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Mighty Azerbaijani Table Stopped Heavy Armenian Rocket

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On October 30, Hikmet Hajiyev, a top aide for Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, shared on Twitter a photo claiming to show a BM-30 “Smerch” rocket that was launched by Armenian forces at the village of Alasgarli in the region of Tartar.

The photo shows the heavy 300 mm rocket nailed into a small wooden table on the side of a road in a prefect manner. A number of nearby chairs also appeared to be intact.

Hajiyev’s photo was criticized and regarded as “propaganda” and “fake” by hundreds of Twitter users. The Azerbaijani official said the rocket didn’t explode. However, many argued that a BM-30 rocket, which can weight more than 800 kg, would have easily broken the table even if it did not explode.

Several Twitter users mocked Hajiyev’s claims by responding to his tweet with edited copies of his original photo. One of the photos featured Arayik Harutyunyan, President of the de-facto state of Artsakh, having coffee at the table.

Azerbaijan claims that the Armenian military has used BM-30 rockets against civilian areas on a number of occasions since the outbreak of the war in Nagorno-Karabakh on September 27. At least four systems of this type were destroyed by Baku’s forces.

This was not the first time Hajiyev was accused of spreading propaganda. In the past, he shared photos showing the remains of Azerbaijani rockets and drones, claiming that they were launched at civilian areas by Armenian forces.


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  1. white.male says:

    fake news , Mongolo turdo propaganda 100%

    1. Mr T says:

      get a black men you gay attention seeker.

      1. white.male says:

        you wanted to share your wet dream about black men in friday night ? mate it sounds like psychological projection ;)

  2. Random Dude says:

    ahahah, this one is funny

    1. Death to Turks says:

      Surely even you aren’t dumb enough to believe this picture.

        1. Death to Turks says:

          So why is Azerbaijan publishing fake photos of a missile going perfectly through a table and into the ground?

          1. DV28L says:

            To show that the armenians are attacking civilians. Unfortunately this is true for both sides. And maybe to show that armenian weapons are unreliable. But I doubt that. They want to win some support on the international stage

          2. Death to Turks says:

            We should be attacking civilians. Azeris are all terrorist scum they all started this war and we will finish it.

          3. Mr T says:

            that is why we need to kill you .. till last men

          4. Death to Turks says:

            Come and do it bitch, you’re losing.


          5. Erol says:

            So when will Armenia win this war?
            How long it will take Armenia to take back the lost areas?

            I mean Aserbaidschan lost so many Soldiers on your Video.
            How will Azeris survive this?
            How long can Aserbaidschan take such losses?

          6. Death to Turks says:

            Doesn’t matter how long, however long it takes and whatever it takes, your oil refineries and Mingachevir dam are all viable targets currently being considered. Last war was six years and we fought hard and took it all one by one from you and made you our bitches, we are only one month in at the moment.

          7. Erol says:

            Wow…so it took you six years, but you lost one third just in one Month???

          8. Death to Turks says:

            Moron we started with 0, nothing, it took six years. Today you’ve had incredible support from turkey and syrian terrorists and Pakistan, drone technology and now chemical weapons, the fight will go on no

          9. Erol says:

            Hmh…Question is, what will change in the next months?
            Will Turkey stop its support?
            How many equipment you will still have in one month?

            What says your commanders? Look here:


            „Last ditch message by Armenian mil commander Arkadiy Karapetyan from Karabakh: the fighting has reached gates of Shusha. Azerbaijan has air dominance. No reinforcements are coming from Armenia. We’re being destroyed gradually. Our strength is almost completely depleted„

            Whom shall ve believe you? Or him?

          10. Death to Turks says:

            It will never end. Even when we start killing Turks and Azeris in America and Europe, we outnumber you out here remember, the effects will be felt.

          11. Erol says:

            I thought you will finish Turkey and Aserbaidschan?
            Why suddenly just Turks in America and Europe?

            What happened that you changed your mind?

          12. Death to Turks says:

            Everywhere my little fuckface everywhere, total annihilation. Many of your people are going to die in the coming days months and years.

          13. Erol says:


            Hmh….maybe you should then first take the lost areas back.
            You should start with the nearest.
            Let see what the next week will show my Armenian Boy.

          14. Death to Turks says:

            Send more “special” forces we enjoy killing them as they run scared in the dark.

          15. Erol says:

            Oh, more will come for sure, dont worry.
            This was just the warming up….

