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MiG-35 – A Close Look At Russia’s New State-Of-Art Fighter Jet

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On December 12, the Russian Defense Ministry released a video [original in Russian] revealing capabilities of its most advanced lightweight MiG-35 fighter jets. The MiG-35 is currently undergoing flight tests. The fighter jet is expected to enter into service by 2020 and replace previous generation jets in the Russian Aerospace Forces.

The fighter jet can climb up to 17,500 meters. Its operational ceiling is 16,000 meters. At high altitude, the MiG-35 can fly at speeds of over 2,100km/h. The MiG-35’s strike radius is 1,000 km. The warplane is capable of detecting and tracking up to 30 airborne targets at a distance of up to 160km and can hit 6 airborne and 4 ground targets at once.

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  1. Michael Morgan says:

    Love it

    For sure it will counter the American F35 white elephants

    1. Chris Chuba says:

      I think it is more of a specialized ground attack / bombing platform. You arm it with a couple of hypersonic missiles it zips into an area, launches them at a carrier group and then returns back to base before we have time to blink.

      It’s operational range is over 600 miles and the Khinzal has a range of 600 miles of its own. I just love the ‘what me worry’ attitude in my country. Still hearing that this is all smoke and mirrors, Russia makes junk, they don’t have the economy to produce stuff like that, blah-blah-blah.

      1. Tudor Miron says:

        Mig-35 primary role is frontline air superiority fighter. It’s a light fighter (compearing to Su27-35 family) and is designed to be less costly to build and operate. Unlike Mig-29 it has good air to ground capability, modern avionics, active phased array radar, good ols, optional thrust vectoring etc., etc.

        1. viktor ziv says:

          Agree, I’d call it multirole fighter with tracking capability similar to Mig-31. So, I’d expect to be some sort of eagle eye for some older aircrafts, like Mig-29 and Su-27. So instead upgrading 29’s and Su-27’s, this bird will fill the void for them. Nice move though. Thumb up.

  2. R Trojson says:

    Remember last time MiGs with Russia’s best and brightest pilots went up against US fighters with Israeli pilots over Sinai? 5 Migs down in the first 3 minutes with the rest of the Russia’s boys running home to MaMa. Looks like Russia is itching for a rematch.

    1. Manuel Flores Escobar says:

      I remember 17 january of 1991..first day of desert storm operation…that night a Mig 25 shot down a navy F-18 and killed capt Scott Speicher…later a F-15E( serial number 88-1689) was shot down by Mig 29 and killed its 2 pilots( WSO. LC Donnie R. Holland and Major Thomas Koritz) US Pentagon only recognized one year later that F-18 was shot down by Mig 25..while F-15 was by AAA artillery..( well everybody know that AAA 23mm cannot shot down a F-15 flying above 5.000Mts escorting F-111)….

      1. Sinbad2 says:

        The Americans wouldn’t even look for Speicher the idea that one of their top guns flying their latest plane could be so easily shot down was too embarrassing, they hid the incident, Speicher didn’t even exist, until his family started to complain.

      2. Morton says:

        It’s always the same:
        When there’s no conflict, Russians flap their lips about how great their planes are. Then there’s a conflict and American aircraft crush Russian planes like insects. Then the Russians are quiet for a few years until they finally feel it’s safe to come out and flap their lips again. Always the same….over and over again.

        1. Manuel Flores Escobar says:

          Ask to US pilot about MIg 15/17 in Korea war…or MIG 21 in Vietnam war!…only Israeli F-16/15 could defeat MIG 21/23 in 1982 as both IAF planes are more modern than Syrian jets…during desert storm operation between 17-19 January USA lost F-18/15/16 beside Brits Tornados..all shot down by Mig 25/29..although pentagon only recognized ( for obvius reasons) that only one F-18 and Brit Tornado were shot down by Mig 25/29…during Serbian war USAF had to use Awacs and long range AIM 120 to shot down Mig 29 as Serbian jets lacked of long range air to air missile!

          1. Ishyrion Av says:

            Forget it, he is not talking, just trolling. Morton, moron, the same.

    2. Sinbad2 says:

      America makes movies about stealing Russian planes, so the US can learn how to make modern fighters.


    3. Extreme_One says:

      And then you woke up from your dream…

  3. Jesus says:

    MiG 35 is a good multi role fighter with advanced avionics to make it a superiority fighter as well as enhance its all weather attack capabilities delivering 7 tons of munitions, wth the usual bells and whistles available for Russian aircraft. MiG 35 will eat F35’s lunch repeatedly, and will be a good export platform. Hopefully MOD will order +100 units to enhance the strike capability of the Suk 24 and 25 groupings.

    1. Morton says:

      If the MiG-35 were American, it would be in a museum. The F-35 is on a totally different level in absolutely every respect that is relevant to 21st century aerial combat.

