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Mike Pompeo Says Regime Change Is Also Planned for Nicaragua and Cuba, Not Only Venezuela

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Mike Pompeo Says Regime Change Is Also Planned for Nicaragua and Cuba, Not Only Venezuela

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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo admitted that US policy includes “moving against regimes that are no democratic” such as Cuba and Nicaragua, not simply Maduro’s government in Venezuela, in an interview with Telemundo on February 22nd.

“If you’re moving against these regimes that are not democratic, many Nicaraguan people, Cuban people are saying, “Are you going to help us next?” Cristina Londono asked.

Yes, President Trump’s administration has done so and will continue to do so not just in Venezuela but certainly Nicaragua and Cuba as well. And you see that. You see that in the policies. They’re very different from the previous administration. They recognize that these governments are treating their people harshly, presenting real risks, security risks to the people, privacy risks, denying them basic liberties. And these are not the kind of things that ought to happen in the Western Hemisphere, and the United States under President Trump is working diligently in not just Venezuela but each of those two countries to achieve good outcomes for those people. The people need to lead those efforts. I’m convinced that they are determined to do it as well. The American people will support them.”

So, regime change is not only on the table, it’s a sought-after objective, not only in Venezuela, but also in Nicaragua, Cuba and possibly and likely others in the future.

Pompeo also spoke of the humanitarian aid, claiming that he hoped the Maduro government would let the aid in and that it is listening. Urging the Venezuelan military to allow the aid and not keep the population hungry.

He also once more reiterated that “every option is on the table.” This was in response to a question by Londono, alleging that Maduro may “turn on his people” and if in such a case the US is ready to defend the Venezuelan people from their own government if push comes to shove.

“We’ve talked about the fact that every option’s on the table, but we are very hopeful that the Venezuelan people and the Venezuelan military will come to understand that Maduro’s days are past, that the regime that has created these conditions ought not be permitted to continue to inflict this kind of pain and desperation on the Venezuelan people, such desperation that 10 percent of the Venezuelan population chose to leave the country. This is a rich nation with a long and wonderful history, and with the right leadership can be so again. So my fervent hope is that the Venezuelan people will resolve this without violence, with a political solution that gets what the Venezuelan people so richly deserve: a free, democratic nation that can be on the road towards economic recovery with all the liberty that the Venezuelan people deserve.”

Pompeo, however, said that the Trump administration was not about to put forward an ultimatum or “show its hand.”

“One of the things the Trump administration’s been very clear about is we don’t show our hand. We don’t tell others what we may do. But I think the Maduro regime completely understands that America is committed to supporting President Guaido and the popular will of the Venezuelan people, and we’re going to be hard at it, not only today and tomorrow as this aid begins to move across the borders, but in the days and weeks and months that follow. This is an objective that we have set to help the Venezuelan people succeed, and we’re determined to achieve that outcome.”

The entire US policy for regime change and fighting against these “regimes” that are not “democratic” is to cause a domino effect and show the citizens of these countries that “the yoke of authoritarianism that has been foisted upon them is not necessary, that the corruption of those regimes is not necessary, that the bad behavior and difficult living conditions that those people find themselves in today is not necessary, that they can have a different life and that they’ll contribute their efforts, their goodwill, and their humanity towards achieving a better political situation, both in Venezuela and Nicaragua and Cuba as well.”

On November 1st, 2018, US National Security Adviser John Bolton also called Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela a “troika of tyranny” announced new measures against the socialist countries — promising they “will feel the full weight of America’s robust sanctions regime.”

Bolton said that under President Trump, “we will no longer appease dictators and despots near our shores in this Hemisphere.”

“These tyrants fancy themselves strongmen and revolutionaries, icons and luminaries. In reality, they are clownish pitiful figures more akin to Larry, Curly and Moe,” he said. “The three stooges of socialism are true believers, but they worship a false God.”

On February 20th, Bolton also tweeted a warning to Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega:


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“Are you going to help us next?” DISGUSTING TRASH!


Deranged lunatic that needs to be permanently gagged.

Piglet (Lawrence of Bavaria)

Pompeo is a psychopath who can lie without a conscience.

Trump is the deranged lunatic that may actually believe the lies, along with the below-average intelligence section of the US population that has been brainwashed.

roger temple

This is beyond crazy. Do these people listen to themselves. If they really believe what they say washington needs to be nuked. Pity about the innocent people, but hey, collateral damage………..

roger temple

Revolting. ‘Socialists are true believers who worship a false God.’ And does the US not worship money and profit. And are they not false Gods.

You can call me Al

I wonder if this may finally awaken the South Americans into seeing how the US run their own Countries, with such arrogance, hostility and ignorance…… I know it probably will not happen, but imagine if, for one the whole of South America united to fight together for once…. if it were not for greed, power and money; the dreams could become true.


Yes, if only they would stand together and not take the 30 pieces of silver to betray their own. I sometimes wonder how people like Guaido can rationalize their actions?


Good luck with that ya Pompeo-us hasbara cockroach


Regime change may also be coming to the District of Columbia if these insane clowns are not sedated.


One can hope; not just for South America, but for the entire global community.


