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Militant Drones Attack Hmeimim Air Base Amid New Idlib Ceasefire

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Militant Drones Attack Hmeimim Air Base Amid New Idlib Ceasefire

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Less than 24 hours after the beginning of the ceasefire in Greater Idlib, Turkish-backed militants in the region launched a new drone attack at the Russian Hmeimim Air Base on the Syrian coast.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), two armed drones, which were on their way to the air base, were intercepted by air-defense means over southern Lattakia.

“Air-defense means intercepted two drones coming from the direction of Idlib and destroyed them in the vicinity of Jableh [city],” the state-run agency’s reporter said.

Local sources confirmed that several drones were intercepted near the Hmeimim Air Base. No explosions were heard on the ground.

Earlier, the militants launched several drone attacks on Syrian troops around the city of Saraqib in southeast Idlib. The militants even targeted reporters of the Abkhazian Network News Agency (ANNA) near the city.

These drone attacks will likely provoke a fierce response from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS). The attacks represent a dangerous violation of the new ceasefire, which was agreed upon by Russia and Turkey a day earlier.

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USA + Israeli drones = dron attack

To destabilize Idlib agreement

Legis Legis Juscius

about Israel dont think so, because if region starts big war, it will touch the Israel also


The drones are of Israeli origin = “Israeli drones”

I didn’t say that Israel was involved .
It is just their tech being used there – drones.
Also I tend to disagree with you because Israel never stopped to mess around with Syria.
I don’t think that they would be against the war between Russia and Turkey – at the contrary !
USA also. For them war between Turds and Russians is dream come true !
The only thing they want at the moment (apart from Chinese Corona in China)


Here just arrived article on “RT” to support my comment ! :-))
Evrything shows that US prays for war between Russia and Turkey (including free ammunition for Turkey as long as it is used against Russian army)

US ‘BLOCKS’ UN from supporting Russian-Turkish ceasefire in Syria’s Idlib

US opposition reportedly blocked the UN Security Council from backing
the agreement between Russia and Turkey for a ceasefire in Syria’s Idlib
province. US diplomats earlier sought to back Turkey’s incursion in the

klove and light

again….. what a pathetic and ridiculous Explanation for the ceasefire violations…..

there is NOTHING to block u idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if Turkey would abide by it´s Agreements, TURKEY SHOULD FIGHT the jihadi Elements….and WE ALL FUCKING KNOW THAT TURKEY IS THEIR BROTHETHOOD STATE..ö

Jens Holm

Its also heard the last 5 members of ISIS had Corona and went to Iran.

AM Hants

Wonder why the US will not face their electorate and tell them they are supporting Al Qaeda/Daesh/ISIS/White Helmets or whatever they call themselves today, over in Syria.

The US have not even declared war against Syria, owing to knowing their people would not accept it.

Jens Holm

Its because its rather unimportant for being elected. Obama wanted to retreat in a sober way. Trump used retreat from Syria as an important part. Trump partly has retreated.

I wil remind You that the rest of the world dont see the white hemets as MiddleEasters do at all.

You are so infected and deny to read, they also do a lot of civile jobs replacing the Assads structures, which are not there.

Its the same thing for SDFs.

We have see the Turks being guests in Manbij being surpriced. Before that, they were told Manbij was one big chaos YPG rapist running in the streets.

Its was not like that. Everything was very well organized even there was lack of many things. Most people could see the new regime at meast was much better then none.

Thats exact the same for those Helmets. Whoever dothose jobs a lot of jobs are done well and for the civilians vety much too.

You only make them worse, because You know those people makes a collapse much more difficult.

You dont get how and why so many millions dont support Assads even they have very different reasosn for.

No facts comes through. Numbers like 5 millions are not even in Syria =They support Assad and are demended loyal. 1 million internal refugees in Idlib hardly insist in Your mind. Those are Johadists. Well, many might be, but why has they become Jihadists – Because thats the only thing they have. Assads has given nothing to minus in decades.

When the figtings started 50% of the had no job. ´What kind of life with no income is that. Women might be close to 100% hardly doing nothing i the homes.

AM Hants


Jens Holm

You are correct. You are asleep about Your own importance. I admit my home often is center of my world, but I dont expect someone from other continents should think it is and the voters there as well.

AM Hants

??????? Lost in translation. By the way, when I come on these sites, I leave my ego behind. So have absolutely no problems whatsoever, when media disinformation trolls, wish to use the 5D script on me.


