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Merkel, Stuck in USA’s Panopticon, Is Getting Ready for a War With Russia


Merkel, Stuck in USA's Panopticon, Is Getting Ready for a War With Russia

Written by Desislava Puteva; Originally appeared at A-specto, translated by Valentina Tzoneva exclusively for SouthFront

The relations between the USA and Germany are increasingly starting to look like a panopticon in which Angela Merkel is both the warden of the member-states of the European Union and the prisoner who unconditionally acts upon the will of the Big Brother. The most recent proof that the USA holds the German Chancellor on a short leash, became apparent a couple of days ago. A report, published in the Deutsche Wirtschaft Nahrichten (DWN), shows that the German  government is getting ready for a war with Russia and from the draft report of the Bundeswehr it becomes clear that Russia has been declared an enemy. Several day ago, the leader of the Committee for Foreign Affairs with the State Duma (Russian Parliament), Alexey Pushkov, published a tweet on Twitter in which he unilateraly stated that the decision of the German government to consider Russia as an enemy clearly indicates the slave-like obedience of Merkel towards Obama’s administration instead of the real situation.

It was announced as early as the begining of the year that Merkel intends to implement a new military doctrine – the annexation of Crimea by Moscow is the main reason for military action. A number of political analysts, however, believe that Crimea was saved by Russia from the coup d’etat (arranged by Obama), which  removed the Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovich. In 2013, Yanukovich surprisingly refused to sign the contract for association with the European Union although the negotiations started as early as 2007. This caused a broad wave of discontent and led an increased number of protests against the government. Gradually, the crisis in Ukraine turned into a conflict with a deep geo-political meaning and the removal of Yanukovich from power is defined as “the most prominent coup d’etat.”

The Western media presents the annexation of Crimea by Russia as a conquest by the Russian state. Despite the Western disapproval, after the removal from power of Yanukovich, the European Union sent an investigator to Kiev, who confirmed that it is a matter of a real coup d’etat prepared by the USA from the beginning of March 2013. This information, however, was not announced as it was believed that it would cost the fall of sanctions against Russia and it  would disrupt the preparations of NATO for a war with the Russian Federation.

Today Germany refuses to help lift the economic sanctions against Moscow by the European Union. “I think that it is too early to discuss lifting of the sanctions on Russia,” Christoff Hoisgen, the Foreign Affairs Advisor to Merkel said about a week ago. According to him, it is difficult to imagine that it is going to happen soon bearing in mind the fights in the Eastern part of Ukraine. The other day it became clear that the sanctions, which some believe to be devastating both for the European and the Russsian markets, will be extended for another six months regardless of the indication that some countries have softened their mood towards Moscow. For several months now countries like Hungary, Greece and Italy have openly declared that the sanctions against Russia have to be reconsidered, while Poland and the Baltic states insist on maintaining the regime of the sanctions.

It is clear that the USA has projected over Europe its motives for extention of the anti Russian sanctions disregarding the oficially-presented motives of the member states. It remains to be seen what the response from the Russian side will be, although in the beginning of April, Vladimir Putin categorically stated that he does not expect the sanctions to be lifted soon. According to him, the West constantly thinks about new and newer motives for extending the sanctions and Russia’s strategy will be to maintain retaliatory measures.



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