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Mexican Cartel Leader Threatens Government After His Mother And Sister Are Arrested

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Mexican Cartel Leader Threatens Government After His Mother And Sister Are Arrested

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On June 21st, Jose “El Marro” Yepez, leader of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel issued a video statement, threatening the Mexican government, as well as his competitor cartels.

He released several videos with threats, the video above contains all of them.

The videos were released after Mexican authorities reportedly arrested the mother and sister of an alleged crime gang boss along with 24 other people.

This prompted a wave of violence in the central state of Guanajuato.

The army said an operation involving both state and federal officials captured the two family members of José Antonio Yépez Ortiz.

Enraged members of the gang blocked highways and set cars and trucks ablaze along roads in the state and Yépez Ortiíz threatened further disturbances in the videos.

The gang began by robbing trains and expanded into stealing gasoline from government pipelines, and has branched out into extortion rackets, often clashing the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

“I’m going to be a stone in your shoe. I’m going to blow up, you will see,” Yepez said.

Yepez said he feared the authorities would frame his mother as one of the leaders of the cartel. “In my mother’s and my people name…I don’t fear you,” he said.

Yepez also said he could form a coalition with the Sinaloa cartel or other crime groups in the north to fight Santa Rosa’s arch-foe Jalisco New Generation cartel, which has been on a bloody expansion drive to take over rivals’ territories across the country.

In the area of the Jalisco New Generation cartel, authorities discovered two separate areas with the bodies of people the cartel had likely killed.

One location had four bodies. The four bodies were bound hand and foot and dumped near an old tin mine. Two had been doused with powdered quicklime, and two were identified as people who had been reported missing between May and June.

In a more remote area, inspectors found the remains of nine men and one woman scattered in the brush. All had been covered with quicklime.

Some of the bodies were also bound, and experts said they had apparently been dumped there about a month ago.

Quicklime is frequently used by the cartels to hide the scent of decomposing bodies.

Separately, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador admitted that he ordered the release of El Chapo’s son during a shoot-out between a cartel and security forces – and claimed he saved hundreds of lives in doing so.

Mexican Cartel Leader Threatens Government After His Mother And Sister Are Arrested

These are not security forces. Click to see full-size image

An operation in October ended in absolute embarrassment after security forces briefly captured Ovidio Guzman, one of the sons of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, leader of the infamous Sinaloa Cartel.

They were forced to let the 30-year-old go just hours later after soldiers were overwhelmed by cartel forces.


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Mexico should elect some Lefties from USA to ban all guns and problem would be solved.


There´s a weapons ban since 1930. problem is bad guys get them from the US and normal people have no means to defend themselves.

Alejandro Bonifacio

jajajajajaja you’re a funny guy

Ivan Freely

Operation Fast and Furious. US government sponsored gun smuggling masquerading as a sting operation.


Ok but why?

cechas vodobenikov

this is Mexico’s curse—

Rafik Chauhan

The only option is remain tht people has to rise and throw the goverment and all cartels criminal into the sea.
Create an army somthing like hezbollah style to get rid of this thugs. to save people lives

Alejandro Bonifacio

you should studied the mexican idiosyncracy and you would find lots of persons who have a little piece of “power” get sick and look more money, women, “power” and they are always thirsty. many others would like to practice all you have said but no one has courage to do it

cechas vodobenikov

hizbollah is not merely a social movement—also a religious movement….at one time Catholicism like orthodoxy and judaism prohibited usery, this is no longer true….the vast majority of cartel profits are invested in corporations, real estate, often in the USA/Europe and most is laundered through USA banks many created and owned by shell corporations based in Panama, Caymans, etc owned by the cartels…they cleverly diversify in shipping, steel, manufacturing, etc. the complexity of current conditions cannot be easily addressed—this will require an active intellectual, cultural rejuvenation and important structural changes…Mexico rivals the USA, Colombia, Chile as the nations with the greatest income/wealth disparities—most of the Mexican rich are caucasian, not Meztizo—something easily observable in Zona Rosa, Coyacan, etc (Carlos Slim is not Mexican by heritage)—this is true in Colombia, Bolivia also where caucasians—not triguenos, Indio, or blacks, control the corporations and wealth—nearly all high ranking officers in the Bolivian/Brazilian military are caucasian, despite representing a tiny portion of the population

Assad must stay

hahaha too bad punk, mexican army is shaping up to clean the country

Alejandro Bonifacio

mexican army has been fighting decades ago, but it is some difficult because there are many idi`*ts who love easy money and became that pieces of s**t

Assad must stay

you talking about traitors in the army?

cechas vodobenikov

this will be quite difficult until the insatiable amerikan need for heroin, meth, cocaine is addressed—many of the cartels are supported by local people—they provide social assistance, housing etc. Escobar had thousands of domiciles built in Medillen for the poor—the cartels employ both “carrot and stick” strategies to obtain local support, often supplement police and army salaries. This is why the Mexican military employs special forces from provinces other than where the gangs operate….these cartels may not have read Mao, but they certainly act as if they had

Assad must stay

and if those drugs were legalized those cartels would go out of business like that

Gabriel Hollows

Nope, they still control the production and traffic so they’d remain the main suppliers in a legal system.

Assad must stay

They must be SCHTOPPED!

Liberal guy

Hahahahaha what your saying is true hw did got do much knowledge of Mexico anyways u described perfectly in detail.

Alejandro Bonifacio

the only way that kind of thugs undertand is whith a bullet in their heads

cechas vodobenikov

culturally and intellectually rich Mexico —from Gilly, Perez Prado, Octavio Paz, Rivera, Clemente Orozco, etc has been inundated with these amerikan created pandillas —amerikans consume more heroin per capita than any people, nearly all from Mexico and more cocaine, nearly all from their colony Colombia—most transited through Metic by their “cartels”…amerikans unable to cooperate—except their cooperations, so unable to feel they are required to narcotize themselves w marijuana, meth, etc—it is no accident Tham 30+% of amerikans possess mental illness diagnoses—-no nation reports even 1/6 this, except India which reports about half…yes amerikans really r exception—exceptionaly obese, violent—most violent and non violent crime per capita—exceptionally sexually repressed—most rapes per capita, yet their own rape experts claim that only 15% are reported—who would want to rape a shallow emotionless amerikan robot female?….amerikans now so sexually repressed the copulate with mobile phones

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