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JULY 2020

Mike Pompeo Says Killing Soleimani Is Part of Wider US Strategy to “Deter” Foes


Mike Pompeo Says Killing Soleimani Is Part of Wider US Strategy to "Deter" Foes

RQ-4A Global Hawk. Click to see full-size image

On January 13th, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that killing General Qassem Soleimani is part of a broader US strategy to “deter” any and all US foes.

In his speech at Stanford University’s Hoover Institute, Pompeo made no mention of the threat of imminent attacks planned by Soleimani.

In response to a question he said that pre-empting such plots was the reason for American drone strike that killed Soleimani and others.

His speech, “The Restoration of Deterrence: The Iranian Example,” focused on what he called an administration strategy to establish “real deterrence” against Iran following earlier Republican and Democratic policies that encouraged Tehran’s “malign activity.”

Pompeo said there was “a bigger strategy” behind the killing of Soleimani, the commander of the Quds Force, Iran’s elite foreign espionage and paramilitary force.

“President Trump and those of us in his national security team are re-establishing deterrence – real deterrence ‒ against the Islamic Republic of Iran,” he said.

“Your adversary must understand not only that you have the capacity to impose cost but that you’re in fact willing to do so,” Pompeo said.

“America now enjoys the greatest position of strength regarding Iran we’ve ever been in,” Pompeo underlined. Which is dubious, since it is the first time since World War II that the US hasn’t responded to an attack on its military bases.

“The importance of deterrence isn’t confined to Iran,” Pompeo said. “In all cases, we must deter foes to defend freedom. That’s the whole point of President Trump’s work to make our military the strongest it’s ever been.”

And, indeed, Trump on January 13th said that it really didn’t matter if Soleimani actually posed any imminent threat. Which, was further, substantiated by US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper who said that he had seen no intelligence suggesting that the Quds Force commander was planning any actual attacks on US embassies.

He cited the resumption of lethal military aid to Ukraine for defence against Russia-backed separatists, Trump’s withdrawal from an arms control accord with Moscow and tests of a new US intermediate-range cruise missile.

Pompeo also pointed to increased US naval exercises in the South China Sea in response to China’s militarisation of disputed islands and Trump’s imposition of tariffs on Chinese imports as aspects of the administration’s deterrence strategy.

“We’re restoring credibility to deterrence,” he said.

Pompeo’s speech just followed a condemnation of US actions by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“I think if there were no tensions, if there was no escalation recently in the region, those Canadians would be right now home with their families,” Trudeau said in an interview with Global television.

He added that the international community had been “very, very clear about needing to have a non-nuclear Iran” but also in “managing the tensions in the region that are brought about by US actions as well”.

Previously, the US partially attempted to present its actions as “legal” in the international framework.

Currently, Washington’s “deterrence” policy is the following: strong states have the right of way, and a free to oppress those deemed as weaker states. This is a further step towards the ultimate dismantling of the international system, with other states also clearly beginning to realize that their own interest comes first, and since there is no international law being exerted, then why even attempt to follow it.




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  • verner

    if there is a 80m$ bounty on trump’s head it should or ought at least to be 40m$ for pompeo. enough to tempt a host of professional shooters to try their luck and if the world is lucky, a lit de parade for the two of them.

    • Selbstdenker

      Target the families does more harm. And costs much more to protect and coordinate.

      • Hasbara Hunter


      • verner

        it’s just the disunited states of A that threatens the families of officials they don’t like. pompeo is not family while kushner is a senior advisor to head case trump and so is ivanka so I suppose they are fair game.

  • dontlietome

    ……………Better start wiping out all the members of the American and Israeli military and political high command…………………….Targeted assassinations where ever and when ever possible……………….

  • FlorianGeyer

    What goes round comes round.

    The top US Chicken Hawk mafia will also find themselves in the sights of assassins if they persue their faux ‘ Deterrence Doctrine’.

