one, who is returned [from the ‘unjust’ detention in Guantanamo], will actually be a threat to the security of the British people.”

Now, discredited ‘rights advocates’ blame each other. In particular, ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair, who is criticized by media, tries to justify himself, saying that the compensation was paid to al-Harith, when already another cabinet of ministers, formed by the Conservatives, had taken power.

Militant Got Million £ for ‘Unjust Arrest’ by British Intelligence & Blew Himself up in Iraq

Jamal al-Harith in Kandahar jail in January 2002 (Photo: EPA / Banaras Khan)

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The families of the victims of his attack and the injured survivors should sue Britain for his money.


If they take an innocent man and torture him like that then they are basically fucking up his mental state and making him much more predisposed to radicalization. And not just him, even the information that an innocent man was tortured is enough to make people hate, and hate is fuel for radicalization.

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