      1. alejandro casalegno says:

        In Vietnam the MiG-17 was a “Museum Piece” too………the real combat say another thing.

      2. basarov says:

        F35=a failed piece of garbage that can’t compete w 3 generations of sukois…the empire expresses it ontological insecurity—u do amuse

      3. Jesus says:

        Americans are still mostly flying generation 4 fighters, F35 is an unproven plane, speed, flight altitude, payload ….etc. F35 lags badly, with the S400 multiband radar directing the MiG 35, it will kill the F35 most of the time.
        The same goes for an older modernized MiG 29.

        F35 is on a different level in your mind or LM’s BS campaign to sell their junk.

      4. Nosferatu says:

        F35 is 3th generation fighter with facebook capabilities. It has speed, range and agility not better than MIG21, but it can connect to networks. LOL what a fail…..

      5. grumpy_carpenter says:

        Probably true however because a weapon doesn’t fit in the US order of battle doesn’t mean it isn’t useful in the Russian order of battle. These head to head pissing contests are only meaningful to fan boys.

        This is the age of combined arms warfare. Weapons are meant to perform as a system. What’s more important than measuring performance head to head is measuring how a particular weapon fits in the overall order of battle and how they work in combination with other weapons.

        Given the speed and payload capacity of the MIG-35 I would guess it’s role is that of a high speed, high altitude interceptor. It’s likely role would be to defend against heavy bombers and AWACs etc. It would be working with SAMs, naval air defences and other interceptors to fuffil it’s mission. The F-35’s role appears to be more of a combined arms sensor / strike weapons platform meant to penetrate enemy air space and coordinate with other forces involved in an attack.

        They look similar as in they both have wings and a tail however they are completely different weapons with completely different missions so comparing them head to head is meaningless.

        1. Leon Auguste says:

          I like that :-)

      6. northerntruthseeker . says:

        Really??? You have not studied much obviously about how the F35 is a flying hunk of junk that is too slow, cannot maneuver, and is hopeless as a “fighter”..

        1. purplelibraryguy says:

          Well, he’s right though that it’s on a “different level”. Specifically, the level under your sink where you put the garbage.

      7. slayern2 says:

        So why F16 is not in museum you clueless moron?

      8. Blizzard01 says:

        It is obvious that you are speaking with a hearth and emotions as it is normal that when someone grows up in the environment where everyone believes how exceptional and indispensable are without taking that with a grain of salt that the reality might be different.

        I am not burdened with such emotional outbursts simply because I am after WW2 generation of Germans who grew up into the world full of condemnations and infused guilt for what our parents and their parents did to the world. So, believe me, I am not a bias in this respect but I base everything on a cold logic and data comparison.

        The fact the matter is that F35 is historically watching the biggest US technological flop. The US military complex spent an extreme amount of money in the development of this jet and yet no expected results. It is absolutely understandable that they want their money back and the only way they will get it is by forcing the sales no matter what. The US military complex does not believe that the weaknesses of the F35 will surface because they do not believe that there will be war before adversaries develop true 5th gen jetfighters which would completely expose uselness of the F35.

        This jet did not produce any outstanding performance or technological achievements. Russians 4th gen fighter jets have better radars and much longer range missiles and are truly connected in complex radar network where any Russian military aircraft in the theatre of operation plus long-range ground and airborne radars send own images to the command and control centre where powerful computers combine all different bandwidth and frequency radar images into one perfect image which is then fed to superiority fighter jets and pilot can select if it will be up to him to select target and guide missile or it will be up to fire control centre.

        As far as old mantra about stealth is a concern it is known that such a thing does not exist and is only US propaganda. Russians, as well as the US, know that all comes down to a radar frequency and the “invisible” will be well lit, tracked and destroyed. As said before the US military complex has only one most powerful weapon in their hands and that is the famous US Propaganda. Creating smoke and mirrors is their perfection and so far worked, well with a little help of corruption, political and economic pressure on allays to purchase this useless F35, simply because if no one buys them not just the Lockheed Martin but whole US economy will collapse due to record high debt which the USA cannot repay ever. The only way out for the USA is the WW3 which is usually reset and as they believe in their exceptionalism and indispensability they are convinced that victory will be swift and sweet. However, that is all wrong as in their rotten brain they do not see reality. The USA is doomed as in case of the war whole American economy will collapse without money.

  4. Ken Nonickname Nonecknom Under says:


  5. Extreme_One says:

    A great plane. Will serve their buyers for decades for the cost of 25% of the most expensive shitty military project in history > The F-35.
    Combined purchase Mig-5 and Su-35 (perhaps even a Su-31 for large countries) and you are ready to fight.

  6. 1Mojo_Risin9 says:

    Seems the Russian fraternity of sycophants has shown up to tout flying Russian Christmas trees!

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