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MAY 2021

Merry Christmas: Probable Terrorist Attack Took Place In Nashville, USA (Videos)

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On December 25, a large explosion rocked downtown Nashville, Tennessee.

According to local Metro police, the car exploded on 2nd Avenue in the early Christmas morning, at about 6: 30 a.m.

The explosion caused no casualties, but three people were reportedly injured and taken to the hospital. Significant material damage was caused. Windows were broken in many houses, as well as heavy smoke was seen in the area.

Metro police and firefighters are working in the area. People were asked to move at least two blocks away due to concerns about any other explosions.

Local police stated that the explosion was probably intentional. Actually, the incident is under investigation by Metro police and federal authorities.


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Potato Man

I don’t buy it…in US CIA/FBI watch people taking shit…

Potato Man

Moment Nashville bomb detonates,

Peter Moy

No big deal. Someone was just celebrating the birth of the Prince of Peace. Terrorist attack? More dramatics from the whores in the US media. Wake up morons and get informed. The US is a violent, crime-infested society with a lot of mentally sick, physically sick, suicidal, drug and alcohol addicted, really dumb people running around. Add to this an utterly rotten, corrupt, self-serving, despicable political class supported by compliant media companies who spew unending propaganda. Nothing to see here boys and girls.

Sergei Akhmadov

Must be an inside job.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Goodness knows how many the Intelligence Community (IC) employ, (250,000 alone employed by the DHS) but clearly not enough competent ones.

Where are the resignations of heads of agencies like the DHS/HSC?


They said the police responded to a call about shots, and there happened to be an RV nearby, and the police called a bomb squad because the RV that happened to be nearby “looked suspicious”. Give me a break.

Peter Moy

That unit patch for the “Russian Army of Liberation” is very interesting. Membership in it ended miserably for many of its members, including the commander, former Soviet Army General Vlasov. They did the “gallows dance” after they were turned over to Stalin’s people at the end of World War II.

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