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JUNE 2020

Merkel’s Attempts To Strengthen Security: Look From Germany


Merkel’s Attempts To Strengthen Security: Look From Germany


Written by Victor Vic exclusively for SouthFront

Together with the migration crisis the crime rate in European countries found an increase. Following investigations by security agencies, it was found that a large number of attackers were refugees entering Europe in this migration wave. After the investigations, it was found that a large number of attackers recently arrived in Germany and proclaimed themselves as Muslims. After thorough investigations, it was found that they were part of organized terrorist cells, operating outside, but also within European countries.

German authorities have responded to this creating new security policies. These include a series of procedures that track the activity of terrorist suspects and monitor phone calls and internet activities. This phenomenon has taken has had such an impact, that it had the German Federal Government change its course and invest more in security and police. Thus, it can be deduced from that a new strategy for preventing and combating terrorism is being put into practice.

Germany’s efforts have been quantified in the genesis of The Central Office For Information Technology In The Security Sector (ZITiS) on the 6th or April 2017, which was established with the decree of the Federal Minister of the Interior. This institution is responsible for processing information in cyberspace, with the aim of identifying terrorists and preventing attacks. This institution works with the law enforcement authorities, as a center of analysis and does not act on its own as the police or secret services do. The Federal Government plans the ZITiS as a research and development center with the main tasks of digital forensics, telecommunications monitoring, cryptanalysis, data analysis as well as technical issues of crime control, security and counterintelligence.

The tasks of this institution base on the current need for technical support and expertise of the security authorities. These also include various research assignments. The contents are agreed upon with legal authorities and recorded in a work program. In addition to applied research, ZITiS works with companies, institutes and universities. Another task of ZITiS is procedural development. Contents of this work are for example strategies, tools or technical solutions. Joint projects with other German security authorities are coordinated by the ZITiS. The task of the support and advisory service is to bundle know-how at a central location and to assist the security authorities with ZITiS expertise in technical matters.

Following the terrorist attacks put in place by Muslim migrants, the German Federal Government has found itself facing a monumental phenomenon which poses a threat to its security, integrity and citizens. This phenomenon triggered a new strategy to combat terrorism, causing the German Federal Government to invest more money and resources from the federal budget to combat this phenomenon. With the opening of the new institute for analysis, the German effort to prevent and combat terrorism materializes itself. The implementation of such measures at national level requires a great effort and determination from the government of a state. By seeing these events unfolding, the process of these events can also be questioned. It can be speculated that the whole process of building this new analysis institution is due to the fact that a collection of information has identified a real threat to Germany and Europe, and Germany’s efforts are stepping up to cope with a major confrontation with an unpredictable enemy, which is possesses a great destructive potential of the German society.



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  • Tommy Jensen

    Remember all this is beforehand planned down to the tiniest details.
    Deliberately allowing 1,5 mio refugees running through Europe without papers, allowing them on welfare, allowing them to create terror cells and finally making new security and counter intelligence Departments and new “security and anti-terror” strategies to combat their own created criminality, gangrapes and terror actions.

  • There are no terrorist in Germany, as you can quickly realize if you read the German newspapers after that a goatbanger has killed someone you will now that:
    – he is psychologically disturbed
    – he self radicalized by himself using internet
    – he is acting alone
    Particularly the knife attacks in Bayern were a masterpiece of missing terrorism.

    • potcracker2588

      lol spot on… same here

  • V. Mecki

    Dear Victor Vic, I don’t know where you got the information from, but I can tell you that the government gives a f… on the security of the citizens. In Hamburg for example we have an increase of murder of 100% (in words: one hundred percent) meanwhile the government is talking about singular cases. The police is forced to remain passive. These thugs are laughing and spitting at the police. The MSM is ordered to report about these “successes” of migration policy only in a positive manner. Any criticism is expressly forbidden and categorized as hate crime. Automatically you will get insulted as Nazi. Citizens have filed a petition against the government’s plans to sign the global compact for migration in December. This petition has been rejected from the beginning and the page where you could sign the petition has been deleted by the petitions committee. Now, what you can do? Grandpa’s shotgun has been seized decades ago. So there are remaining only things like clubs and pitchforks to defend yourself against people who have grown up in a violent environment. But the people here are not accustomed to these situations, the german men are not the same tough guys with big hands like 70 or 80 years ago. They are intimidated or indifferent, or both. May be I’m a little bit too pessimistic, but under this circumstances it is impossible to make any positive prediction.

    • Peter Moy

      Yes, it you are against migrants who illegally invaded your country and are sucking up the very generous social benefits without ever contributing to society, you are labeled a fascist, Islamophobe, racist, hetzer or NS. Many men in Germany or Austria have been basically neutered and are unable or unwilling to defend their fellow citizens. They have been raised and taught in school since childhood to be peaceful and conform to the laws – in many cases regardless of how misguided/insane they are – and just be hard-working, very high tax-paying cash cows. As I mentioned in my comment above, I read news from Germany and Austria on a daily basis. Concerning Austria, it is just downright ridiculous how the police have been basically neutralized by the justice system. They continue to suffer abuse and injury on a regular basis at the hands of these increasingly violent criminal savages from violent 3rd World hell holes. I was in Vienna earlier this year for Easter and when I saw some of the these meek looking, physically unimpressive police officers, I could only shake my head in disbelief. I call them the “Barbie Girls or Bond Girls.” Really sad. The woman I visited told me that she has much fear after 8:00 PM (20 Uhr) and avoids being on the streets past that time. Traurig aber wahr. Tschuess.

  • potcracker2588

    sorry bro…dead wrong bs article…….in germany, france, austria security lolololol we all have sskyrocketing rape,murder,theft,burglary,knife stabblings rates…99.9% due to the invasion of the takfiris.
    It is quite the contrary the realtity to what you wrote in the article.
    In austria for example i will give u the quote of the president of police forces of the BPD (Bundes Polizei Direktion) to what the people should do due to the many rapes that have and are occuring on a daily basis

    “the women should take care to leave at least 1 armlength space between them and strangers, and when it gets dark not to leave their houses and apartments alone”

    Thats an offical quote!!!!!!!!!

    • Peter Moy

      Good points in your comment concerning migrant perpetrated crime in Germany and Austria. I read news websites from those countries and the public safety situations in those countries is a downright disgrace. What is left out in the article is that these migrant invaders know that the criminal justice “penalties” are a lax, “Kuschelgerechtigkeit” (cuddle justice), embarrassing joke. There are also insane privacy laws for the media – radio, television, print – that prevent the full image of the alleged criminal or full name to be published or announced. Criminals know that and take full advantage of it. Another tactic used by criminals is to claim a false birth date. So you have situations where the crook is already growing a mustache or beard and claims to be a minor. Only mentally sick, weak, spineless, out of touch with reality politicians ( and their equally deranged, brainwashed voters) would tolerate these conditions. The “arms length” defense for woman (after the Silvester, 2015 molestation cases in Cologne, Germany) only became known to the public when numerous woman actually started complaining. Shame on the mayor and the police for that. Unless harsher criminal sentences for all types of crimes are implemented, and I mean American-style (20, 30, 40 100 years in prison, life sentences, the death penalty), the current will only continue. Unfortunately most politicians in Germany, Austria, Sweden, France, etc. are too arrogant, elitist, humanistic and downright stupid to realize what is actually going on in their societies while they collect their big government paychecks. Tragisch aber wahr. Tscheuss.

  • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    Ruthlessly and mercilessly purge Europe of Muslims.