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Mike Whitney: “Judgment Day for John Brennan”

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Written by Mike Whitney; Originally appeared at The Unz Review

Sometime in the next 4 weeks, the Justice Department’s inspector general will release an internal review that will reveal the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation. Among other matters, the IG’s report is expected to determine “whether there was sufficient justification under existing guidelines for the FBI to have started an investigation in the first place.” Critics of the Trump-collusion probe believe that there was never probable cause that a crime had been committed, therefore, there was no legal basis for launching the investigation. The findings of the Mueller report– that there was no cooperation or collusion between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign– seem to underscore this broader point and suggest that the fictitious Trump-Russia connection was merely a pretext for spying on the campaign of a Beltway outsider whose political views clashed with those of the foreign policy establishment. In any event, the upcoming release of the Horowitz report will formally end the the first phase of the long-running Russiagate scandal and mark the beginning of Phase 2, in which high-profile officials from the previous administration face criminal prosecution for their role in what looks to be a botched attempt at a coup d’etat.

Mike Whitney: "Judgment Day for John Brennan"

Here’s a brief summary from political analyst, Larry C. Johnson, who previously worked at the CIA and U.S. State Department:

“The evidence is plain–there was a broad, coordinated effort by the Obama Administration, with the help of foreign governments, to target Donald Trump and paint him as a stooge of Russia. The Mueller Report provides irrefutable evidence that the so-called Russian collusion case against Donald Trump was a deliberate fabrication by intelligence and law enforcement organizations in the US and UK and organizations aligned with the Clinton Campaign.” (“How US and Foreign Intel Agencies Interfered in a US Election”, Larry C. Johnson, Consortium News)

Bingo. Attorney General William Barr has already stated his belief that spying on the Trump campaign “did occur” and that, in his mind, it is “a big deal”. He also reiterated his commitment to thoroughly investigate the matter in order to find out whether the spying was adequately “predicated”, that is, whether the FBI followed the required protocols for such spying, or not. Barr already knows the answer to this question as he is fully aware of the fact that the FBI used information that they knew was false to obtain warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. Having no hard evidence of cooperation with the Kremlin, senior-level FBI officials and their counterparts at the Obama Justice Department used parts of an “opposition research” document (The Trump Dossier) that they knew was unreliable to procure warrants that allowed them to treat a presidential campaign the same way the intelligence agencies treat foreign enemies; using electronic surveillance, wiretapping, confidential informants and “honey trap” schemes designed to gather embarrassing or incriminating information on their target. Barr knows all of this already which is why the Democrats are doing everything in their power to discredit him and have him removed from office. His determination to “get to the bottom of this” is not just a threat to the FBI, it’s a threat to multiple agencies that may have had a hand in this expansive domestic espionage operation including the CIA, the NSA, the DOJ, the State Department and, perhaps, even the Obama White House. No one knows yet how far up the political food-chain the skulduggery actually goes, but Barr appears to be serious about finding out.

Here’s Barr again: “Many people seem to assume that the only intelligence collection that occurred was a single confidential informant….I would like to find out whether that is in fact true. It strikes me as a fairly anemic effort if that was the counterintelligence effort designed to stop the threat as it’s being represented.”

In other words, Barr knows that the Trump campaign was riddled with spies and he is going to do his damnedest to find out what happened. He also knows that the FISA warrants were improperly obtained using the shabby disinformation from an opposition research “hit piece” (The Steele Dossier) that was paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC, just like he knows that government agents had concocted a strategy for leaking classified information to the media to fuel the public hysteria. Barr knows most of what happened already. It’s just a matter of compiling the research in the proper format and delivering it in a way that helps to emphasize how trusted government agents abused their power by pursuing a vicious partisan plot to either destroy the president’s reputation or force him from office. Like Barr said, that’s a “big deal”.