Jens Holm

You can buy or construct drones almost all over the world by copying prints and models.

Nothing says the different kinds of drones are from Israel at all. Thats just typical ME propaganda.

Several form there also has demanded a Nonel price for best lies and illusions.

They also lower the number of gays. The camouflage seemes to be they have to wear hijab and shave often being paid by the goverments.

Peter Jennings

The drones typically used against the base by the terrorists are small kit versions with equally small explosive devices hanging from them. It’s more harassment than attack.


it is not only “harassment” if it is used against any aircraft on the ground. It is sufficient to make important damage on them and even remove them from service for very long time

Jens Holm

Yes, if they do hit something big it good economy.

Peter Jennings

This is true. However, the drones have to stay at a height otherwise they will be spotted fairly easily. Having any accuracy from a height would require a day with zero wind or breeze and a little bit of luck..


Israel and the USA are using Turkey for their own benefit. Erdogan is aware of this and is a supporter of the project.


You of course understand that it is contradictory to say that Erdogan is working against himself deliberately (unless forced by something or somebody)
So I can’t follow you there simply because I haven’t got enough brain to figure that out and understand whole that process completely

Jens Holm

I have. Assads are still there and well supported. Thats a big mistake. You believe because You are learned by Assad, thta the only alternative is Jihadisme even most of the world dont support that at all.

Turks still has not learned and therefore changed the most dirty parts of their nationaisme, which by yh Parlament and President keep them in their homemade quagmire.

It was a great mistake not to make Aleppo and Raqqa state with the Turksih parts into 2 Emirates.

None of the Damaskus primitives as well as the develloped centralized Turks reach the corner of theor states. The limits for them therefore should have been, where they were able to make good Governess.

This in not about Kurds. Kurds are no Jihadists. Its about Damaskus, Ankara, Bagdad and Teheran insisting those in the middle should turn to 4 dirty kind of nationalismer created by bad people under and just after WW1.

The solutions are not in the warzones, but where bad Leaders are and shoud have been replaced or reduced in power.

Pictures in those 4 countries are not support. Thise are made to make fear with no visible jails, torture, killing and bajonets.

Saddam with his Winchster at least honest and only were hidden using gas too.

Jaime Galarza

“Assads are still there…” Does Bashar have a twin brother? Or maybe Hafez had triplets or who knows even quadruplets. It seems you are intimate to some knowledge that nobody else does.

Jens Holm

Assad is a family name, so the Assad family is still here and has ruled too many years, You daft prik.

And You forgot number 3.

Jaime Galarza

If you want to refer to the Assads as a family, then you need to use the definite article “The”, donkey! Second, the Assad family does not rule Syria. It is Dr. Assad, the legitimate President of Syria. It is very annoying to teach you the basics of politics, let alone the basics of the English language.

Séamus Ó Néill

I know English is not your first language, but this is incomprehensible, inane rubbish !

Jens Holm

I dont see that at all. Turks are on their own having hardly any support in the whole world.

USA also has retreated from there, bt that of course dont matter to You, You are not raised to learn and act and just repeating things.


Not at all my friend. One must understand that the agreement was made to stop Russia attacks to terrorists and Turkey involved with them. Nobody took terrorists opinion, right ? Turkey will continue supporting its terrorists, it does not matter what, and the terrorists will continue to attack SAA, it does not matter what, even more this time that they have more advanced weapons given through Turkey.


I was not talking about those clowns at all.

They are of no importance and their merits in sending off the Israeli drones towards Russian base or SAA is minimal.
It is USA who stands behind all this and JEWhadist are stupid canon fodder idiots only.

Jens Holm

If so You should obey Your masters and will do fine. USA and Israel are doing fine.

A start could be taking their good parts. But of course there are none. You have all the very good solutions Yourself. We see it every day.

Being dead is the best. In heaven there are verlasting peace, or are there. I hear God make concrite wall there to keep You apart.

Jens Holm

As long as none of You and especially Assads makes no changes, the problems only can be shot away. Thats no cöuntry.

You forget, what makes those Johadists as well as Turks.


And they’ll get smacked down again. These advanced Turkish weapons weren’t a whole lot of help to the Turks either, were they?


To USA+ Israel, peace is not an option


Must be the alchemy between the two, that creates that magic warmongering spark…

Jens Holm

It is a kind of alchemy of a kind. But look of the reasons too. You are not even allowed to mention them.

Jens Holm

Thats very incorrect. Peace is not a non devellopment zone, where no talk is allowed.

