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JUNE 2020

Militant Factions Create United Command in Eastern Aleppo – Report


Militant Factions Create United Command in Eastern Aleppo - Report

Western-backed ‘Human Rights Activists’ of eastern Aleppo

Militant factions in the eastern part of Aleppo city has announced formation of the “Aleppo Command Council”, accrding to pro-militant media reports.

The “Aleppo Command Council” is allegedly created to unite all militant factinos in eastern Aleppo under the one command.

Considering that all militant factions in eastern Aleppo are de-facto under the military command of Jaish al-Fatah (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian al-Qaeda branch), the announcement looks as a PR move to show that there is a ‘moderate opposition’ in Aleppo city.



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  • john mason

    Wonder if terrorists wear dog tags, if so they better hang onto it, needed for identification prior to burial.

  • sólyomszem

    So many starving fat people …

  • goingbrokes

    They look well fed. Soon they will eat dust.

    • waky wake

      Of course they’re well fed and fat. They’ve taken all the humanitarian aid delivered food rations that were given to the real eastern Aleppo civilians. I guess the “Aleppo Command Council” figure the real civilians won’t need the food rations, since they expect them to be killed, while performing their human shields duties.

  • Barba_Papa

    Now we know why the aid convoys didn’t reach the civilians. Ah well, as long as they’re busy eating they’re not busy fighting.

  • VGA

    Stuffed their bellies with saudi money. More work for the cleaners after they get blown up.

  • Shhh

    The people at the top always eat the best.