The name that seems to feature larger than all others in the ongoing Trump-Russia saga, is James Comey, the former FBI Director who oversaw the spying operations that are now under investigation at the DOJ. But was Comey really the central figure in these felonious hi-jinks or was he a mere lieutenant following directives from someone more powerful than himself? While the preponderance of new evidence suggests that the FBI was deeply involved, it does not answer this crucial question. For example, just this week, a report by veteran journalist John Solomon, showed that former British spy Christopher Steele admitted to Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kathleen Kavalec that his “Trump Dossier” was “political research”, implying that the contents couldn’t be trusted because they were shaped by Steele’s political bias. Kavalec passed along this information to the FBI which shrugged it off and then, just days later, used the dossier to obtain warrants to spy on members of the Trump campaign. Think about that for a minute. The FBI had “written proof …. that Steele had a political motive”, but went ahead and used the dossier to procure the warrants anyway. That’s what I’d call a premeditated felony.

But evidence of wrongdoing is not proof that Comey was the ringleader, he was just the hapless sad sack who was left holding the bag. The truth is, Comey was just a reluctant follower. The real architect of the Trump-Russia treachery was the boss-man at the nation’s premier intelligence agency, the CIA. That’s where the headwaters of this shameful burlesque are located, in Langley. More on that in a minute, but first check out this excerpt from an article at The Hill which sums up Comey’s role fairly well:

(There) “will be an examination of whether Comey was unduly influenced by political agendas emanating from the previous White House and its director of national intelligence, CIA director and attorney general. This, above all, is what’s causing the 360-degree head spin.

”There are early indicators that troubling behaviors may have occurred in all three scenarios. Barr will want to zero in on a particular area of concern: the use by the FBI of confidential human sources, whether its own or those offered up by the then-CIA director. …

In addition, the cast of characters leveraged by the FBI against the Trump campaign all appear to have their genesis as CIA sources (“assets,” in agency vernacular) shared at times with the FBI. From Stefan Halper and possibly Joseph Mifsud, to Christopher Steele, to Carter Page himself, and now a mysterious “government investigator” posing as Halper’s assistant and cited in The New York Times article, legitimate questions arise as to whether Comey was manipulated into furthering a CIA political operation more than an FBI counterintelligence case.” (“James Comey is in trouble and he knows it”, The Hill)

Why is the Inspector General so curious as to whether Comey “was unduly influenced by political agendas emanating from the previous White House and its director of national intelligence, CIA director? And why did Comey draw from “a cast of characters “…. that “all appear to have their genesis as CIA sources”??

Could it be that Comey was just an unwitting pawn in a domestic regime change operation launched by former CIA Director John Brennan, the one public figure who has expressed greater personal animus towards Trump than all the others combined? Could Trump’s promise to normalize relations with Russia have intensified Brennan’s visceral hatred of him given the fact that Russia had frustrated Brennan’s strategic plans in Ukraine and Syria? Keep in mind, the CIA had been arming, training and providing logistical support to the Sunni militants who were trying to overthrow Syrian president Bashar al Assad. Putin’s intervention crushed the jihadist militias delivering a humiliating defeat to Generalissimo Brennan who, soon after, left office in disgrace. Isn’t this at least part of the reason why Brennan hates Trump?

Regular readers of this column know that I have always thought that Brennan was the central figure in the Trump-Russia charade. It was Brennan who first referred the case to Comey, just as it was Brennan who “hand-picked” the analysts who stitched together the dodgy Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) (which said that “Putin and the Russian government aspired to help…Trump’s election chances.”) It was also Brennan who persuaded Harry Reid to petition Comey to open an investigation in the first place. Brennan was chief instigator of the Trump-Russia fiasco, the omniscient puppet-master who persuaded Clapper and Comey to do his bidding while still-unidentified agents strategically leaked stories to the media to inflame passions and sow social unrest. At every turn, Brennan was there guiding the perfidious project along. According to journalist Philip Giraldi, the CIA may have even assisted in the obtaining of FISA warrants on Trump campaign aids as this excerpt from an article at The Unz Review indicates:

“Brennan was the key to the operation because the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court refused to approve several requests by the FBI to initiate taps on Trump associates and Trump Tower as there was no probable cause to do so but the British and other European intelligence services were legally able to intercept communications linked to American sources. Brennan was able to use his connections with those foreign intelligence agencies, primarily the British GCHQ, to make it look like the concerns about Trump were coming from friendly and allied countries and therefore had to be responded to as part of routine intelligence sharing. As a result, Paul Manafort, Carter Page, Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Gen. Michael Flynn were all wiretapped. And likely there were others. This all happened during the primaries and after Trump became the GOP nominee.” (“The Conspiracy Against Trump”, Philip Giraldi)

Can you see how important this is? The FBI was having trouble getting warrants to spy on the Trump campaign, so Brennan helped them out by persuading his foreign intelligence allies (the British and other European intelligence services) to come up with bogus “intercepted communications linked to American sources,” which helped to secure the FISA warrants. We have no idea of what these foreign agents heard on these alleged intercepted communications, all we know is that they were effectively used to achieve Brennan’s ultimate objective, which was to acquire the means of taking down Trump via a relentless and expansive surveillance campaign.

According to a report in The Guardian (where the story first appeared.): “GCHQ (British Government Communications Headquarters) played an early, prominent role in kickstarting the FBI’s Trump-Russia investigation, which began in late July 2016. One source called the British eavesdropping agency the “principal whistleblower”. (“British spies were first to spot Trump team’s links with Russia “, The Guardian)

Okay, so Brennan twisted a few arms and got his foreign Intel buddies to make uncorroborated claims that got the investigative ball rolling, but then what? If there was any meat to Brennan’s foreign intel, then Mueller would have dug it up and used it in his report, right? But he didn’t. Why?

Because there was nothing there, the whole thing was a sham from the get go. Brennan probably “sexed up” the intelligence so it would sound like something it really wasn’t. (Think: WMD) Again, if there was even a scintilla of hard evidence that Trump’s campaign assistants were in bed with Russia, Mueller would have shrieked it from every mountaintop across America. But he didn’t, because there wasn’t any. There was no cooperation, no conspiracy and no collusion. Trump was falsely accused. End of story.

Here’s more from the same article:

“The Guardian has been told the FBI and the CIA were slow to appreciate the extensive nature of contacts between Trump’s team and Moscow ahead of the US election.” (Guardian)

“The extensive nature of contacts between Trump’s team and Moscow”???

Really? This is precisely the type of hyperventilating journalism that fueled the absurd conspiracy theory that the president of the United States was a Russian agent. It’s hard to believe that we’re even discussing the matter at this point.

There was an interesting aside in John Solomon’s article that suggests that he might be thinking along the same lines. He says: “One legal justification cited for redacting the Oct. 13, 2016, email is the National Security Act of 1947, which can be used to shield communications involving the CIA or the White House National Security Council.”

Why would Solomon draw attention to “to shielding communications involving the CIA or the White House”, after all, the bulk of his article focused on the State Department and the FBI? Is he suggesting that the CIA and Obama White House may have been involved in these spying shenanigans, is that why Kavalec’s damning notes (which stated that Steele’s dossier could not be trusted.) have been retroactively classified?

Take a look at this email from the FBI’s chief investigator in the Russia collusion probe, Peter Strzok, to his fellow agents in April 2017.

“I’m beginning to think the agency (CIA) got info a lot earlier than we thought and hasn’t shared it completely with us. Might explain all those weird/seemingly incorrect leads all these media folks have. Would also highlight agency as source of some leaks.” -Peter Strzok.

Ha! So even the FBI’s chief investigator was in the dark about the CIA’s shadowy machinations behind the scenes. Clearly, Brennan wanted to prevent the other junta leaders from fully knowing what he was up to.

All of this is bound to come out in the inspector general’s report sometime in the next month or so. Both Attorney General William Barr and IG Horowitz appear to be fully committed to revealing the criminal leaks, the illegal electronic surveillance, the improperly obtained FISA warrants, and the multiple confidential human sources (spies) that were placed in the Trump campaign. They are going to face withering criticism for their efforts, but they are resolutely moving forward all the same. Bravo, for that.

