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JULY 2020

Merkel: U.K. Claims On Russian Involvement in Skripal Case Are Based On ‘Certain Evidence’


Merkel: U.K. Claims On Russian Involvement in Skripal Case Are Based On 'Certain Evidence'

German Chancellor Angela Merkel | Odd Andersen/AFP via Getty Images

On March 23, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that she would discuss new anti-Russia measures with France over the alleged poisoningof ex-double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter by a nerve agent.

Merkel added that UK Prime Minister Theresa May has provided the EU leaders with “certain evidence” allegedly confirming “the Russian trail” in the incident.

On the same day, French President Emmanuel Macron addressed the issue.

“The United Kingdom yesterday shared with all [EU] member states the elements of evidence… France was asked for technical cooperation, and answered positively. We reached the same conclusions as our British partners. These conclusion allow us to clearly establish that the substance which was used [to poison Skripal]… originated in Russia,” the president said.

Macron claimed that France and Germany would soon take coordinated decisions over the Skripal case.

“This requires a coordinated and resolute response from the EU and its members. Several countries, including Germany and France, will soon make coordinated decisions,” Macron said at a joint news conference with Merkel in Brussels.

On March 22, EU leaders unanimously agreed with the British allegation that Russia is likely behind the Skripal incident and vowed to provide support to the UK in investigating the details of the attack and coordinating further actions.

Skripal Poisoning – British Provcation



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  • Miguel Redondo

    For me this statement proves one thing.
    Merkel is preparing for the times she will leave Germany and German politics. She wants to become UN-secretary, She knows very well that she cannot live in Germany the day she leaves office.

    • ruca

      She’ll go back to Argentina by submarine

      • John Whitehot

        i hope this time Argentinians will apply their judgement.

        • ruca

          We can hope.

  • Attrition47

    The Dreyfus secret dossier still going strong after 123 years….

  • Dmitry Lunyov
    • velociraptor

      nice meal

    • schiamachy

      This image should be put onto T Shirts. They would be great especially before the next British election.

      • Rosie

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    • as

      No more words needed. Thank you friend for depicting this aa it is.

  • Serious

    Putin still collaborating with his “westeners partners”. XD.

    France and Germany are US-occupied. French and Germans have no countrie anymore. French and Germans have no more honour nor freedom nor free speech. They live in a dictatorship. They are zombies.

    Don’t understand why people are still taking british, french and german politicians seriously.

    I don’t know. It’s so obvious.

    • Robert

      Not sure who is taking them seriously.

    • schiamachy

      Although I don’t believe them but I take them seriously because the war drums are beating in the Western jungle and a lot of innocent lives are at stake.

  • Serious

    France and Germany has became as credible as Haiti or Papua New Guinea.

    These countries are void and lived in past glory. Nowadays, they are nothing.

    • Merijn

      In Mongolia they are herding Sheep right now…they used to have a pretty decent sized Empire too….

  • Ma_Laoshi

    They may not have been eager to do this, but they can hardly admit that the Free West uses terror false flags as psychological warfare against its own populations. Guess they took the measure of Russia’s response, which was soft-soft as usual, and decided “nothing we can’t handle”–way to go Vlad, another fine display of the Kremlin’s soft power!

    Meanwhile, Frau Merkel allows Germany to be maneuvered into a position where it’ll be very hard politically to defend Nord Stream 2 from sustained attack. I guess some of her supporters won’t be too happy about that. What was so great and important again about keeping this sow in power.

    • Serious

      The elections in Germany are rigged. Merkel doesn’t work for Germany but for the globalists.

      • schiamachy

        If you are correct, how is it that Merkel did not win a clear majority and that the extreme right who are more militarist had huge gains. Meanwhile the anti war Green Party lost ground.
        Your contention like the poisoning of the Skripals lacks plausible evidence.

        • Serious

          Because, you must be subtle. Only in third world country, the president wins with 90%. XD. And, I believe that the extreme right is also owned.

        • Ma_Laoshi

          Aren’t you assuming here that terms like “left” and “right” still have any meaning–they don’t. The German Greens are fully on board with NATO bombings, provided that somebody assures them that it’s all humanitarian; you see, modern liberalism is all about feeling good about *yourself*. The Dutch Greens are Zionist as well in practice, and are cool with embracing actual Nazis in Kiev.

          In contrast, the immigration- and EU-sceptic parties are often wondering why Russia should be our enemy just because it’s traditionally Christian. It is the neoliberal mainstream which will do its utmost to label such currents as extreme-right, xenophobic, and any other label which they can make stick. Alt-right movements are the most likely to think twice when told by jews to go to war.

