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Metastasis Of The “Hillary” Project In Europe – Opinion

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Metastasis Of The "Hillary" Project In Europe - Opinion

Written by Boyan Chukov; Originally appeared at A-specto, translated by Valentina Tzoneva exclusively for SouthFront

The Washington Post published a letter from 17 European politicians who are turning to the newly elected US president, Donald Trump, asking him not to improve US relations with Russia. Among them is the Bulgarian Head of State, Rosen Plevneliev. In the letter they warned Trump not to remove the anti-Russian sanctions and not to make a “big deal” with Moscow over Ukraine and not to accept tactically the annexation of Crimea. The European politicians wrote: “Such a step would not only demoralize the pro-US forces in Ukraine, but will destabilize the region economically and would make it easier for the extreme anti-Western forces.” The authors said that “The consequences of such a deal would undermine US credibility with its allies”. The address was signed by politicians from countries in Eastern and Northern Europe. Among them are: former President of Estonia, Toomas Hendrik Ilves, former President of Romania, Traian Basescu, former President of Latvia, Vaira Vike-Freiberga and our President, Rosen Plevneliev. Obviously, there is no acting president … except the Bulgarian, who very soon will not be acting. Former Foreign Minister of Sweden, Carl Bildt and other former executives of foreign policy and defense agencies of the Czech Republic, Poland and Lithuania are in the list; all of them former.

It becomes increasingly clear that the sinister billionaire, George Soros has done “the shopping” for the Democratic Party of the United States. His donations to the American Democrats exceed more than $ 100 million. In practice, the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton was funded to a large degree by him. Primarily, the main purpose of Soros is corrupting politicians and the realization of personal business plans in the US and in countries that are in the geopolitical orbit of Washington. In a vulgar way, Soros has been buying  representatives of the European political elite in bulk for years. The above-mentioned letter of the 17 European politicians shows that the “Hillary” project is still alive and active on European territory.

The team of the newly elected US president, Donald Trump believes that billionaire George Soros is a threat to US national security. On March 6, 2014 Barack Obama issued an Executive Order (the force of law), which is entitled “Blocking property of certain persons contributing to the created situation in Ukraine.” The text of the cited document reads: “I, Barack Obama, president of the USA, declare that the actions and policies of the party that undermines democratic processes and institutions in Ukraine, threatens its peace, security, stability, sovereignty and territorial integrity; and contributes to the assignment of its assets constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States. I declare dealing with this threat a national priority.” In Russia George Soros is also named a threat to the national security of the Russian Federation.

The team of Donald Trump says that 25 days after signing the executive order by Obama, on March 31, 2015 US diplomatic cables were sent to Washington that show that George Soros really works “to undermine the processes and institutions in Ukraine”, “de facto becomes the owner of this nation” and “lays the groundwork for war.” The plan of Putin, Merkel and Obama for the federalization of Ukraine (similar to the states in USA) would create a peaceful transition of power there, is explained in the diplomatic cables. But the illegal intervention of George Soros has resulted in massive conflicts and bloodshed that had cost the lives of about 9,600 men, women and children. Little known to the general public is Steve Croft’s interview of George Soros on CBS in 1998, in the show “60 Minutes”. It shows in details the moral outlook of the billionaire who to achieve his financial goals has always been ready to go through the corpses of children, old people, women and men.

Croft: You are a Hungarian Jew…

Soros: Yes

Croft: …who escaped the Holocaust ..

Soros: Yes

Croft: …you presented yourself as Christian…

Soros: True.

Croft: And you’ve seen with your own eyes how many people were sent to the death camps.

Soros: True. I was 14 years old. I can say that it was at that time when my character was formed.

Croft: In what sense?

Soros: You have to think ahead. It is necessary to understand and foresee events when there is danger. There was a colossal threat of troubles then. This is a very personal sense of trouble.

Croft: As I understand it, you were saved thanks to a contact who has sworn that you’re his godfather.

Soros: Yes, yes.

Croft: You have been saved, and then you actually helped him to take the belongings of Jews.

Soros: Yes. This is true. Yes.

Croft: I think similar life experiences can lead many people to a mental hospital for a long time. Was it difficult?

Soros: No, not at all. Perhaps as a child I did not realize what it involves. It did not give me any problems.

Croft: No feeling of guilt?

Soros: No.

Croft: For example, “I’m Jewish, and I see how people are taken away. I could easily be in their place, I could be there”. Anything like that?

Soros: Of course, I could have been on the other side, or to be one of those whose belongings were confiscated. But there was no point in thinking about it, do I have to be there (in their place), roughly speaking, as  at the market – if I was not there, I would not have done that, but then someone else would do it, and in any case they would have taken away their belongings. However, whether I was there or not; I would only have been  a spectator of how they take things. So, nothing depended on me regarding the confiscations. Therefore, I have no feelings of guilt.

The part from the interview with George Soros on CBS shows his morality in its true nature. It is difficult to comment on such a value system. It is hard to be a follower of George Soros; it is difficult to be his “feeder” if you do not share his morality. But why does Barack Obama virtually breach in gross violation the Executive Order signed personally by him? Because George Soros ‘bought’ the Democratic Party in the US, which was known as the “Party of Jefferson,” and today this party is called the “Party of Soros.” The “Hillary” project, sponsored by George Soros was defeated in the presidential election in the US. The new owner of the White House is called Donald Trump. But the “Hillary” project is still alive. And all of its administrative and financial power is focused on the fight against Donald Trump. The global media that serves the “Hillary” project is flooding the world with defamatory statements like “democracy is in crisis” because the American people “chose a rogue crook and a candidate- dictator for president.”