Bottom line: The agents and officials who conducted this seditious attack on the presidency never thought they’d be held accountable for their crimes. But they were wrong, and now their day of reckoning is fast approaching. The main players in this palace coup are about to be exposed, criminally charged and prosecuted. Some of them will probably wind up in jail.

“The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine.”

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I live in hope, realising the reality.

You can call me Al

To be honest, I am sick and tired and fed up to the back teeth of this nonsense.


As I wrote above, this involves the very basis of the American State. All Empires eventually collapse. Managing that collapse is the hard part. People like Brennan don’t know yet that they are on the way out and can do a lot of damage to innocent persons in the meanwhile.


Chin up mate! This is just getting started.

They are not sleeping in Washinton D.C. these days. Make some popcorn and enjoy the show. ;-)


This all started, as far as I have read, back in 2015! At which time, several Republican “dark horse” candidates were being ‘supported’ clandestinely by the Democrat National Committee in what was called a “Pied Piper” strategy. the idea was to have the Republican Party chose a Presidential candidate that H Clinton should have easily beaten in the 2016 election. Alas for Empire builders everywhere, she failed, and it was basically her own fault. So, Trump-Russia was dreamed up to ‘excuse’ the disaster, from a Democrat Party perspective. The point being that “Pied Piper” included several Republican potential candidates, such as Trump, Paul, Carson, etc. Logically, the ‘opposition’ research against these Republicans, multiple Republicans, began then, in late 2015. (There is also a question about who originally began the Trump opposition “research.” It could have been an old line Republican.) The question now is, is there ‘opposition’ research from then concerning these other potential Republican “spoiler” candidates? Where is it, and who did the “research?”
This is why this Brennan affair is so important. It points to a long running, clandestine program to manipulate the very government of the nation. From this, all Evil flows.


Spying on Trump started before he even announced he would run for President! The DNC is in bed with China! Funded and pushed by Globalists and George Soros!
When did China begin its economic growth? Under bill Clinton?
Transfer of industries!
Transfer of Tech via Clinton server?
Zionist / Globalist new HQ = China
No guns, president for life, communism, one party, no voting, digital spy grid, Social credit system! PERFECT!

Google in North Korea?
comment image

Facebook = CIA = marriage of Convenience?
comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image


Where is free speech truly available? Somewhere they (the CIA and China) cant shut down?
comment image

Who created 8Chan? a guy named “Code Monkey”?
Or maybe the NSA created it? Experts in Encryption, decryption and signals intelligence!

What tools did the CIA create just recently? Cyber security tools for everyone in the world? against who? CIA? China? (most modems are made by Huawei)
look at the new security tools logo! They made it obvious for us to know!
comment image
comment image

Snowden worked for the CIA!
Transferred to the NSA
Fled to China
released / exposed NSA spy tools that were being used AGAINST the CIA!
Snowden is a black hat! (bad guy)

Intel war!
China and Ukraine Colluded with the Clinton democrats!
CIA = Globalists
China = Globalists new HQ
Thats why the CIA works for China!
Thats why tech is being transferred to China and rocket and nuke tech to NK
Via clinton server in her bathroom! Thats why google in North Korea!

side business…. human trafficking!
remember this! News to be released this year!
They are ALL going down!

China is NOT the good guy!
America not hi-jacked anymore!
America is good again!

Concrete Mike

I see what your saying, what has the major russia hate do with this?

The west has pissdd off 100 millions russians for what then? All Brenner? I can see why Duff hates the guy now.

the way i saw it in 2016, in a simple way, Trump=Israel Candidate Clinton=Saudi Candidate.

Before 2016 i had never noticed Israel as they have a free pass in the west, unless you hang with arabs, never heard a thing about israel, unless its opened a new holocostco museum.

Politics and reality are not on a parralel course. I only see one beneficiary to this model. Dont say China, if what you say is true, then regular joe china is getting used too, so who then ?

I submit international bankers and transnationnal corporations.

Its like that bond movie in the 90’s that the newspaperman is the evil world villain because he makes the news. Its like that but much worse, the newsman is with the bankman whos with the oilman and the gunsman.
Aĺl of this under the watchful eyes of the tech industry, the glue that holds the social control construct together.

