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MH 370: Simulation of German Helmholtz Center of Oceanography backs Diego Garcia-Theory

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As announced, the Geomar Helmholtz-Center of Oceanography in Kiel published today the results of a computer simulation for the likely ocean currents that could have swept part of the wreckage of flight MH370 to the French island of La Reunion.

MH 370: Simulation of German Helmholtz Center of Oceanography backs Diego Garcia-Theory

This article originally appeared at Die Propagandaschau, translated by Frank Jakob exclusively for SouthFront

The results are strongly contradicting – if not completely disproving – the current theories of a potential crash site in the west of Australia, a theory that is being spread by western Media. The findings at the same time reaffirm speculations about the plane taking a flight path leading from Kuala Lumpur to the west, towards Diego Garcia.

We have combined the maps of the Geomar-Institute with our previous cartographic Information and it becomes apparent that a lot is pointing towards Diego Garcia.

By looking closely at the map one can see that in the western area that is most likely to be the place of the crash site, there is a peculiar curve – this is where Diego Garcia lies.

The distance from Diego Garcia to a potential point of interception where the acoustic signals and ocean current simulations meet and which is on a straight line from the place of the last radar contact in the direction of Diego Garcia is roughly about 500km. Keeping the traveling speed of a Boeing 777 of nearly 900km/h in mind it would mean a travel time of about 30 minutes to the military base.

Of course one can believe in coincidences. All of this does yet not proof anything. But the fact that there was never a single piece of evidence in favor of the theory of MH370 taking a southern route combined with the many hints of it taking a course west cannot be ignored.

Arguments for the thesis of it being shot down:

  • The research of Marc Dugain on site
  • The witnesses cited by him
  • The conclusive and complete theory of a hijacking and shoot down because it was perceived as a threat by the US military base Diego Garcia
  • Part of the wreckage appearing on La Reunion
  • The months long and costly but in the end in vain search for part of the wreckage in the ocean around Australia
  • The acoustic records of specialists for deep sea acoustics of the Curtin University’s Centre for Marine Science and Technology in Perth (in our map: Estimated location of sounds origin)
  • The fact that the pilot trained landing on Diego Garcia on his computer
  • And that shortly before takeoff he was on the telephone with a women using an anonymous SIM-Card

So it will be interesting to see what kind of “new revelations” the mainstream media is going to try to sell to the people in the future.

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