          None of this is to exclude that there are SOME truly nasty people in the AfD; I’m not an expert on the German situation but I’d suspect that this is indeed the case.


    So anyone against Russia can see this so called evidence except Russia.Purely illogical and suspicious.

  • Serious

    Russia can start a war against Europe because the people in Europe will uprise against their leaders and will not die for them.

    • Robert

      People in Europe are mostly sheeple, so you are overly optimistic

      • Merijn

        If 5% of the people know how things are… they’ll have the knowledge when the shit hits the fan….then they will listen….

  • Serious

    Europe has been so weakened that invading Europe will be a piece of cake for Russia and Russia has legitimacy to do so.

    If I was Putin, I will have already invaded south and east Ukraine and stop supplying gas and oil to Europe making life in Europe more expensive for the sheeple.

    • Robert

      It is not piece of cake. Unless you want Russia to nuke everyone.

  • JP Moreau

    stupid old german witch

  • TiredOfBsToo

    Ironic that the one country (the accused) that she’s required to share evidence with under International agreements, is the one country she doesn’t share her so-called evidence. More than likely it can only be shared with other weak-willed Empire controlled vassals who’s sole evidence is comprised of ‘Highly Likely’ Russia; translated meaning, we need to dominate Russia and any evidence provided to them will destroy our false flag op.

    My interpretation is that anyone that believes the cr*p the UK is spouting, makes it ‘Highly Likely’ that they are complete and utter morons!

    • Serious

      Netherlands made “investigations” about MH-17 and blame Russia. Now, USA and UK are turning towards France and Germany. XD.

      But, let Putin collaborating with his “western partners”. XD.

  • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    Well… That hideous malignant dumpy German (?) dwarf crone said it. Now who could have any doubts?

  • Carol Davidek-Waller

    Certain evidence=British fairy tales

    • schiamachy

      Certain evidence that is being concealed because it points at back at British insecurity agencies. Evidence that is so uncertain that its revelation will blow up in the face of the accusers.

  • Merijn

    In this picture you can see clearly that Führerin Merkel is in fact a Ventriloquist’s Dummy… they forgot the Make-Up….

    • Serious


  • hvaiallverden

    So, they are, highly lightly, certain on something, witch may be, an sort of, as the preliminary note we have read coming from the highly lightly experts on certain criteria, witch maybe highly lightly something, witch they claim, may be, highly lightly an sort of toxic substance but they are not entirely certain, that may have been produced by the Russians, but thats an step down from highly lightly, isnt it, in this certain times, isnt that, highly lightly.

    I am having an ball, yup, the hole thing stinks, not only have learned whom is orchestrating this attacks on Russia, how they do it, why they did it, and continues to do, fake accounts induced everywhere, to control the consensuses they have created, for an fist full of Shekels, how nice of them, in an MSM world of prestitutes and whorespondents, that pretend to be honest this times.

    But again, they are loosing this, I know they know it to, suddenly things implode and right now, I am worried they, when cornered will go total bonkers, bad now, worse later.
    And how can they now, back track,, like the monstrous lies about AGW, peak oil, etc, all bullshit, they cant, so what comes next, I simply dont know, their ability to fool people is not slowing down, its been kicked into warp drive.

    And so far, I can just watch the freaks feed the rope they them self will hang them on, its by all means an sad day.


    • Merijn

      Or you can consider it Great Times…Never in History were people able to see so much of the puzzle …instead we were too busy digging Trenches and us scum died by the hundreds of thousands fighting eachother…. for what? for who…..if people in the U.S. want change.. they must do that themselves…

    • ruca

      Sorry but please look up the use of the word “an”. It’s highly “likely” that you have been using it incorrectly.

  • RichardD

    With these people’s track record, who would believe them?


  • RichardD

    In any type of legitimate objective judicial proceeding, the accused is allowed to examine the evidence against them, and provide evidence impeaching it. As far as I know, the Russians haven’t been provided with the evidence being used to accuse them.


  • RichardD

    Not only is the “evidence” not being provided, the accusers won’t even attend meetings addressing the issue:

    “Senior Russian diplomatic and military officials have accused the UK of hiding and possibly planning to destroy evidence in the investigation into the Salisbury nerve agent attack.

    The comments came during a remarkable briefing at Moscow’s foreign ministry given for all foreign ambassadors in Russia, to lay out the country’s argument for why it is not responsible for the attack on former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, on 4 March.