The Globalists have moved beyond nationalism, for their own selfish reasons, not for the greater good of all creatures.

At a certain point, one must look at this nationalism issue objectively. What good will it serve us in the future in its current form?
In its current form its a structure to protect and permit oligarchs mining a certain area of land of its ressources. Secondary reasons, culture language religion.

If corporate power is now global, and the corporate power also controls nationalist power, because it does, whats the point?

The corporations must be challenged another way, before we get completly robbed blind!!

I hope your right and real patriots still exist, in that ocean of “smarter people than me” out there.

But i’m a deplorable, who cares what i think, apparently im alone.


i agree with all that you said!
But firstly about the newsman!

There are indictments against the MSM for working for foreign agents!
This intel war INCLUDES the MSM and Social Media!
What is coming TO THE WORLD is an “internet bill of rights”!
No more censorship! Thats why these companies google, facebook, apple, twitter are moving to China!


Corporations have control due to their access to politicians via lobbying!
Trump is lowering the term limit in Congress and in the Senate! Long term politicians cannot be re-elected for many decades! They will do 4 years maximum and thats all!

So with a US internet bill of rights (free speech) where nobodies speech will be censored or banned (or there will be legal punishment upon these Social Media orgs) and term limits on politicans, this will fix a lot of these problems!

Also was had already Factually occurred is every single US executive agency (housing, military, health, etc etc) now have its own Inspector General to fight corruption within that agency! Plus the Federal IG above that!

Trump already brought that in! It already begun!
So in reality its about rooting out corruption!

This is occurring! In June we will hear from the IG and see what cries were committed! There are over 60 thousand unsealed indictments made by the IG!

over 60 thousand!

You will understand the fight back soon!
u will hear the best news ever over the next 3 months!
Finally you will have hope!



America is corrupt to the core, whouda thunk?


And here it all starts Sinbad!
Here is what i have been talking about for 2 years!
Brennan was the Head of the CIA! Why would he, McCain, Clinton, Obama, Lynch, Clapper, Yates etc etc etc spy on their political opponent AND make fake evidence against him?

Guess what happens next Sinbad?
We find out who really did collude with a foreign country!
We find out that China and Hillary Clinton colluded! We find out the Ukraine and Hillary Clinton colluded!

But why would a republican John McCain help a Democrat Hillary Clinton to win an election? Why make an insurance policy just in case Trump won?
Were they spying on him since he announced he ran for President? OR long before he even announced it?
What would be the need to Spy on trump before he even announced running?

What Left wing american MSM companies are being paid by China? CNN? MSNBC? NYT? WashPost?

Who was the CIA supporting Sinbad? CHINA?
Who does the CIA work for Sinbad? ZIONIST GLOBALISTS!!
Who do YOU support Sinbad? CHINA!!

Which sites CANT the CIA close down?

Here is a clue for you dumb ass with a weak heart!
Here is 8Chans logo!
comment image

Here is the NSA’s new (launched April 4 2019) reverse engineering cyber security software for everyone to download!
comment image
Look at the logos!
The NSA (experts in signals intelligence, encryption and decryption) made it obvious that 8Chan was created by the NSA! A safe place for free speech! Why did they create this Sinbad?
Because Facebook, twitter and google are spying on you? FB,GOOG and Twitter = the CIA?
CIA is a globalist intel agency working to prop up china!

Why would the NSA make it so obvious that they created 8Chan?
Because China (the CIA) is tracking you, listening to you, collecting data on you!
NSA = nationalists!
CIA = Globalists
NSA jurisdiction = Foreign and domestic
CIA = Foreign
Therefore CIA creates Facebook (Formerly LifeLog created by DARPA), google and twitter!

comment image comment image
comment image

Are you starting to understand yet?
Or u have already decided that you have so much pride (selfish) that u will openly support Zionism rather than admit America is fighting the bad guys now that Trump is in!

NOTE# Many people will be tried for treason in the USA!
Obama will be one of them!