    Pompous would make a worthy target :)

  • Hasbara Hunter

    Hang Kidkilling Warcriminal Mike Pompeo…just like all the other Filthy American Terrorists…Hunt them Down.. Smoke’m Out…Exterminate them All…Eradicate them Evil Childraping Kidkilling Parasites…

  • d’Artagnan

    US and its Zionist masters are out to get Iran, no matter how many concessions it makes, however I believe that Iran will test a nuclear weapon very soon as the hardliners on the ascendancy.

    • bob

      What concessions?

      iran is an Islamic reactionary violent dictatorship, desperately trying to spread its evil creed around the neighbourhood, they’re essentially Islamo fascists who have a long history going back before the second world war sucking up to the Nazis,we don’t need them,no right minded person would

      You give them concessions and they’ll spread like the plague and still develop their nukes just for insurance,really a very bad idea, unless you like the thought of living under the rule of an evil dictatorship

      so back to the future,more nutty Nazi types the only difference this time is they wear turbans instead of jack boots

      • Selbstdenker

        Which key u used for this text? F7 or F9. Looks like propaganda snips handy on the F keys.
        But why use nazis now? Wasn’t it antisemites u should call them? I wonder…

        • bob

          Just facts my boy,facts,very inconvenient things aren’t they,unless you like goose stepping

          • Selbstdenker

            Fact was the Ha’avara agreement, allowing jews from Germany to emigrate to Palestine and transferring wealth. It came even with education of jews to be able to survide there as farmers, workers etc.

            Without the Zionist state would not be possible. Similar thing was the money Adenauer payed for all the hazzle with this emigration in the 50s, which was 1.4 billion D-Mark. Also facts, but never mentioned by the jews…

          • bob

            Nazi supporting scum, and they legged it to Berlin, not that it did them any good as the RAF was reducing it to rubble,which incidentally will be Irans fate unless they see sense,which they won’t,idiots,the nazi mullahs that is

            Don’t try and absolve them of their Nazi leanings,didn’t they create the name Iran as a celebration of aryinism, i bet Hitler liked that, not that he or these Iranian fascist Nazi scum would have liked it much when Great Britain and the Soviets put an end to their little games

            Isn’t it ironic though how those two faced c@#ts the Russians now support this Islamo fascist dictatorship who are pledged to destroy Israel, you know they support the same Nazi mentality in the middle east now, even though it did so much damage to mother Russia in the past,what twats

            Putin, meh, the man who has no shame, perhaps some brave soul should remind him of this during the daft jingoistic parade they have each year,whats it called, the immortal walk?

            Whatever, scum the lot of them!

          • Selbstdenker

            why you divert now? Do the true facts scare you? http://strangeside.com/germany-reparations-to-israel/

          • Zionism = EVIL

            You are trying to engage a sub-IQ illiterate hasbara troll who is here 24/7 :) with incoherent babble

          • bob

            Its true about rubber chops he’s playing a stupid game messing with fascist idiots in Europe and America, and dressing it all up as traditional family values BS and some sort of new civilisation/ conservative thing which will save the world, what bollox

            Oh plus he indulges himself with these Islamo fascists with the less than pleasant past,and he’s basically scum just like Stalin, oh and hes got a shite economy which will slowly die because of corruption, and oligarchs, who loot it all then buy stuff in London, capital flight big problem for old rubber chops

            And i know you hate all this being pointed out because basically you’re a deranged fascist who loves totalitarianism, and hates freedom, and thinks the world is…..deep breath a better place run by dictators, breath out,thats better

          • bob

            Because you obviously don’t like the Nazi past of Iranian former religious nutters being brought up, do you

            The true facts scare you

  • Damien C

    Pompeo has always had the lust for murder in him.

  • christianblood

    This veiled threat from Pompeo is against Russian, Chinese, North Korean, Venezuelan, Cuban, Syrian and any international leader that the US regime consider as a ‘threat’.
    No doubt Putin, Assad and the North Korean leader are very in this hit-list.

    • bob

      Good they need to be unless you like the idea of living in a world of the jack boot upon your face!

      • PAtrick

        we’ll all be trying to survive in a nuclear wasteland and envy the dead then

    • goingbrokes

      I’m sure you’re right. But Pompeo’s deterrence didn’t work, instead it got a stiff response from Iran and US is standing down. No deterrence at all. So we see another moronic policy not working as intended.