    Britain says they were poisoned with a nerve agent known as novichok and has blamed Russia for the attack, but Moscow has fiercely denied any involvement. The case has prompted the two countries to expel diplomats in a tit-for-tat dispute.

    Speaking to a lecture hall of diplomats, Vladimir Yermakov, deputy head of the ministry’s department for non-proliferation, suggested that the UK was “hiding facts” about the case that may later “disappear”.

    Laurie Bristow, the British ambassador to Russia, did not attend and the ambassadors of other major allies, including the US, Germany and France, also boycotted the briefing.”

    – Russia accuses UK of hiding evidence in Skripal case –


    • AM Hants

      Guarantors of Minsk II, could not be bothered to attend.

      The financiers of the White Helmets, could not be bothered to attend.

      I wonder why?

      • RichardD

        Probably to avoid questions from the press.

  • AM Hants

    Shame they refuse to allow Russia any form of defence? What have they got to risk?

    • RichardD

      Being exposed for lying.

      • AM Hants

        Looks like they are getting away with it, no questions asked. That is for today and short term benefits. Although, I do wonder what May has signed up for? With regards BREXIT and EU demands, that ironically, just happen to have been signed off, yesterday, ready for the next stage. No doubt, when we least expect it, payback will arrive and in a very creative way.

        • RichardD

          The puppeteers running the western political system are criminally insane. You can tell by their serial crimes against humanity. The Jews and their collaborators are where most of the problem originates.

          • AM Hants

            They always go for headline of the day, never thinking things through, or looking at the bigger picture.

            So they might be happy today, however, the Russian comeback will be intersting, well thought out, with a slow release sting in the tail.

          • Merijn
          • RichardD

            They’re also not AIPAC Ziocon Inc. Which really does control things. Catholics have been at odds with Jews from the beginning. I’ts the protestant evangelicals who are the Christian Zionists, and who are a much bigger part of the problem than Catholics.

          • Merijn

            All the Evil Bastards should be dragged to Court….not only the Sacrificial Lambs…as usual is the Case….the real Perpetrators go unpunished…and we are easily deceived….

          • RichardD

            It’s a blame shifting exercise trying to divert attention from Judaism’s crimes. I completed 13 years of Catholic catechism instruction K through 12. What the church teaches is diametrically opposed to the evil of Talmud Rabinical Judaism.

            Yes the church is a corrupt organization that violates civil law and it’s own teachings. And a lot of crimes have been committed in the name of Christianity that violate Christ’s teachings. But Judaism teaches and practices crime and evil. Christianity condemns it, that’s the difference.

          • Merijn

            “As long as we don’t except blame shifting exercises”, that goes for all parties…all perpetrators getting nervous so the blaming starts… it’s unwise to Blame & Target one exclusive group upfront. While everything is Intertwined & Infiltated these days..Because Evildoers are hidden among every imaginable group. I will never deny the Crimes of (crypto-) Jews, Christians, Catholics, Moslims or Buddhists… they are all guilty of Crimes against Humanity in the name of God…there has been Long and Bloody Religious Wars in Europe between The Roman Church & Protestants..so hatred between these two might have led to persecution of Christians in the Gulags for example (Stalin was a Jesuit) & during WWII…Muslims & Christians in the Middle east had to suffer again, the last decade…perhaps I’m just starting to dislike Abramic Religions in General … Religions that preach Supremacy, Violence & Hatred and in the meantime only Power & Wealth is the true driving Force, there should be no place for those kind of ideas in society & the world of today…if Humans want to continue walking on this Planet…Convict the Guilty….Seize their Assets….

          • RichardD

            The Jews require collaborators, because they don’t have the numbers to take over and exterminate or enslave by themselves.

            Dejudification isn’t a cure all, but it does solve the major problem, which makes the lesser problems easier to solve.

            Blame shifting and diversion from their crimes are standard Jew tactics. I’ve read the Jesuits, Jews and royals are all practising Satanists. If they are, they’ve used control of law enforcement to get away with their crimes.

            Service to self rather than service to others violates the golden rule. We can’t do everything by ourselves. So it’s necessary to take other’s needs into consideration. So that they can contribute to the greater good.