If Presidents, Sec of State, former heads of the CIA, FBI, Director of national intelligence, US Attorney generals, MSM CEO’s and news anchors are all being tried for treason, THEN YOU KNOW THAT THE USA IS NOW THE GOOD GUY!

You were wrong! You have always been wrong! YOU SUPPORT THE BAD GUYS! YOU SUPPORT ZIONIST GLOBALISTS NOT because you are uninformed (ive been informing you) but because you are WILLFULLY IGNORANT!



Tommy Jensen

Barr knew that we knew that he knew it, therefore Barr know that we already knew what he knew and that we would let him know that we knew exactly what he would know, to let him into a trap.
Therefore the insinuation that I should front some kind of a judgement day in relation to Barr is ridiculous.

Tommy Jensen

Brennan is it you? In my profile? You cant do that you know that? Its illegal you foggin fool!!!


Related News!
CIA created Facebook (originally known as LifeLog)
comment image

The CIA and its MSM propaganda channels want to attack and censor certain speech (just like communism, China)

Where are you ensured Free Speech? no matter how dark or devious! because THEY cant shut it down yet are trying so hard! 8Chan

comment image

So who created 8Chan?
Could it be so obvious?

comment image
comment image

Why make it so obvious?
Do they want us to know who the good guys are and who the bad guys are?

Intelligence war?
Snowden worked for the CIA, transferred to the NSA! Fled to China and exposed the NSA spy tools! Told us they were spying on people? Who was the NSA really spying on? The CIA?

NSA jurisdiction = Foreign and domestic (signals intel, encryption and decryption)
CIA jurisdiction = Foreign only (sabotage, surveillance, spies, agents)
FBI jurisdiction = Domestic only (surveillance, investigates, agents)

Why did the NSA create a reverse engineering tool FOR EVERYONE in the public? Why make it open source? released on April 4 2019!

Education: The CIA is a Zionist globalist intelligence agency and IS NOT LOYAL TO THE USA!
The Globalist want China to be the NEW HQ!

Why China?
Communism, no voting, President for life, one party, digital spy grid, social credit system, monopoly, no regulations!
Bill Clinton: new trade deals! Transfer of industries to China over 30 years!
Hillary Clinton: transfer of tech (bathroom server) google and Facebook TOP research buildings are in China!

comment image

Where is Facebooks Building 8? CHINA

google was exposed for making a Chinese censored search engine!
China burns down Google RnD building (IN CHINA)
Google now builds “DragonFly” to escape US govt ridicule!

When was “DragonFly” supposed to be ready? April 2019?
“The initiative – known internally as Project Dragonfly – was said to be ready for release by April 2019. But media leaks on Google’s plans to comply with Chinese censorship rules in order to launch the engine brought intense opposition from within its own ranks, as well as from elected officials.”

Where do Chinese people conduct free speech? 8Chan?
Who created 8Chan?
What REVERSE ENGINEERING software was created for all computer OS systems for cyber security?

(CIA) DragonFly vs (NSA) GHIDRA? (Dragon vs Dragon)

There are good guys and bad guys!
White hats and black hats (names given to agents who are good or bad)
Globalists and Nationalists
traitors vs patriots!

America was hi-jacked! Ruled and controlled by foreign bankers, cabal of zionists loyal to nobody but their own power! Too many freedoms in the USA! Too many NEW politicians, too many elections to rig, to many civilians with guns who dont relinquish them after a false flag school shooting! In fact, they buy more! too many checks and balances! too many restrictions in the law!



Take away its pig headed patriots and divide them into different, confused, incompatible ideologies!
e.g Islam, LGBTQ, Transgender push, Feminism, Hatred of white males, conspiracy of patriarchy in the West! Blacks vs white, pay gaps

How can there be a patriarchy in the West but if u call it out in Islam as being real u are condemned!
How can there be sexism in the west when it it clearly exists in islam? Who do they attack, who do they defend?
Patriarchy yet transgender males are DOMINATING womens sports? Supported by those who are against men?

Sew confusion, sew discord, competing ideologies, socialism, burning of the flag! Showing constant Jewish Holocaust deaths and Black slave movies! Never showing Israeli treatment of Palestinians, never showing Yellow vests protests!

divide and conquer!
Censor nationalism!