I certainly dont support Assads as well as USA (and Israel) in their methods, but telling they dont want peace is far out.

Jaime Galarza

“Peace is not a non devellopment zone, where no talk is allowed.” That was very cryptic.

Jens Holm

Its already destabilied by Assad making none reforms for years creating even more jihadists.

USA believes in people should bearmed, so they can defend them against a state like this.


US vetoed in the UNSC the agreement between Turkey and Russia over Idlib.

Saif Imam

Just wait for it…

Al Balog

Assad talking about the Kurds today, as well as the American occupation. Great read if you can understand or translate Russian:

comment image


Any important detail that strikes you from that interview?
Kurds are another losers apart from “moderate” terrorists in the latest Turko-Russsian agreement
Was Assad saying anything about possible agreement between him and Kurds?

Al Balog

Yes, it seems as if he is beginning contacts with Kurdish groups. However, it looks to me that the Kurd factions that support the USA really frustrate him (rightfully so). I can safely say that Assad considers the USA the main villain. To me, he sounded “Iran-like” in his rhetoric. I translated the most important parts and what Assad said, the later half was just recap:

Assad told who really stands behind Kurdish terrorist groups:

Moscow, March 6. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that the country has no “Kurdish problem” as such. The problem, he said, is with the American and Turkish occupiers, in whose interests some Kurdish gangs are working.

“We are in contact with Kurdish political groups in northern Syria. But the problem is that some of these groups – not all – work in the interests of the US authorities, ”Assad said in an interview with Russia 24.

The Syrian President said that as such, the “Kurdish problem” in the country does not exist. Syria is a multinational country, and most of the Kurds are tribes with Syrian roots who are on the side of the Syrian government. However, their neighborhoods are controlled by “small groups that work in the interests of the Americans.”

“The problem arose with groups that started talking about separatism and separation from Syria. It started decades ago, in the early 80s. But when the Turkish state began at various stages to repress and kill the Kurds in Turkey, we began to defend them. And we do not oppose their struggle, their problems, if we call it a problem. They received Syrian citizenship, but they were not ethnic Syrians. Thus, we have always been positive towards the Kurds, and the so-called “Kurdish problem” is nothing more than an incorrect expression. Fictional lies, ”Assad emphasized.

The main problem today, according to the head of state, is “interaction with the Americans, with the American occupiers.”

“They occupied our land. Americans are thieves. They steal our oil. You cannot be among those who defend the law and who violate the law. Do not be at the same time with the policeman and the thief. It’s impossible. Therefore, it is impossible to achieve any results in a dialogue with them, ”Assad said, adding that Syria is opposed to the American and Turkish occupation.


Thanks lot!
Well he didn’t say much about possibility of agreement with the Kurds.
That will definitely not happen soon, before this situation changes…

Al Balog

No problem translating bro ??. I agree with that being the case, unless the other Kurdish factions withdraw American support. Regarding what you said, I was thinking of when Assad said “We are in contact with Kurdish political groups in northern Syria. But the problem is that some of these groups – not all – work in the interests of the US authorities.” I can see him agreeing with the non-American ones, while the puppets will certainly need time unless things change.


Yeah I agree. Some will must pay their betrayal.

AM Hants

Do like the wisdom and patience of President Assad. Wish him, his family and Syria well.


Does anybody is surprised about this ? I don’t think so. This will happen over and over again, that is why SAA offensive shouldn’t stop until recover the whole Idlib area (its land).


They need to resupply, dont be like nazi german who which keep pushing until they run out supply and got push back and destroyed in one swop

Daily Beatings

Russian Tor-M2/Pantsyr-S1: 147 – HTS Drones: 0


How do those monkeys even know how to operate these things?


The “NATO” forces have trainers for the Kurdish forces, and the CIA has trainers for John McCain’s ‘moderate rebels’, ( Al Qaeda ).

Jens Holm

Monkeys are more clever then You.


Are those terrorists your family members?

Jens Holm

Our pigs are more clever then You too. If You were an important one – even being a person – they would do complaint about You in UN.

Muslims did like pigs, but Our belowed animals emmigrated to here. Too many there not even wash their mouths.


Ok pig


yea he’s a complete dik, i blocked him. Sometimes he rambles on and says absolutely nothing, it’s like he thinks he’s inteligent

Tudor Miron

CIA training camps.


