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JUNE 2023

Merkel initiates to change the course: Contingents for refugees

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Instead of open borders she plans to make contingents for refugees.

Merkel initiates to change the course: Contingents for refugees

Originally appeared at deutsche-wirtschafts-nachrichten, translated by Yannick Meyer exclusively for SouthFront

SPD’s  Leader Sigmar Gabriel accepts the change and demands the end of the “chaotic immigration”. Practically this concept is impossible without massive border security. Chancellor Angela Merkel demands that the EU and Turkey introduce contingents. At the G20 Summit she also demanded the end of the illegal immigration into the EU.

However she said that Germany alone can’t just set a top limit for refugees, although the CDU and the CSU urge her to do so.

She said: “If we want to go forward we have to stop the illegal immigration and then we have to talk with Turkey about sharing burdens, about financial aid and about the numbers of refugees that the EU is able to take and spread evenly over Europe.” She said, and continued warning: “But it is very, very important that we don’t allow to have illegal immigration in this time. As long as we have illegal immigration we will not be able to talk about further topics.”

The process has to be arranged “step by step with the EU and Turkey.”

“I am sure there will be many discussions inside the EU because of that.”

She said: “This is the way we owe the refugees, this is the sharing of burden we owe Turkey – our close neighbor and this is the best method to handle the problem.”

The biggest Problem for Merkel and the EU is Turkey, which now has to solve the problem with the EU: Turkey is blackmailing the EU with the refugees for a long time already. Turkey is harsh to the refugees and cashes protection money from the criminals. Also the trade with fake passports is booming in Turkey.

First and foremost President Erdogan wants to have a free reign for his campaign against the PKK.

Amnesty International accuses Turkey of violating the human rights of the refugees.

The EU states will dislike the idea of contingents as much as the quota.

The Eastern Europeans will see themselves confirmed in their firm attitude after the assaults in Paris, especially the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Poland already announced that they will leave the quota. The Eastern Europeans are seeing how their role model, USA, is resisting to take refugees. Even Switzerland takes way more refugees than the USA, and this is not per capita.

SPD Leader Sigmar Gabriel expects a “New start in the refugee politic.” Instead of a “chaotic immigration” there will be big contingents of people, which can come to Europe through safe routes and without smugglers. He said we should keep the slogan “Women and children first”.

He and the government spokeswoman pointed out that this new regulation will not restrict the claim for refuge, according to the Article 16a of the Basic Law.

However the EU will only accomplish a controlled immigration if they achieve to secure the external borders of the EU. But also the internal borders are problematic. The EU-commissary Frederica Mogherini said that until then all the Terrorists were EU citizens. The French President Francois Hollande said in his speech in Versailles that the EU will fail if they don’t achieve to secure the external borders.

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