WW3 already begun! its COLD! a COLD war via cyber warfare and intelligence wars!

Hence the NSA reaching out to people on 8chan! QANON!
Hence why he is posting before or after Trumps tweets within a few seconds! Constantly occuring at the same time over many many tweets and many months!

Dark to light!

You are witnessing the destruction of the old guard!
America was hi-jacked!
America is NOT the CIA!

Patriots are in control!
White hats are in control!

How did Putin get into power from the Jewish Zionist Globalists?
Intel agency?

the same thing is occurring in the USA right now!

This is a military op planned over a decade!
Military planning at its finest!
They are saving israel until last!

The NSA gave us one clue! A leak but almost common knowledge but its nice to have it confirmed!

/ /
MSM Social media


comment image

transfer of tech and industries to china!

MSM working as foreign agents

google working for China

GOOD double agents! HERO’s!

comment image comment image

Ask yourself, why would hollywood (CIA controlled) glorify Snowden with a movie?
Snowden started at the CIA
Moved to NSA
Fled to China to expose the NSA!

Intel war!
White hats and black hats!

Patriots are in control!

comment image

Deep down it makes sense! It all adds up! USA hi-jacked (just as all our countries are) and China was propped up to be the NEW Zionist head quarters!
You know with your logic this to be true!
So the big question on your mind is “but Trump is helping Israel, Kushner is friends with Bibi, Trump is doing everything Israel wants”!

The Art of War! (The Art of the Deal)

comment image
comment image
comment image comment image
comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image


a thousand years of Darkness under communism, oppression, you dont get to vote, censored speech, censored learning, digital spy grid, social credit system?


White hats are BACK IN CONTROL!

CHOOSE! Rights guaranteed by a Constitution and the right to bare arms for the sole purpose of overthrowing a tyrannical govt?
OR no rights, no voting, constant surveillance, face recognition!

The USA is fighting back! The reason they can is because it is the law of the land! There is no such law in China! Therefore no laws or courts or armies or militia will be on your side!

Good guys exist!
The NSA mostly good guys and good guys at the top!
The CIA mostly bad guys at the top (during obama reign)
The FBI, mostly bad guys at the top (during obama reign)

Comey going down for TREASON!
Get your popcorn ready, they are all going down!
America is good again!


ALLIES! Official after 2020 election! (information transferred)
comment image

comment image comment image

PLANNED! Patriots! Nationalists! (they all hate Soros)

They tried HARD to stop this!
They want to know what they talked about during the 2 hour private meeting between Trump and Putin! Nobody else was in the room! Only the interpreters!

They are KILLING the Zionist NWO together!
Military planning! Intel war! 2 Patriots in control of the most powerful countries in the world!
Deception is the art of war!

comment image

Concrete Mike

Thanks for giving someone some hope in dark times.


“Dark to Light”
General Flynn (Former head of the Defence Intel Agency)
Trump’s TOP advisor!

Dark to light!

comment image



comment image comment image

Intel Agencies! U.S DOD and Russian FSB! PLANNED!!!
comment image


“INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES” This occurred the same day Trump got back into America after meeting Putin (in private with only interpreters present)


Listen to what he says and then WHO he talks about! :)


8Chan! QAnon (Dark to Light)
(there were so many more of these but this is enough :)comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image
comment image

They cant shut down 8Chan!
8Chan = free speech ensured! (even though we must tolerate devious posts)

comment image

comment image comment image

comment image


Because we need to be informed what is occurring!
Civil obedience is needed!
Because the CIA (as a last resort) is about to unleash its ANTIFA, crazy left wing violence! People need to know what is going on when Obama, Hillary start going down!

Most likely James Comey and Andrew McAbe first!
Get your popcorn ready!
comment image comment image

Concrete Mike

So Brennan is the real manchurian candidate here?

Trump is israel’s man, no matter how dumb he is, i dont see him or israel going.

Was Trump always the Israel man?
Who tbe fuck.Brennan works for ?

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x