Claiming victory while being clearly baby-sitted by Russia it was nothing like victory but saved by Russia literally and plus they never engaged the Turkish army militarily just drones. It was only the rebels that pushed them back in these 2 days.

Cringeworthy title it reminds me about Hezbullah claiming victory today. CRINGE’

Porc Halal

Russia, please rain hell over the turdish sheepheads!!…


Russia sends more weapons to Syria despite Idlib ceasefire
The Russian Navy was photographed on Friday transiting the Bosphorus Strait as they made their way towards the Syrian coast.
to maritime observer Yoruk Isik, the Russian flag cargo ship Sparta IV,
working for the Russian Ministry of Defense owned Oboronlogistika, was
seen transiting the Bosphorus Strait for the Mediterranean Sea.

The cargo ship is reportedly heading to the Port of Tartous, which is one of the main shipping ports in western Syria.
This move by the Russian Ministry of Defense comes just a day after they sent more equipment to Syria via their Navy.
this delivery to western Syria comes at the same time a ceasefire has
been implemented in the northwestern governorate of Idlib.

AM Hants

But, didn’t the ships set sail, prior to Erdy turning up in Russia?

Nice to know Russia is stocking up. No doubt, seriously needed.


Peace are only for preparation for next war or in this case “cease fire”

bouncer dogsly

there will be no peace anywhere on this planet, let alone Idlib whilst this Mafia nation called Israel exists.

Israel has an attack dog on lead, it is called the US. Americans are paying for this state with their money and the lives of their sons. it is a nation totally under the Zionists spell.

klove and light

unreal ridiculous pathetic treacherous

we all knew whatsv gonna happen the SECOND this bs was signed…….now Turkey can have time again , to reorganize,rearm the jihadi head Choppers……….
my Question willn stay the same


thev same bs over and over and over and over since 2017…….
i´ll explain very simplistic now…….for the dummioes abnd donks

imagine……Russia would have said from Starters to TURKEY before the afrin invasion

NONONONONONONONONO..we will not support your Invasion of afrin, if you do invade afrin it will be without airsupport. good luck!!!!

that shoiuld have been the russian answer to Erdogans Question of AFRIN!!!!!

Putin got Turkey into syria ….and ever since…..deeper and deeper and deeper

Only a madman who has lost all his senses, or a treacherous Zionist pig, could have the idea and come to the conclusion, that a turkish Invasion of afrin,then Idlib , then North east syria could Benefit the legitimate Government of assad.

Putin you fucking treacherous Zionist bibi cock sucking pig.

99% here are brainwashed Zionist Putin lovers

Tudor Miron

Someone, call the ambulance before this creature hurts himself. He’s obviously having a panic attack.

Jens Holm

Syria never was there. History and also the warmaps say that. At the other side of the border Turkey never should have been there at all.

Pathetic to see Hatay debate.

Raptar Driver

They are worshipers, he is infallible in their minds

klove and light

told you Monkeys and donks……….that will be very interesting…….

Home Turkey Turkey to deploy S-400 air defense system in April
Turkey to deploy S-400 air defense system in April
By News Desk –

Deployment of Russian-made S-400 air defense systems would commence in April, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, during his meeting with the journalists in the wake of Moscow talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.
“They [S-400] already belong to us. In April, we will begin deploying them,” Erdogan said, according to Yeni Safak newspaper.

The Turkish President underscored that Ankara does not reject the US-made Patriot air defense systems.
“I said yesterday and will repeat again that we have told the Americans: ‘if you ship us he Patriot systems, we will buy them, too’,” Erdogan pointed out.
In September 2017, Russia announced a deal on S-400 shipment signed with Turkey with a net worth of 2.5 billion. The first shipments have begun on July 12, 2019. Both the US and NATO actively oppose the deal. On July 17, the White House spokesperson announced that Turkish decision to procure S-400 makes its participation in the F-35 program impossible.

Jens Holm

You might remove V lying down.

klove and light

will be interesting to see Putins reactions when the s-400 brings down russian and syrian fighter jets…..

or do some Folks here believe that there is a “internal” Software that protects russian planes????

if so , it would devastate the russian Military Industry and NOBODY absolute nobody would buy any russian Military products in the future………

but if the s-400 works perfectly with no “russian” “back program”, then , well, russian and syrian planes will have to stay grounded once the s-400 is put into Action by the turkish Military…..

great Zionist move by Putin!!!

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Erm, surely the point of the acquisition of the S-400 is that it protects the Turkish govt from it’s Nato “partners” ?