          16. Death to Turks says:

            Moron you don’t even care about how many thousands we kill, pathetic

          17. gypsygreek says:

            Greek,,, after Armenia we are coming for you.

          18. Death to Turks says:

            You will not be successful in anything. We will keep killing you turk animals until we are satisfied.

          19. gypsygreek says:

            Don’t begin yelling GENOCIDDEEE when we come

          20. Death to Turks says:

            It is genocide but it’s no longer 1915. Say goodbye to the rest of ganja for me

          21. gypsygreek says:

            What do you think as a greeek you were slaves of Ottomans for five centuries?I mean both your men and women.Your women were in harem and your men were ottoman soldiers.

          22. Erol says:

            Hey common dont be harsh to our neighbour…
            He already seems to have a depression about Turkey.
            Look he is so obsessed with Turks, that he is posting non stop here against.
            I like him someway….yesterday he made me really laugh much.
            It seem he has some psychologic problems, but he makes us laugh at least :)

          23. gypsygreek says:

            He is happy to see some dead people in İzmir by earthquake
            Let him die in pain into our hands

          24. Erol says:

            That does not bother or hurt me, really!
            I stand over it!
            Because i know what deep inside him the Reason for this is!
            He has deeeeep Butthurt!
            He sees Greece situation and what Turkey is able to Develope/Produce while they recieved since 1980‘s billions,
            what did they achieve?
            Countries like Romania, Poland and Bulgaria etc left Greece behind in Technology and Defence Industry.

            So actually he is frustrated, Envy and desperate!

          25. Death to Turks says:

            I’m gonna stick my dick in your ass

          26. Erol says:

            Armenians did the same.
            Didnt help.
            Some Greeks maybe think that Europes will come to safe them….
            Europes want surely to sacrifice their sons for Greeks :)

            They will probably need 2 Weeks till all of them make the Desicion (Even if…Bulgaria and Ungarn will probably not want to…) and then several Weeks till first Troops arrive, if they find enough Transport planes which are flyable like in countries like Germany.
            As we see in one Month much can happen…
            And Greece will face Turkeys full might!
            From Ballistic missiles to Drones to Kamikaze Drones,
            jets, Hundreds of Thousand of Troops…

            But of course i prefer peace. If problems can be settled by Diplomacy the better.

          27. mhtsaropinigitakis says:

            yes come suck our cocks little gypsy

          28. gypsygreek says:

            What do you think as a greeek you were slaves of Ottomans for five centuries?I mean both your men and women.Your women were in harem and your men were ottoman soldiers

          29. mhtsaropinigitakis says:

            not really in the ottoman empire turks were the slaves doing all the hard work while Greeks enjoyed good positions doing the logistical and trade

          30. gypsygreek says:

            Seems fair
            Why do you hate Ottomans then

          31. mhtsaropinigitakis says:

            i hate the Turks not the Ottomans,,,Turks stole the Ottomans lands

          32. Erol says:

            Yes Ottomans treated them fair.
            They were in good situation.
            And now they are one of the most backward countries in the EU.
            Romania, Bulgaria etc joined later, but have already surpassed them in Technology and Industry.

          33. mhtsaropinigitakis says:

            Albania surpasses Turkey also lol

          34. mhtsaropinigitakis says:

            your woman was the only slave there lol

          35. Erol says:

            Of course not.
            For Turks it is a honor to die for the Country.
            I am from Turkey by the way. No azeri…
            But i know that Azeris have the same mentality like us.
            They are also proud about that.
            There are enough Turks available for Armenia and Greece together.

          36. Death to Turks says:

            Morons, delusional morons, you all burn in hell, muslim dogs.

          37. Erol says:

            Vatan Sagolsun ;)

          38. Death to Turks says:

            Burn in hell fuckface

          39. gypsygreek says:

            He is greeek. He knows they are next.

          40. Erol says:

            Yes makes sense, actually i thought they have the same
            strange „understanding“ like some Greek i know from other Forums.

          41. deadgreek33 says:

            When the war is over and all the filthy Armenians die, I will first come to your house and fuck that bitch mother. :D :D

          42. Death to Turks says:

            Look turk bitch. Look what we do to you in France. We make you our bitch, you taste our shoes. We destroy you everywhere. I’m gonna cut your mothers head off and fuck it.

          43. deadgreek1974 says:

            your end will be the same as this poor greek bastard


          44. Death to Turks says:

            Look, God is killing you in izmir. Hopefully many more turks will die.


