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Merkel’s Union Willing to Commit Military for Domestic Security

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Merkel's Union Willing to Commit Military for Domestic Security

Originally appeared at DWN, translated by John T. Sumner exclusively for SouthFront; Edited by Yoana

Apparently, the federal government plans an extensive deployment of the Bundeswehr inside Germany, stating that this is the only way to ensure Germany’s safety.
There are already speculations, claiming that Russia has begun building a secret army inside of Germany.

The Union intends to develop the foundations for a future domestic deployment of the Bundeswehr outside the scope of the major emergencies. At a closed meeting in Berlin on Monday the CDU / CSU parliamentary group will advise a corresponding plan, the newspaper “Bild” (Monday) reports.

“We have to confront the all-new challenges on the interior as well”, the defense spokesman of the Union, Henning Otte, told the paper. “The domestic deployment of the Bundeswehr may no longer be a taboo.”

Thus far, soldiers may be deployed on the interior only in case of disaster. However, Otte considers this wrong. “The rules of the early years of the Federal Republic have become obsolete,” he said. The distribution of tasks between Bundeswehr, federal police, police and intelligence services may have to be re-tuned in order to safeguard the security of the country.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin had recently announced a similar restructuring [SF editor: Author means Russia’s National Guard. You can learn more about it in our exclusive: Russia Defense Report: Countermeasures of Hybrid War].

Details on the new regulations concerning security architecture and rules of engagement should be acquired by a commission. “This approach has to be topic at the 2017 coalition negotiations” demanded Otte. “No longer can we afford the coexistence of structures.” He believes that the safety of the public has to be priority.

Accordingly, the “Bild”-newspaper has launched a new threat scenario. The paper writes: “The nightmare of every government: Camouflaged elite combat troops of other nations as a sleeper in its own country. Saboteurs, provocateurs, terrorists who are only waiting for the operation order. Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin (63) has built up a covert battle group in Germany and other countries of the West! ”

It continued: “In the West Kremlin leader and ex-intelligence chief Putin has direct access to an elite fighter network.” Thus, “martial arts schools where the Russian martial arts technique Systema is trained “, should be the alleged foundation of that secret army. “Systema” would be the “duel-, knife-fight and killing drill of Soviet and Russian special forces and intelligence.”

According to “Bild” newspaper this secret operation includes the “Reichsbürger”-movement, Pegida & Co.”, the “support of right- and left-wing populists, such as the Querfront-movement, and the use of “targeted disinformation campaigns among Russia-Germans.”

Claims, arising from the Union for a deployment of Bundeswehr on the interior have already occurred in the past. In connection with terrorist threats Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble promoted it last year. Then Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière (both CDU) had rejected it with the justification that internal security could be well assured by the police.

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Sieg Heil! will again echo throughout the land

Tomko Kubianca

Yes… it would seem that the flood of immigrants has created the perfect excuse to have martial control over the populous. I wounder if that was the purpose of destabilizing every Middle East country in the first place. Since Obama came to power he’s pulled the American stabilizing force out of Iraq thus leaving a power vacuum and creating chaos. Then he ousted Mubarak in Egypt only to be replaced by The Muslim Brotherhood (but that failed). Then he killed and removed Muammar Gaddafi, once again leaving a power vacuum and creating chaos. Mean while Hillary Clinton arranged to have Gaddfi’s war chest transferred to Syria through Turkey (anyone remember Benghazi?). Now he’s orchestrated a fake war in Syria using Al Nusra and ISIS to once again try and dislodge Assad and once again create a power vacuum and chaos. Anyone see a trend here? Gee! where are all these immigrants coming from that are currently flooding Europe?

Tomko Kubianca

Read this propoganda: http://time.com/4276525/vladimir-putin-nato/

They blame the influx of immigrants on Putin. Which is interesting since Putin was the ONLY ONE actually fighting the terrorists (Al Nusra & ISIS) in Syria. I don’t know why Putin pulled out because he could have cleaned up and all the Syrian refugees could come back home and live in peace. I know that the US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar would simply NEVER allow that to happen. Maybe he thought it was a lost cause, or Assad, or Iran pissed him off.


The western narrative is a lie for bigots and the gullible in society


The Germans are brain dead. Seeing enemies where there are none. The german people should get rid of these idiots.

Tomko Kubianca

The illegal immigrants probably out number the German Army. Notice most of them are young males of military age? If underground arms suppliers can sneak in enough weapons they could easily take over the country. Do you believe they came to blend in and become good German citizens?


Good observation. They are committing national economic, social and cultural suicide.

Tomko Kubianca

Step 1) Stop the immigrants from coming in in the first place.

Step 2) Deport all the immigrants back to their country of origin. They are mostly young military aged men, so their wives and children will be happy to have them back to assist in fighting for their home land. Women and Children do not make good warriors anyway.

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