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MI6 And GCHQ To ‘Assist’ Ukrainian Central Election Commission


MI6 And GCHQ To 'Assist' Ukrainian Central Election Commission

MI6 Chief Alex Younger

On December 3rd, MI6 Chief Alex Younger spoke in front of students at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

He spoke of Britain’s plan to fortify its intelligence ties with its European counterparts, despite leaving the EU next year.

“The implications of the Brexit debate have been set out by ministers. For our part as SIS, we will always work with our sister agencies to strengthen our indispensable security ties in Europe.”

He said that Russia is an adversary that remains in “perpetual confrontation” with Britain and the West as a whole. He cited the “flagrant hostile act” of the alleged use of the lethal nerve agent Novichok on ex-Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

He further claimed that the MI6 helped expose the “perpetrators” behind the attack, as well as coordinated the expulsion of Russian diplomats from NATO nations and other allies, following Britain’s determination that Russia was behind the attack. He claimed that the expulsions damaged Russia’s “intelligence gathering.”

He added that China’s dominance of emerging technologies presents a greater risk to security in the future.

Significantly, the French magazine “Intelligence Online” published an article called “La confronation Londres-Moscou passé par Kiev” (The confrontation London-Moscow passes through Kiev).

In it, the magazine reported that in addition to “direct clashes in the cyberspace” between Russia and the UK, the conflict has also moved to Ukraine, which the British intelligence services are increasingly supporting following the extensive presence in this country of US intelligence agents.

In addition, London is directly discussing with Kiev its cybersecurity support program for the Central Election Commission of Ukraine. This program is funded from the British budget, and includes the supply of technical equipment and training in “cyber-hygiene”, in accordance with the terminology of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

These courses, which are assisted by experts of the British intelligence services in the field of cyber operations led by the British Government Communications Center (Government Communications Headquarters, GCHQ), are conducted in collaboration with Ukrainian and US intelligence.

In addition to that, in terms of ground operations, the UK has 66 people in the OSCE mission in Ukraine, with the number two-man there is on the British Foreign Office’s payroll.

Is this possible that MI6 and the GCHQ are directly meddling in the upcoming Ukrainian elections and they were asked to do so. Not that the Integrity Initiative, wouldn’t do that regardless, since there appeared to be a form “cluster” in Ukraine, judging by the documents.

Imagine, though, if Mexico asked Russia’s FSB or “GRU” to “assist” the Central Election Commission. Unsurprisingly, the outrage and outcry would be massive from the US and the West as a whole.

However, it has been established that British and US intelligence officers are “good” by design, while their Russian and Chinese counterparts are “evil.”



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  • Bigaess Wangmane

    Well that’s one way to turn an 8% approval rating into 80% in your favor.

    • FlorianGeyer

      I must look at an English Dictionary for meaning of ‘meddling ‘ :)

      gerund or present participle: meddling
      support something that is MI6’s concern.
      “I like him/them meddling in our affairs”
      synonyms: help with, give advice, advise, intervene, be honest about, assist, get involved, interpose, push;
      More. Touch or handle (something) with permission of the US President.

      “you have every right to come in here meddling with my things if it gets me elected again” Porky Poroshenko

      • AM Hants

        Meddle = ‘Integrity Initiative NGO’, with Belingcat and Bill Browder running the show, courtesy Westminster and UK outsourced intelligence. Wonder if Browder bothers paying taxes in the UK, unlike most nations he takes up residence?

        • FlorianGeyer

          Only Goyim have to pay taxes.

          Browder is a special person. ‘God’ gave the world to scum such as Browder, or that’s what the Talmud says anyway.

          • AM Hants

            Son of So ros. Both seriously ‘special’, in some form or another.

    • Spit

      Go and look into the mirror. The people of the world see exactly what You see. The Truth cannot be covered up with a few numbers.
      The people see the Truth, Thank You very much I am feeling better, stronger by the hour. The Champion will rise.

  • Hrky75

    A political system is not a real democracy until foreign country spooks start “assisting” it’s electoral commission.

  • Tudor Miron

    Talk about Russian hackers meddling in foreign elections :)

  • Concrete Mike

    Hey jewel thief….please watch my wife’s engagement ring while i go take a dump.

    The fox is in the henhouse folks!!!

  • AM Hants

    What can go wrong? They are all in it together. Tymoshenko, gets the uploaded votes, on the Soros Electrical Voting Machines? Why are MI5 seriously close with the Ukraine Nazis?

  • Spit

    Few understand this. but Those few like me and You understand that this is a Grand Victory for Russians.
    We once again put our chests in between a bullet. We the people Bled together and we the people have won. We the people have won.

  • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

    The Brits are very good at warm words for Banderised Ukraine and anti-Russian RACIST words for Russia.
    However, the stooge Ukraine needs £10 billions a year for ten years and the miracle of leaders like Putin.
    The UK has nothing but killing and chaos to give these days.

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    If only the writers of this website understood how many dozens of UK SAS troops are operating across the country in civilian clothing. The British and their Norwegian allies are pulling a large portion of the strings. We Americans are exposing their bigoted ways daily.
    The tide is turning against their satanic ways. They are the most well practiced liars.

  • Bob

    MI6 were never much good as old school intelligence spies – their service leaked information like a sieve to point that US intelligence long ago stopped sharing sensitive data. So now MI6 have essentially rebranded themselves into a hybrid-war public relations agency. But with mixed results – the staged productions such the Skripal and White Helmets chemical attacks derive from same script, yet remain dogged by the same old British amateurishness in execution, whereas the less overtly dramatic efforts, such as stacking the OSCE in Ukraine with British intelligence spoilers appears to be more successful, in so far as it is less overtly obvious and questionable to western media consumers.