          45. Death to Turks says:

            Look turkbitch. Taste our shoes. We beat you into submission.


          46. Simplekindof Man says:

            Trying to burn and run them out of the forests,like napalm and orange agent in Vietnam..,
            Truly appalling no mater who does it,shows anger and hatred.
            Humans are a despicable race it seems.

          47. Death to Turks says:

            The azeris and turks are terrorists

          48. catalin zt says:

            Death to the anglo-jewish SCUM plus their muslim single neuron followers!

          49. Random Dude says:

            let me text that guy real quick. ill let you know.

          50. catalin zt says:

            Let me send u home…. MONGOLIA! BYE

          51. catalin zt says:

            If u don’t go sweet home then mummy Russia soon will nuke u ALL goat lovers to HELL where your beard stupid idol muhammad the PAEDOPHILE resides!

    2. catalin zt says:

      Muhammad the PAEDOPHILE!

  3. Антон С says:

    I remember about similar case in Aleppo (or Idlib) when disgustinп bomb of Asad (gas cylinder actually) crushed a roof and was stopped by holy bed of freedom fighters. Looks like a comedy staged by the same director.


    1. aces says:

      armenians are posting similar things lots of times a day…we keep refuting…another hypocrite here…

      1. Great Khan says:

        Azeri brother STRONK! even table defeat Armeni donkey….hahhahhaa

      2. Антон С says:

        Wanna confess in your own hypocrisy?

    2. Jihadi Colin says:

      Right, they’ve teleportation abilities just like the Russian invisible invasion of Ukranazistan.

    3. catalin zt says:

      The anglo-jewish genocidal coalition against the World and HUMANITY!

    4. I need that bed

      1. Антон С says:

        Asad took it for own use.)

    1. Антон С says:

      Earthquakes are often for that region. In 1988th was the famous earthquake in Spitak, Armenia (region of USSR). Death toll – ~25 thousand people.

      1. Death to Turks says:

        izmir is nowhere near Spitak.

        1. Mr T says:

          I remember we delivered help to poor armenions in 1988.

          1. Death to Turks says:

            No I actually I remember turkey blockading assistance to Armenians in 1988. turk scum fuck

          2. Jihadi Colin says:

            In 1988 seven year old keyboard trolls weren’t born.

          3. Death to Turks says:

            Crawl back to your troll cave run by your turkemasters.

          4. Jihadi Colin says:

            Why are you not fighting for you alleged country, Armenia, when its president is begging for everyone to sign up and “volunteers” are “training” with wooden “guns” for “combat”, so desperate is their situation? Why are you just making hollow boasts and stupid threats online?

        2. Антон С says:

          I mean mountain region from Greece to Caspian sea, it’s full of seismic activity. Earthquakes in Turkey and on Caucasus are very often, that’s why i combined them in one region. I know that Izmir is on the shore of Aegean sea.

          1. Death to Turks says:

            Hopefully many more will hit the Turks and many more deaths.

          2. Антон С says:

            If you wish bad to someone, bad things can happen with you.

          3. Death to Turks says:

            They deserve it.

          4. Death to Turks says:

            Turks and Azeris are not human so they are not a “someone”

      2. Jihadi Colin says:

        Leninakan and Spitak, I remember well.

    2. Mr T says:


      1. Death to Turks says:

        God willing more earthquakes hit them and kill every one of them. I hope their deaths were painful.

        1. deadgreek1974 says:

          I thought of prostitutes who died in the fire in greece

          1. Death to Turks says:

            I’m hoping to see the pictures of dead turks from your earthquake. Hopefully children were among them.

    3. Jihadi Colin says:

      God doesn’t exist.

      1. Death to Turks says:

        Crawl back to your muslim overlords bitch

        1. Jihadi Colin says:

          Try getting your nonexistent god to force me.

  4. aces says:

    i dont know if its fake or not but this is new and real…another armenian air defense system destroyed…
    do they still have more?…

    1. Death to Turks says:

      We’re not even close to being done. Azeri special forces attempting to go near shushi were neutralized on video, Armenian forces using night vision, the video is posted here.

      1. Mr T says:

        where? tomorrow another day… I give it max 2 days and then it is over

        1. Death to Turks says:

          The bodies do the talking for me bitch.

