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Message to NATO ambassadors: We will never accept decisions without citizens approval

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Message to NATO ambassadors: We will never accept decisions without citizens approval

This article originally appeared at IN4S translated by Stevo Marjanović exclusively for SouthFront 

For a long time Montenegro is at the brink of complete economic and political collapse. Organised criminals together with current prime minister has captured institutions and turned them into their own services, said president of New Serb Democracy and a member of Democratic Front, Andrija Mandić, to NATO ambassadors that are coming to visit Montenegro.

Mandić stated in letter that country does not exist in it’s original form, and that government system is, in its essence, closest to the feudal system.

“Prime minister, his family, and his tycoons are owning or controlling a largest part of Montenegrin riches. I remind you, that ‘accumulation of capital’ is going on for the last 25 years, from the moment when Milo Đukanović took over Montenegro”, Mandić stated.

28 NATO ambassadors are coming to Montenegro on 14th October, and goal of their visit is to see how reforms are performed, because in the December, during the meeting of NATO ambassadors, there will be talks about inviting Montenegro to Alliance.

Mandić said in his message to ambassadors that “their countries, because of various internal, but also international, circumstances supported Milo Đukanović, regardless of credible evidences regarding his involment in numerous illegal activities.”

Leader of New Serb Democracy pointed out that there are in Montenegro numerous examples of brutal discriminations of individuals, as well as large national and lingual communities, such is Sebian.

“No one is seeing the obvious work against the democratic order by preventing people to express their own will at the elections, as well as manipulating with results of elections”, Mandić stated.

In his opinion, newest example of prime ministers criminal works is the “Telekom” scandal, that ended when German company T-com had agreement with American prosecutors and payed a large fine for corruption in during privatization in Macedonia and Montenegro.

“In that corrupt business, “senior Montenegrin officials” are also involved. We heard a lot of time, from US’s embassy, that the corruption during privatization of Montenegrin telecom has been proved and that it is confirmed by a large amount of documents. I had a chance to see it for myself, because I was president of the Inquiry Committee in the Parliament”, Mandić pointed out.

As he said, “we understand that with this visit you wish to express intent to accept Montenegro into your military alliance, right before NATO summit.”

“I think that this is a legitimate cause, when you look at the aspect of your government intentions, but the key thing is the way you wish to make that happen. I don’t expect that you will, as a representatives of the countries that are pointing out their long democratic traditions, ignore those principles regarding the eventual Montenegro’s membership in NATO. I believe that you will insist that numerous disputes regarding the democratic legitimacy of this government, must come to an end. Of course, we must get rid off ‘bad elements’ from judiciary system, that are not working by the law, but rather, carry out the will of the regime”, Mandić sas.

One member of the Front, said that if those requirements are not met, then it is necessary to have a decent referendum about such important question as becoming a member of NATO is.

“It is clear to everyone, that fair and democratic referendum is not possible to have with Government that is using the country’s resources. So, we need, and I believe you too need, a fair referendum. That referendum, as well as future elections, can be implemented by transitional government in which the opposition will be able to control and prevent criminal activities in democratic process”, Mandić said.

In this letter we hope “that you will make a required pressure at the Montenegrin Government and Milo Đukanović, so that we will be able to solve one of the key questions in accordance with the highest democratic principles.”

“However, if, your governments decide to join Montenegro, without the citizens consent, that will mean that you once more forgot about your principles. That will have a dramatic consequences in the future life of Montenegrin society. I don’t have to point out that such decision, wouldn’t be legal, and that a large majority of Montenegro’s citizens would not accept such decision. That would be a continuation of policy that is serving only one group for the last 25 years”, said Mandić, hoping that “your governments will carefully think about situation in Montenegro, as well as our citizens interests.”

As he said, some western countries had court proceedings against Milo Đukanović, where he was clearly labeled as a leader of multiple criminal groups that had criminal activity on international level.

“I will just mention some countries in which there were such procedures: Italy, Switzerland, Germany and United States… In Italy, as you know already, there are still proceedings against members of Đukanović group, while the proceding against him was stopped by the decision of Court of cassation, only because of immunity officials of independent countries have. Only because of that!” Andrija Mandić pointed out in hi s letter, that was sent to ambassadors of 28 countries that are NATO members.


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