I foresee regime change at the State Department long before any of this cracker’s nightmares are realized.


considering the vast number of veterans moronistan’s (aka usa) wars must have produced, the regime change coming to washington dc would seem to be a foregone conclusion – so vets, given the rather poor treatment from moronistan’s government once retirement is due, isn’t it time to organize a march on washington dc, a veterans protest march, say a million or two right in front of capitol hill, the white house, like it happened in rome some 2000 years ago or so. it would be difficult for the standing army or the national guard to do anything at all, moreover they would probably swap side and join a popular uprising against the thieves and crooks running the show to their own benefits.


Hope they try that stuff against NK and US won’t exist. Kim and Trump are about to meet up in Hanoi, Vietnam on Feb 27. US needs to surrender to NK just like they did to Vietnam in 1973.


President Trump is working diligently for regime change” If Obama can do it,I can do it better”haha , Trump is cheating on everybody from his base to Putin and he can always say : hey I was under threat, they put gun on my neck , RT still loves him, he is the innocent baby , lol


Step aside, Simon Bolivar. President Trump is the new Liberator (according to Mike Pompeo).


Now we know why the Communists united and hated the Imperialistic West.




Well, no one is surprised from your nasty moves, if you don’t seek a government change ” Regime Change” is what you Neocons use in your words, and In fact you are the biggest and nastiest REGIME in the world. UNITED SNAKES OF AMERiCA Neo_Zionism is on the 12 clock now, but easy they will come down to 6, the circle is running in circle, today I am on top and I do whatever I want but tomorrow I will be down and I will unable to tie my shoes. It a way of life. America America we the people of the world suggest to you to look into your own country business instead to seek your Regime Changes around the world, you changed my country’s name from Macedonia to North Macedonia, with the most disgusting ambasador on the balkans Mr. Disaster Beili. You allow all possible rights to all fucking albanians in the country, please just fuck off from countries business.


All potential Russian allies in S. America will see regime change? I think knot, US will not able to carry out its threats in Central or South America, because Russia and China will more than support these governments to be a pain in the ass for US in their own backyard.

Allan Greedspoon

Damn him to hell, deranged, violent, zionazi lunatic . .

Carol Davidek-Waller

It’s helpful when war criminals publicly confess to their crimes. It will make it so much easier to convict them when the wold regains its sanity in the not too distant future.


do it to ZION to make a real difference you liar asshat!.


Get em back to the doctors, the current prescriptions are nolonger working.

The Farney Fontenoy

Freedom bombs for everyone! The USA violent approach against far weaker countries has worked so well, for so long, Americans no longer understand what diplomacy is, and make no attempt to even mask what their intent is, they live in a Washington bubble where they will never be within 1,000 miles of a battlefield with young guys from Kansas doing the killing & dying & the likes of Pompeo & Bolton will never be in harm’s way, it’s easy to see why they are so brazen-there are no consequences at the top of the war pyramid.

Tommy Jensen

Me and Bolton will soon free the suppressed Latin people. The axis of evils are doomed.

Tony B.

It should be obvious to all by now that ALL these regime changes are designed to turn over nation after nation to outright talmudic Jew rule, without ever saying so, plus keeping the “dumb goy” fighting each other (classic divide and conquer) instead of taking on the satanic talmudists who are too few to stand up to the rest of the world if the people would only join against them and rid the world of this satanic scum at the top of almost all governments today.


It’s about the loot, the money, the US specializes in armed holdup. Venezuela has a lot of resources, and the US plans to steal them, it’s that simple, just thieves stealing.

Tony B.

All true but secondary, not the will of the U.S. people, the will of the talmudic scum running the show FOR THEIR PURPOSES IN THEIR WORLD. You are looking through a tunnel vision mindset, missing the big picture.


No it’s you that’s missing the big picture, without people like you and me they are nothing. Donovan sang a song about it.

He’s five foot-two and he’s six feet-four He fights with missiles and with spears He’s all of thirty-one and he’s only seventeen He’s been a soldier for a thousand years He’s a Catholic a Hindu an Atheist a Jain A Buddhist and a Baptist and a Jew And he knows he shouldn’t kill And he knows he always will Kill you for me my friend and me for you And he’s fighting for Canada He’s fighting for France He’s fighting for the USA And he’s fighting for the Russians And he’s fighting for Japan And he thinks we’ll put an end to war this way And he’s fighting for Democracy He’s fighting for the Reds He says it’s for the peace of all He’s the one who must decide Who’s to live and who’s to die And he never sees the writing on the wall But without him How would Hitler have condemned him at Labau? Without him Caesar would have stood alone He’s the one who gives his body As a weapon of the war And without him all this killing can’t go on He’s the universal soldier and he really is to blame His orders come from far away no more They come from here and there and you and me And brothers can’t you see This is not the way we put an end to war (Buffy Sainte Marie)


Don’t worry, for any action against Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba, Russia will have adequate and strong countermeasures :)


The US is desperate for money, they will have to pillage South America harder than they have ever pillaged now they can’t steal Russian and Iranian sources. Now they could work, and support themselves like other countries, but that’s un-American, they will do it the American way, by stealing.