          1. Erol says:


        2. This didn’t age well..

    2. Rhodium 10 says:

      TB 2 is a flying potato easy to detect and shot down!….the problem is that NK forces have SA-8 which max alttitude range is 5000mts while TB2 can fly 6000-7000mts…all most AZ attacks are Israeli Loitering drones, Guide artillery ( with the support of finger pointer in small drones) and ground to ground missile ( guide by GPS)!…

    3. Shy Talk says:

      “i dont know if its fake or not” ffs, i’ll bet you’ll be at the front of the que for uncle Bill’s vaccine

    4. Don’t worry, they have endless of those, physical air defense aren’t even used anymore as the drones are being downed through jamming

  5. Антон С says:

    Looks like drilling holes without oil becomes industrial in AZ. May be this video is not real (didn’t happen in reality), but this table and floor was obviously drilled.


    1. Potato Man says:

      LMFAO…is it a meme now in Armenia.

  6. johnny rotten says:

    I wonder why such stupid bullshit, if they are winning as they say and how it seems, they would not need such phony and so senseless propaganda, will we understand more about this war of dwarves and liars when it is over?

    1. aces says:

      if armenians were winning you would be cheerleading here as we know…but they dont…now go back to your hole…

      1. catalin zt says:

        muslim goat lover,single neuron, worshipping mohamad the PAEDOPHILE,wanker full time,please stop ur single neuron postings! From Me : Vlad the Impaler or if u want Stefan the Great or if not happy with those Michael the Great! Soon Mummy Russia will send u mongols all to MONGOLIA where u came from! Stop the noise please u single muslim ? lovers ! Inshallah mohhamad the PAEDOPHILE!

    2. Jihadi Colin says:

      Both sides have been using utterly ridiculous propaganda but the Armenian takes the cake. All these days they were claiming that they are winning and now suddenly the Azeris are five kilometres from Shusha?

    3. They aren’t winning, they just let them advance so their forces are wear out, because the most elite are already gone, and the counter attack will take everything back at the right time, the sky is clear too as the drones are being downed by Russian jamming
      Only problem is the f-16s for now, but that will be solved by a missile strike on their airports soon

  7. Death to Turks says:

    The azeris love “their land” so much they drop one of the most harmful chemical weapons on the forests. Understand what terrorist invasive scum Armenians are having to deal with.


    1. Mr T says:

      yes it is our land

      1. Death to Turks says:

        So you drop the chemical weapon white phosphor on it hahahaha this proved you are a barbaric invader animal.

      2. Death to Turks says:

        Burning your one forrests with a chemical weapon? Azeris are going to go back to that? Wrong, you are terrorists and we will kill every one of you.

  8. Shy Talk says:

    at least they kept everyone at a safe distance with that warning tape, quarter of a ton of high explosive could cause a lot of damage to that table

    1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:


  9. catalin zt says:

    By the race,there are only two (2) races who MUST be DELETED from the face of Earth for Us ALL to live in HAPPINESS, PROSPERITY and Freedom and those SCUM races are ANGLO-SAXONS and JEWS! ALL will be just FINE when this PARASITICCAPITALIST races will be ERADICATED from adult to small baby! They do not have baby’s but future GENOCIDALSTERRORISTS !

  10. Svincius Savickas says:

    Complete fake

  11. Jihadi Colin says:

    That must be one of those sarinbarrelgasbombs that Assad drops in Syria that teleport through intact walls and roofs to land on children’s nursery cots to be photographed by White Hellmates who are somehow never affected by the sarinchlorinenovichok. Yesvichok!

  12. catalin zt says:

    By the race,there are only two (2) races who MUST be DELETED from the face of Earth for Us ALL to live in HAPPINESS, PROSPERITY and Freedom and those SCUM races are ANGLO-SAXONS and JEWS! ALL will be just FINE when this PARASITICCAPITALIST races will be ERADICATED from adult to small baby! They do not have baby’s but future GENOCIDALSTERRORISTS ! AMEN!

    1. Fog of War says:

      And whatever race you are also please.

  13. Jens Holm says:

    Fake or not, they still find unexploted big bombs from WW2.

    We still find mines in our dunes now and then. Some still can explode and we explode them.

  14. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

    LOL, what simple idiots, and they’re winning the war.

  15. HitlerWasRight says:

    Table stronk! Azerbaijan stronk! turkey earthquake very stronk! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b3f2f762f32fa92d8e9fcc625eef8dd989550d71ea674b68e084fe700c9c5e1a.jpg

  16. Adrian Bishop says:

    fake news! no wood splinters???? must have a hole saw in the nose!!!!!

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