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Militant Civil War: Ahrar al-Sham Clashing With Hayat Tahrir al-Sham In Idlib Province

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Militant Civil War: Ahrar al-Sham Clashing With Hayat Tahrir al-Sham In Idlib Province

© AFP 2017/ Alice Martins

Clashes have erupted between fighters of Ahrar al-Sham and Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) in the village of Tal Toukan east of Idlib city. According to local sources, the clashes led to the wounding of a number of civilians. Opposition sources confirmed that HTS captured the village.

It’s believed that the clashes started because of a dispute between Ahrar al-Sham and HTS on the funds of electricity services in the province of Idlib.

According to HTS, Ahrar al-Sham asked for support and set up checkpoints on the Sarakib-abu al Zohor road. HTS also argued that Ahrar Sham attacked its positions on the frontline with Syrian goovernment forces in the village of Abu Ruwail in the southern Aleppo countryside.

According to opposition sources, the clashes ended with the agreement to solve the problem in a joint Sharia Court. Ahrar al-Sham issued an official statement confirming its commitment to the Sharia Court and peaceful solutions with HTS. However, it also confirmed that it’s ready to fight HTS if it continued its attacks in Idlib.

Militant Civil War: Ahrar al-Sham Clashing With Hayat Tahrir al-Sham In Idlib Province

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HTS is considered the largest force in the province of Idlib currently, especially since Ahrar al-Sham had lost most of its fighters and equipment in the battle of Aleppo, which reduced its influence in the province of Idlib significantly.

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This is incorret regarding any civil war or full blown clash. There was some misunderstanding and solved… I guess it was arms dealers issues or something like that but nothing worthy to report.

There is no report of this except that statement on Social Media from both camps. Lmao I know now where you get your news it’s almasdar or whatever that website is called. It’s Bashar owned propaganda mouthpiece and to be straight forward the most amaturish propaganda on the internet. Seriously he can do better then that and hire intelligent people to do considerable propaganda for him. These guys at almasdar are highly amaturish and live in parallel and they are very backward in their reports and everything is naked and left to the eye and hack not even their strongest supporters believe in the things they report. They have lost credibility and quouting him always is even low hit for you


Well… if it’s that important to you to set the record straight, then why don’t you go to syria and prove it to the entire world for us…




“Porky” is panicking. His allies are shooting each other and it is becoming clearer every day that these shithadists can’t even govern themselves, never mind anyone else. They are first class losers! Lol.

Samuel Boas

Get a life kid, I hope you will be banned from this website. Go suck some ISIS dick your imbecile.


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Samuel Boas



Of course if you’re backing the other horse, you would trash the other one. I’ll respect your point of view since I don’t trust western and gulf states based media on whats happening in Syria. These ‘misunderstanding’ as you put it, have been happening too often throughout the war to say its an ‘isolated’ incident. My point is you’re not inspiring confidence on the people you claim to liberate from the ‘kafir’ or ‘Iranian puppet’ regime of Assad. Think Afghanistan after the Russians left and Libya after Gaddafi. Anarchy and suppression, not stability or liberty from oppression, is what you represent.


I have no dogfight in Syria except me wanting Hezbullah and Co to stay away from our borders hence why I have my money on the rebels


Then let’s have a level playing field. Get the Chechens, Saudis, Qataris, Americans, Jordanians and whoever it is that’s backing the rebel camp out as well. The rebel camp (FSA, HTS, ISIS, etc) were and still are aided by foreign powers right from the beginning. Its an illusion to think its just a Syrian vs Syrian fight. Wars are never fought fairly.

Justin Ryan

So u are Israeli! You have no dogfight in Syria?? hahahaha SHUT YOUR FOOKIN MOUTH!


One wonders why these both groups would be so hostile to eachothers when they are so close in aims, tactics, beliefs and rather fight eachother instead of the SAA.

Whatever the reason, it will make Assad very happy.

Just like the SDF must be very happy over news that IS factions seem to be fighting eachother within Raqqah.

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