          • Merijn

            I agree… but using “Jews” to run Deathcamps can be a ”Smokescreen” too, to distract the people…I’m not saying it is…. but it’s a possibiltiy… afterwards when people start to ask questions, you can always blame them….we are dealing with “Very Smart Professionals” with thousands of years of experience… can’t expect to solve that riddle in a decade….I always keep in mind this long time Brotherhood between the Jews & the Knights Templar….but even that can be a bedtime story

          • RichardD

            ETs/EDs have access to our civilization while we don’t have access to theirs due to genetic and technology limitations. A lot of our history is a fabrication. Some ETs/EDs have a more accurate and extensive version of our history than we do.

            This is an extra dimensional lightship that showed up in the parking lot at Billy Meier’s place in Switzerland, I’ve been there, in the parking lot and in the building. Even the ETs didn’t know where it came from:


          • RichardD

            The preponderance of evidence that I’ve looked at points to Jews being the main problem. The first thing that they do when caught is try to blame others and claim that they’re scapegoats, when they’re not.

            As an example they try to blame Israel’s crimes on the Palestinians. When any rational person familiar with the history of Zionism knows that the Jews are guilty and the main problem.

            Some Jews being falsely accused doesn’t exonerate the guilty ones. Their ideology that they teach and practice is evil and criminal. Outlawing it’s practice solves the problem.

          • Merijn

            That is why these days can become beautiful….awareness rising….would be very nice if all people were working together to get rid of the Criminal Organisation that is running the World right now….that goes beyond religion… that is rational & righteous behaviour..

          • RichardD

            There is ET/ED involvement in our existence carrying out both good and bad activities. Most of what happens here is up to us. As our genetic and technology capabilities advance, our ability to deal with the ETs/EDs will also.

          • Merijn

            This week the last male northern white Rhino died….another brother passed away….I don’t think I have to meet these ETs…..I like Biodiversity….

          • John Whitehot

            “Yes the church is a corrupt organization that violates civil law and it’s own teachings.”

            No doubt. Also no doubt that zionists have been waging an unrelentless propaganda war against the Catholic church since decades.

  • Merijn

    Heey Mister Jupiter Macaroni… Long time no see…released by the Mrs. Again? How nice… did it ever appear to you Mister Jupiter, that this Russian Poison also could have been bought from some UkroNazis by MI6?…. No Tunnelvision in this Delicate Matter Please…All Options are still open

    • Merijn
    • schiamachy

      Excellent point despite starting with a bit of ageism and sexism.
      Whenever the USA provides arms to their terrorist groups they always provide them with Russian armaments, although when they needed modern ground to air missiles they provide US brands to their Free Syrian allies who hand them over to the Saudi Qatari terrorists who control them.

    • goingbrokes

      Russia is thousands of kilometres away from Salisbury, but Porton Down Chemical Warfare facility is about 10km down the road from Salisbury. Yes, I mean, of course it was the Russians, what was I thinking there, sorry about that…

  • John Mason

    Germans should have voted Merkel out when they had the opportunity, unfortunately now for the Germans they are stuck with her BS and NATO/US dominating German policies and affairs.

    • goingbrokes

      Unfortunately the votes are all fixed but voting is there to give us the illusion that we live in a democracy.

  • Ian Thomson

    “Likely behind”. Europe has apparently adopted the US standard of proof that “suspected , “thought to be” , “was probably” , etc is sufficient to convict .

  • Vitex

    Merkel, May, Macron, John Key, Barack Obama, Erna Solberg in Norway….They’re all the same brainwashed lying patsy functionaries.

    • goingbrokes

      Yep, and they have the nerve to call it democracy. Might as well call a bordello a house of marriage counsellors.

  • Ariel Cohen

    Like an old tired prostitute who doesn’t know why her clients have deserted her, Angela Merkel keeps trying to please her Anglo-Zionist pimps by parroting everything they want her to . . . pitiful!

  • Davki

    What did she say literally? “certain evidence” is that “gesicherte Beweise” or “gewisse Hinweise” depending on the German original, the meaning can diverge massively. Anyway, that’s just to appease European neighbours, don’t expect any honest opinion of A. Merkel. The response will be light, not to harm German-Russian relations.

  • goingbrokes

    Come on, what is the evidence, where is it? What is the provenance of the substances? If you don’t have it, how can you identify it? What about Porton Down Chemical Warfare facility being only 10km from Salisbury? What about UK and others not keeping to the Chemical Weapons convention which is international law by providing samples to the accused? Unless you can answer these questions satisfactorily, ms Merkel, you can stuff the proof where the sun don’t shine! ‘cos that’s what it’s worth.

  • Peter

    What if they had been shot with a gun and ammunition made in USA? Would it have had the same consequences ?