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Mexican Cartel Violence Grows As Trump Considers To Designate Them Terroirst Organizations

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Mexican Cartel Violence Grows As Trump Considers To Designate Them Terroirst Organizations

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On November 30th, at least 23 died when rival cartels fighting for dominance in Northern Mexico clashed with local law enforcement in Villa Union, Coahuila.

Out of the 23 dead, 17 were cartel members. In addition, 10 more were arrested for their alleged involvement in the violence against security agents.

On the side of law enforcement, 4 officers were killed in the clashes. 2 unarmed civilians were killed, in addition to 3 children and 6 adults being injured, without their life being threatened.

Since November 30th, more than 500 servicemen from law enforcement were deployed by air and land in a territory of 2,000 square kilometers, in search of those allegedly responsible for the violence in Villa Unión.

The town of Villa Union was, in effect, shredded, riddled with bullets, as a heavily armed group of alleged cartel members stormed the community in a convoy of trucks.

When they attacked local government offices, the federales attempted to intervene. Fleeing, the cartel kidnapped locals and their vehicles, including a hearse on the way to a funeral.

Currently, US President Donald Trump is mulling whether to designate the Mexican cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO), which has Mexican officials concerned that the US may carry out unilateral interventions along the border.

“They will be designated. I’ve been working on that for the last 90 days. Designation is not that easy. You have to go through a process, and we are well into that process,” Trump said.

Mexican Cartel Violence Grows As Trump Considers To Designate Them Terroirst Organizations

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Former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan believes it’s time for an intervention on Mexican soil. Although he credited the Mexican law enforcement response, he pointed out a failing that allows cartel violence to creep closer to the United States.

“They’re not well-trained, they’re not well-equipped, and they certainly don’t have the expertise at dismantling large criminal organizations like the U.S. law enforcement does. We’ve proven that in Panama with [ruler Manuel] Noriega, we proved that in Colombia with [Pablo Escobar]. The United States can go down to Mexico and help them address this crisis once and for all,” Homan said.

Ambassador David Johnson, vice president of the International Narcotics Control Board and former assistant secretary of state for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, too, supporters the FTO designation.

“Terrorists use violence to expand a political goal. These criminals are interested in money, not politics. They don’t want the responsibility and headaches that come with political control since it could interfere with their profit-maximizing goals. The key reason for not labeling them terrorists is because that is not what they are. They are in it for the money. Period,” he said.

On December 4th, Bloomberg cited three unnamed US officials who claimed that Trump is to meet with top advisers on December 6th and discuss the possible FTO designation.

The terrorist designation “is a symbolic and moral condemnation of drug cartels,” said Peter Harrell, a fellow at the Center for New American Security, a Washington-based research group. “You’re sending a message that these are bad guys but also that these are terrorist organizations.”


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Tommy Jensen

Same business strategy as with Taliban in Afghanistan.
US designate Taleban as terrorists and drug dealers, invade, occupy and secure increase of drug cartels multiply 30x.


Yes, the word ‘terrorism’ has lost its cachet due to it being overused as a ‘catch all without due process of law ‘.

In the UK last week a regional police chief described ‘ domestic abuse ‘ as a form of terrorism.

Marxist Libtards of the world have united in the debasement of language in order to create a tyranny where the organs of the state can have draconian powers with NO redress given to the accused.

Draconian powers and verdicts that are applied selectively to those who oppose the tyrannical states.


The assault on our language is, as you say, a fundamental part of the whole destructive process. Along with ‘terrorism’ there’s racism’, ‘sexism’ as well as new false constructs such as ‘homophobia’ and ‘transphobia’ etc. I simply do not recognise the latter two, they are not words they are marketing slogans, and I for one am not buying.
Part of fighting back is to simply hold on to our language: be precise, avoid mundane hyperbole and try to spell correctly. But that makes you a ‘grammar nazi’, ‘nazi’ being another word to have little meaning in the modern context.


Sarcasm will be illegal eventually if the Greta Thunburg cult gains more power than they already have.

The empathy and morality of spoilt and indulged children would in fact lead to acts of cruelty unseen since , um , the US and UK firebombed bombed Dresden.

Hasbara Hunter

Well actually them Taliban had brought down the production of Opium to almost Zero…Zip…Nothing… After the Americans took over Afghanistan the Opium-Production is now at an all time High…Afghanistan is good for 90% of the World Trade…and America addicted to Oxycodon


Hasbara Hunter

Trump let the CIA solve that shit…they’ve got very good business-connections within the Cartels…


Homan is nothing short of a terrorist himself if he believes the crap he spouted. Sure, lets look at Panama and the total lie that was. Noriega was our boy until he decided to be a bit independent. Here is a pretty good recap of that illegal attack by GHWB, the grand daddy of international crime. https://libcom.org/history/1968-1990-the-invasion-of-panama-and-us-intervention As with all US reports on our crimes, the deaths by US was low balled…we said it was ‘only’ @516 civilians…the Panamanians(and others) put that number into the 1,000s. Any US intervention will result in regime change and the cartels will be ‘tamed’ afterwards…once we install the right man. Problem solved…as well other minor nits we have with Mexico…such as getting friendly with Russia, China, Venezuela …and having the temerity to oppose US doctrine. Of course, we would have to keep a presence there to maintain peace, right? What was it that Trump said about us no longer being the worlds police? I wonder if we’ll get to keep the oil there as well?

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