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Mexican Cartels Are Entirely Spinning Out of Control: Photos, Videos

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Mexican Cartels Are Entirely Spinning Out of Control: Photos, Videos

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On June 7th, in Mexico clashes took place between Cartel Del Noreste (CDN) of Los Zetas and Cártel del Golfo (the Gulf Cartel, CDG) in the town of Comales, Camargo municipality, Tamaulipas.

The clashes involved the CDN which attacked the town with upwards of 20 armored technical vehicles, outnumbering the CDG whose members begin fleeing.

Meanwhile, cartel violence appears to be growing even further and crime gangs are roaming the streets, while the local police can do little to counter any of their activities.

All around Mexico over the weekend there were clashes, there’s numerous photographs and videos showing the aftermath of the clashes, with civilian being killed on the streets.

Discretion is advised. Images and Footage Not Safe For Work.

Attacks took place in Colonia, reportedly 4 were killed and 2 were injured.

Elsewhere, in Huimanguillo municipality, 4 police officers were executed by cartel members.

In Coacalco, 2 men and 1 woman were killed in a cartel attack.

A decapitated man was found in the Yaqui Valley, and it is a suspected cartel killing.

Mexican Cartels Are Entirely Spinning Out of Control: Photos, Videos

Click to see full-size image

Mexican Cartels Are Entirely Spinning Out of Control: Photos, Videos

Click to see full-size image

Meanwhile, throughout all the violence a new cartel – Jalisco New Generation appears to be taking over, famous for its ruthlessness and violence unlike any since the fall of the old Zetas cartel.

In many parts of Mexico, the new cartel is fighting battles that remind of medieval sieges – with fortified redoubts, and it is moving towards Mexico City, as well as towards the tourist resorts around Cancun, and the northern border.

The Jalisco cartel attempt to purchase belt-fed M-60 machine guns in the United States, and once brought down a Mexican military helicopter with a rocket-propelled grenade.

Jalisco is also mounting a propaganda campaign, using videos and social media to threaten rivals while promising civilians that it won’t prey on them with extortion and kidnappings.

A typical promise, in the form of a distorted “election campaign” promise, which is seldom kept.

“It seems like the Jalisco New Generation group is taking over everywhere,” said a priest in the western city of Apatzingan. “It seems like they allow people to work, and they don’t prey on civilians, they don’t kidnap, they don’t steal vehicles, they just go about their drug business.”

In short: the Jalisco cartel is terrifying: the cartel has made the city of Guadalajara and surrounding suburbs into a giant clandestine grave site.

Hundreds of bodies have been found in the last year, dumped in drainage canals, buried in fields and the patios and yards of homes. Bodies have been found dissolved in acid or lye, bodies have been found in plastic bags.

So many bodies have been found in Guadalajara that authorities ran out of space at the morgue and took to moving rotting bodies around in refrigerated trucks until neighbors complained about the smell.

The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown actually made it easier for cartels to spread their influence and made the clashes even worse, as competition is ramping up and they are attempting to put ever more areas under their control.


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Zionism = EVIL

This means the CIA is out of control, those cunts along with European based Jew cartels are running the Mexican drug trade for weapons and terrorism.

Lone Ranger

Indeed. Mexican cartel leaders were trained at the School of the Americas, at Fort Bragg. They also trained contra death squads in the 80s, they wiped out dozens of villages killing man women and children. Winning hearts and minds…. Demoncrazy at its finest…

Anduin Lothar

CIA controls Bolivian cartels, not Mexican ones, main reason why we see so much violence in Mexico, if u want to know more bout drug trafficing and drug routes feel free to ask…

Chinese Dog

Chinese bastards will soon pay the price in Tibet and Xingxiang as it is behind the cartel wars in Mexico.

Raptar Driver

End prohibition and the cartels on both sides of the border go bye-bye, yes it’s that simple dumb asses. Stop whining about cartels.

Sol Invictus

Another mexican journalist killed/beheaded today.

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