AM Hants

You will be disappointed. The export version of the S-400 is nothing like the Russian not for export model.


Turkey has the export version.


Russian is not stupid ,they always sending monkey model on country that not considered as real ally. You can look what happened to saddam with soviet monkey model equipment

klove and light

ut iam sure the monekys and donks here…..will come up with t he usual unrealistic, pathetic and ridiculous Explanation…as the Folks continue to find explanations, day in and day out, for the patehtic and ridiuclous continuous ceasefires with HTS alnusra and ISIS Elements, as SOUTHFRONT has shown are the main 99% combattants of the so called “oppostion”.
And as WE all know, TURKEY is their main Sponsor…..their Supermarket….weapons,ammunition,intelligence sharing, medical help(straight into turkish Hospitals), and even shoes and other Combat clothing.

and you Folks buy this treachrous Putin shit allllllllllll the time with ever more pathetic and ridiuclous explanations. lol…lol…brainwashed Zionist idiots

Lone Ranger

Oy gevalt, our beautiful shekels…oy oy…

AM Hants

Hoping Syria and Russia will take the bate, as the media go into hysteria mode, blaming Syria and Russia of violating the ceasefire.

Jens Holm

Those are not in that agreement. Russians and Turks dont decide for them. We have seen exact the same for Kurds. Its a selective group deciding excluding anyone, they want.

Its very incorrect those are in ant ceasfire. They are their own “tribe” and they have uorised – against .

AM Hants

Al qaeda/ISIS/Daesh/White Helmets or whatever they call themselves today, were not included.

Jens Holm

Its like I say. People decide in “tribes” and You write. They dont accept to be told.


For once I agree with you – Turkey has no intention of forcing HTS or TIP out of M4 zone or imposing a “ceasefire “on lawless jihadi gangs

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Can’t help but notice that Russia’s OPEC partners that have been busy fighting wars against Syria and Libya and have all but bust themselves in so doing, now have Russia refusing to budge and reduce product supply, having built up a solid reserve and produced a state budget that can cope with $40 per barrel easily enough.

Not looking good for U.S. fracking either, (or it’s financial loans) an industry yet to make a profit.

Assad must stay

wow i am so surprised i was expecting the rats to change into normal law abiding human beings overnight lmfao /end sarcasm


Exactly – as if the jihadi gangs will ” abide by/respect/observe ” any ceasefire agreed by Russia and Turkey, imposed on them, everyone knows that Turkey will continue to arm and give cover and direct support to HTS/TIP north and south of M4

Assad must stay

and russia will still accept their ceasefires everytime they beg for one lmao

Luke Hemmming

I give these failed drone attacks a new Aussie slang name. I call them ‘drongo attacks’. Drongo is slang for stupid, idiot or my other favourite slang word ‘dumbphuck’.

Icarus Tanović

Wahhabis are stupid pigs.


All drone attacks on the Russian airbase originated from the Turkish army, not from the terrorists.

Turkey has developed many armed drones of their own design after the US insisted on only selling them unarmed drones.

Art Best

Stop being stupid.

The Muslim terrorists are morons who cannot even operate a T-90 tank. And you swallow the BS that the Jihadis are capable of generating sophisticated drone swarm attacks?

These animals don’t have such capabilities.

The drone attacks are TURKISH! The Israelis helped the Turks build them.


You traitorous crypto-Zionist piece of shit,

You are STILL enabling THE TURKS to maim and kill Russians and Syrians.

The ONLY way to stop the genocidal Turks and the head-chopping children-torturing Muslims is TO KILL them, not arrange ceasefires which only give them time to regroup.

Jens Holm

Yerrrrh, Turks hit nothing, so no need for regaining anything….

If those Jihadists are as primitive as You assume, they have lost several years ago. Assads are not famous for any kind of warfare as well. You even can find several Youtubes telling why not.

The T90 is easy to drive. Its based on old days added vital improvements. There You go:


Art Best

Haven’t you heard about the T-90 tank that was recuperated back from the Jihadis by the Syrian army because the Muslim animals who had captured it were too stupid to drive it, and couldn’t figure out how to use it?

Look at those animals. These Muslims only know how to torture, rape and kill. Few of them can fire anything more sophisticated than AK-47s and mortars.

Porc Halal

And what I already expected to happen it started: syrian army on their way to clean south of M4 motorway from terrorists…

Me&Myself None

My account has been prevented from posting and I don’t know why. This is just a test

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