  • Lazy Gamer

    wut? The outcome reveals it was veeery effective then. I see no contingencies whatsoever. The immortals where named that way because when one fell, two would take his place. lol

  • hvaiallverden

    All hail the new shining ugh….. Britain, with their Trumpian MiniMe.

    I want to present the noble and highly presticious award of The Golden Tunge to, drum roll……. drum, drum….

    Bozo the Clown aka Bojo, to humbly give this man? the reward for His impecable and impresive wish and hope for been recognised as the one raving on the top of an prestigious list of persons whom unhinged is an genuine and by nature spectaculare assliker, non above nor beside, an man? whom have snorted His way true an instutute that have gone down the drain for decades and feeds us with examples of how much of this briliant education shines thru, in an other wise long and winding list of spineless creeps, witch we all know from before, like The Thing from France MaCrony to the hideously rotten Mutti Morekill and associates like other state leaders witch significance is vitually non existing ex. for making products like Pasta etc to Oranges, compared to the master and I am indeed impressed assliker like Bozo the Clown when He stated that the new name of any kind of deal with Iran should be named The Trump Deal, you know the man behind the epic book of the Art of the Deal, witch makes even Mafia blush of envije, and we know how important words are this days when the emperor is as dumb as an brik and walks around butt naked, any animal analogy is never the less an insult to this/any kind of creatures comparding them to creatures whom is able to produce an constant stream of totall bullshit, witch is been yapped to a anoying level inside the Asylum, known as the imperial banana republic, UssA whom comes with narratives we only can read in awe, and changes them faster than what Erdogan can flipflop, and we talk warp speed level.
    And the pompeous thing, is just an low level creep, whom is educated within the American high morale values as We lie, steel and cheet, but is climbing on the list of humans whom is able to drool so much idiocy that I may even consdier to rewise the list of epic idiots in the coming fufure.
    But for now, lets salute Bozo the Clown witch an Hurra, for been on the top of the list, far above the rest, to an British head(less) state leader witch is in an Goc whom have dragged mental barr exserices to an new level witch makes rubber bonds to stiff planks.

    Be an good sport and give this man an Hipp, hipp, Hurray.
    Hipp, hipp……..



    • N/A

      Expect the UK to dissolve with brexit

  • Omega

    “Deterring Foe” means (desperately) “Preserving the Petro-Dollar”.

    The Deeper Story Behind the Assassination of Soleimani


    • bob

      No! not strategic culture

      More anti western pseudo intellectual clap trap

      • Omega

        Don’t confuse Imperial with West.

        • bob

          Whatever, its still clap trap though

          • Omega

            It is, to you.

          • bob

            No honestly, I’ve just visited a site called media bias fact check, and oh boy do they give your clap trap site a bad report card!

            ” extreme right wing bias”

            ” promotion of Russian propaganda and conspiracy theories ”

            ” this not a credible source” they say, well i never, who’d have thunk it

          • Omega

            Well, if a “site called media bias fact check” says so; then it can only be concluded that you are right.

          • bob

            Not me mate, i don’t work for ‘ em you should complain to them if you’ve gotta problem

          • Omega

            Never said you worked for them. As far as complaining and/or having a problem goes, I invite you to re-read this conversation.

          • AlexanderAmproz

            Bonjour Omega,

            Tout arrive a temps pour qui sait attendre (lol)

            The World is changing,

            You should find this article interesting….

            Unintended Consequences: Did Trump Just Give the Middle East to China and Russia?


            This article too

            Japan backs Myanmar over genocide charges


          • Omega

            Bonjour Alex. Merci pour les liens. Espérons que le dicton s’avère vrai (ça le semble). Mieux vaut le Moyen-Orient avec les Russes and Chinois. :-)

  • N/A

    Really? If you wanna kill terrorists, maybe you should target your friends in Riyadh you fat fuck. Have you ever seen Iranian forces or even proxies destroying churches like your buddies in Kosovo are?