America is desperate for money! i agree! Empires take resources, thats what empires do! Having said that, Either China or the USA will become the master of Venez! China’s puppets arnt exactly a wonderful example! Where as US puppets usually enjoy some healthy economy afterwards!

To lead the world, i prefer USA over China! i will admit to US war crimes (1 million dead iraqi’s) Will u admit to China’s crimes against its own people? (80 million)? I BET U DONT ANSWER THAT!


People like you always need a master to follow, I prefer to go my own way. I don’t really care what China and America do in their own countries, that’s their business, but when they start fking with my country that’s my business. If China invaded peaceful countries like the US does, I would go them hammer and tong, but so far they haven’t committed any crimes outside China. The US however is currently trying to destroy 8 countries, they are known international murderers and thieves.

Your claim that China killed 80 million Chinese is based on your fanciful imagination, but if they did that’s for the Chinese people to deal with.

You have to learn to mind your own business, your not god.

Now if you go crazy and post lots of crazy replies based on what the voices tell you, I won’t reply again.


i will counter your reply by saying that the reason China hasnt invaded any nations is because they havent the ability to do say as yet! but they are not far from it! China has no real experience with war as yet but they are certainly involved in take overs! Plus the US stands in their way!

If u dont look at what China has done to its own nation is the same as sticking ur head in the sand!

The way i look at it, if youre willing to control your own people, kill them, openly spy on them and force them to police each other and have a history of killing their own race in the tens of millions…. youre not going to give a flying fuck about the other nations u take over either!

My point of view seems far more logical!

u are pissed off with the US, i get it! So am i! Thats why i support Syria and Russia! but i will never support China!

and if u are pissed off whats happening in ur own country, then u should be pissed off with the chinese buying houses in australia, keeping them vacant in order to hedge against their own govts currency manipulation!

Gee thx China! U may say its us allowing it, but its china thats doing it! We allow it because its money, they do it because they have power over us!

Gee thx China… When im a a set of traffic lights, i always to my side to side looks and my rear vision mirror look!

4/5 times, always fucking asian and indian!

my culture is dead! if u are ok with that, the ure not australian, ure a globalist!


Your opinion is based on your prejudice, you say China has not invaded other countries, because it can’t invade other countries. Perhaps that is true, but the US invades other countries all the time, and has been at war throughout its history. So right now I am only interested in the USA. When China starts invading other countries I will condemn them just like I do the US.

Your attitude of condemning them before they commit a crime is not logical and sounds like that Tom Cruise movie. If you don’t like the Asians where you live, move somewhere else, and start attacking the Australian politicians who sell entry into Australia, for $250,000 a head.

I don’t agree with large numbers of immigrants coming to Australia either, but their country of origin does not concern me, as much as the high numbers.


China has made economic invasions of Africa and also the maldives! The debt burdern is off the charts! You know what china intends to do which is no different to the USA! it is soley taking the resources of that nation at a cheap price! Now the USA is guilty of this too! But what i am telling u is that China is in no way different too the USA! And if China was powerful enough, it would invade nations just as the USA has done! What i am telling u is this….. better the devil u know than the devil u dont know! Yet, actually, we do know china dont we! We give the USA a bad name when we say “this is how the USA spreads democracy” and we see burning buildings and dead bodies! Well, im saying that in 20 years we will be seeing WORSE photos that will say “This is how China spreads Communism”! Only that we wont see those headlines because there will be no freedom of speech!

Never, ever choose a communist nation over a democratic nation!

USA has been bad! But no empire is good! But the USA has been the best empire ever even though all empires are inherently bad! Dont think for one second that China will be any better! They will be much worse! If u think the USA has a controlled media, what do u think China has? People go missing in China! An actress went missing for 6 months after she said something that wasnt so great! When she re-appeared she was singing a totally different tune! So think long and hard before u say what u say about china!

i hope u dont get what u wish for!

All countries run on greed! But ill take one that has a constitution that ensure freedom and gives the people the right to take up arms against the govt if need be! Thats why America is the preferred empire! Because they can fix it if need be! China cant do jack shit against its govt! if its govt becomes more evil, there is nothing we can do about it!

J Roderet

Washington is trying to overthrow all governments that are free from US/Zionist domination. But the world is no longer asleep like it was in the 1990s and early 2000s. The Neocons will be beaten back.

Joe Kerr

Russia and China need to arm Cuba with all it needs, including missiles targeting the U.S. itself. With its history of bombing other countries, let’s see how it likes a dose of its own meds.


a regime change is needed in moronistan (aka usa) and the first group that springs to mind to effectuate such change is the vast number of veterans that washington dc has left behind, feeding them oxycontin/fentanyl or other hill billy smack as pacifiers, enriching the sackler family beyond its wildest dreams, while washington dc continues to spend the tax-take on wars and nsa and cia and fbi and pentagon and dea and and and not enough on infrastructure, and insufficient on healthcare for the citizens of moronistan. a veterans demonstration right before the capitol hill in washington dc,with a million or two million veterans could be the start of such regime change and the national guard would change side and join the veterans.

that is what washington dc is in need of – regime change.

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