The battles, paid by George Soros ‘metastasize’ in the US and Europe and will continue in full force. Misunderstandings like Rosen Plevneliev can draw life-force only in the atmosphere of hostility with Russia. Under normal Russian-American bilateral relations, Rosen Plevneliev will be only an, unsuccessful low-intelligence Bulgarian gasterbiter in Germany, who returned from Berlin with a black stamp in his passport. The only consolation is that this misunderstanding will be able to denigrate Bulgaria as acting president of our country for another ten days. If this can be of any consolation!

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More holocaust fantasies from another ‘survivor.’ Since they’re so many survivors, who did Hitler kill? BTW, they weren’t death camps, they were forced labor camps to help Germany by producing needed materials, like synthetic gasoline and rubber for WWII.


You might as well argue that the sun rises in the west. Why deny the obvious? What solace do you derive in pretending that massively well-documented occurences never happened?

Gary Sellars

” well-documented”????

BS. Death Camps are nothing but a fabrication of post-war propaganda. In reality, they were slave-labour camps. Auschwitz was a war-industry manufacturing hub, while Treblinka was a forestry camp for extraction of Polish timber (so that German forests didn’t have to be cut down to satisfy the huge German civilian demand for wood).

Open you eyes and challenge the lies that have been told for 75 years. Grisly images of typhus victims in heaps with a pasted-over agitprop narrative that goes unchallenged by academia or media (in fear of the consequences) in does not equal the truth.


The only lies are the ones you tell yourself in order to fit the narrative that you have created inside your head.


Denying the Holocaust does not support your case one iota. It immediately puts you into the same loony category as flat earth believers, UFOlogists and the theory of Atlantis. Only worse because it also paints you as a racist. Anything you say from now is suspect. It happened, it existed, deal with it. People like you are why the mainstream finds it so easy to silence its critics, just like those who impose the massive refugee influx in Europe are hindered by the morons who shout racist slogans and burn refugee centers. Just when you think you can have a decent debate out come the anti-semites. With friends like you who needs enemies?

I refuge to paint a whole people with the same brush because of the policies of the racist state of Israel and its US AIPAC cheerleaders. That’s what the Jihadist headchoppers do when they indiscriminately kill people for the policies of the West.


SOROS ADMITS RESPONSIBILITY FOR COUP AND MASS MURDER IN UKRAINE Color revolution collaboration began soon after engineered fall of Soviet Union… http://www.infowars.com/soros-admits-responsibility-for-coup-and-mass-murder-in-ukraine/

Top 5 Revolutions Backed by George Soros February 14, 2011, 5:51 am by Guest Author … http://gulagbound.com/12652/top-5-revolutions-backed-by-george-soros/

If you check out those that signed the letter, have a look at what their parents and grandparents were doing, either during the Bolshevik overthrow or the NAZI period of Europe. Then have a look at which energy and defence industry investments, they are involved in.

Not forgetting the reasons for blackmail and do any of them fit the blackmail profile?

Ukraine, Soros personal kingdom, are seriously freaking out that Donald will stop the money flowing in and there will be no Russian gas in their transit pipelines.

No doubt Donald Trump, has a good memory, when looking at what they were saying about him, back in Ukraine, during the Presidential campaign.

No doubt he will also be happy to remember their involvement in Ukraine malware and trying to poison relations with Russia and the US.

There involvement in taking out Paul Manafort, Trump;s ex-campaign manager.

There involvement in ‘Prop or Not’ and claims to false news.

There involvement in Crowd Strike, and how they tried to cause so much trouble, between Russia and Donald Trump.

Now why should President Elect Trump care what the European Swamp has to say, when he will be focused on draining the US Swamps?


Similar tactics also last summer in Dallas, Texas, complete with sniping. Presently, Soros is being sued by the Police Department there.


Brilliant, I had forgotten about that. I wish them well. Hopefully many more will also try suing Soros or putting out International Warrants on his actions.


If ever there was a classic example of a full blown sociopath it must be George Soros.


The first step in a thorough cleaning is to get all of the rubbish out in the open, so It can be organized and removed. What surprised me about the general things happening on the fringe of reality, is that so many of those committed to the losing side are not hiding at all. They are more or less, piling out of the shadows. I say, keep up the good work fellas. The cleanup will be soooooooo much easier.

Why are they freaking out? Because they bet everything on Hillary and lost it all on an epic scale. I will says this, in short order, people will start to say ‘who is George Soros?’. There will probably be many other not so well known but, powerful behind the scenes folks, who won’t be worth ten cents either. Just observe the way Henry Kissinger is scrambling around to stay relevant. He was petitioned to be the voice against Donald trump and look how long that lasted. :P

I wish a good evening to all.

Marek Pejović

ahhh…. Actually, I feel sorry for George Soros. i know he is someone whose plans are at odds with so many people, and i have no trouble saying I am against his plans, but… My grandfather was also in a camp when he was 13, and he told me some things. WW2 was a hell hole. I’m not surprised many people just “died” on the inside, as human beings, i mean their faith in God and good vs. bad, and moral compass. In fact, I was short of this happening to me. Who knows what thing I’d unleash upon the world then if i had really “died” at a certain moment back.

Its’ liberating for sure, but still, on a human level I can’t help but pity Soros, regardless of the things he’s done.

Gary Sellars

I don’t pity an evil greedy dirt-bag like Soros who has caused so much human misery in his endless crusade to gather more wealth than he can ever spend… What motivates scumbags like Soros to want to enrich themselves beyond any reasonable limit when doing so can only be accomplished by depriving so many others of a reasonable existence?????

You might as well feel sorry for a serial child-murderer or pedophile…. No, sorry, not going to do it. He deserves a painful death and an ignominious shallow grave.


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