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Merkel And Macron Agree To A Meeting On Idlib With Putin and Erdogan

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Merkel And Macron Agree To A Meeting On Idlib With Putin and Erdogan

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On February 20th, Russian President Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The talks were focused on the situation in Idlib, Syria.

The leaders particularly focused on resolving the Syrian crisis in the context of a drastic escalation in Idlib as a result of extremist groups’ aggression against the Syrian government troops and civilians.

They also spoke of how important it was to avoid any humanitarian consequences for the civilian population.

The Russian president emphasized how important it was to undertake adequate measures to fight the terrorist threat, while observing the Syrian territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Merkel and Macron expressed readiness to contribute to reducing the tensions in northwestern Syria.

Turkish media immediately reported that both Merkel and Macron have urged Putin to stop attacks on Idlib.

Anadolu Agency, as well as TRT World, and Ahval News all cited Steffen Seibert, a spokesman for the German government, who reportedly said in a statement that combat operations must immediately stop.

Seibert, according to DW, said that Merkel and Macron agreed to meet with Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and discuss the situation in Idlib.

Merkel and Macron were said to have called for an immediate end to hostilities and unhindered humanitarian access to those in need. There is no direct citation, but Turkish media did provide one from the German government spokesperson.

“They called for an immediate end to combat operations and an unhindered humanitarian access,” he said, adding that the civilians in Idlib were facing a catastrophic humanitarian situation.

“They also expressed their readiness to meet with President Putin and Turkish President [Recep Tayyip] Erdogan to find a political situation to the crisis,” Seibert said.

Even before the call, French President Emmanuel Macron had strongly condemned the attacks by Syrian government forces on Idlib and called on the UN Security Council to act. In Brussels he complained that the humanitarian drama had been going on for weeks.

The EU, as a whole, issued a statement, condemning the attacks by the “Syrian regime and its backers” saying that the offensive on the militants in Idlib and liberation of the cities must stop.

The bloc reiterated “its calls on all parties to put in place a sustainable ceasefire, guarantee the protection of civilians and fully implement their commitments under the Sochi Memorandum of 17 September 2018.”

“The EU supports a credible political solution in line with UN Security Council Resolution 2254 and the Geneva Communique,” it said in the statement.

Accountability for violations of international humanitarian and human rights law is of utmost importance. For this reason, the EU reiterated its call for the situation in Syria to be referred to the International Criminal Court.

On February 20th, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova, in her briefing, provided some insight into Turkish-Russian talks on Idlib.

“We are in daily contact with our Turkish partners in a number of areas, both in the field of foreign policy and defense departments. There are no breaks in these contacts. You know that there is an Embassy of Russia in Turkey and Turkey in Russia, there are contacts directly “on the ground” in the form of communication between military experts, telephone conversations of the foreign ministers of the two countries.”

Furthermore, each side analyzes the public statements by the other.

Zakharova said that instead of making public statements regarding aggression on the ground in Idlib, it would be better to use diplomatic channels and discuss the situation.

Furthermore, she said that the Syrian government and army were in their right to fight for their land, since Syria is a sovereign state.

“Regarding statements that the Syrian authorities or Syrian forces must do something on their land, first of all, we must not forget that we are talking about a sovereign state. The Syrian armed forces are on their territory – this should be a basic principle. Of course, there is interaction between the Syrian army and military personnel from Russia and other countries, but the world community should not forget the basic principle that I mentioned.”


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King Cliff

The Syrian government must continue they offensive on iblib until all head cutter dont maintain an inch, the decision should be final.

Xoli Xoli

I support your idea.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Hmmm, the pictures shows a very interesting potential power bloc.
x2 UNSC nuclear powers, the core of European industrial power and a very influential Muslim world player. Question is do they (particularly the NATO serf states) see the potential too?

S Melanson

Zakharova states it is better that Turkey use “diplomatic channels to discuss the situation”. Well Turkey has been doing that but talks have failed again and again. In fact the Astana process was all that but there was a problem. Turkey was an open enemy of Syria and Turkey joining the Astana Process did not change this.

Turkey’s agenda was so incompatible with Russian and Syrian interests that the only way for the process to work was for Turkey to change its policy objectives. I was critical of the Astana Process from the beginning – at best it just kicks the can into the future where the problems would be somehow resolved then. They never were and so the process simply delayed the inevitable and so here we are.

I do not see how Merkel and Macaroni are going to resolve what are irreconcilable differences unless one party or both together substantially alter their policy objectives which have only become increasingly entrenched. Good Luck…

Concrete Mike

Merkel and macaroni have their hands tied, refugees, Erdogan has this club to beat over the euro’s head with.

This is human trafficing, used as a tool to keep europe compliant with the anglo zionist goals, whatever they may be.

I would like your thoughts on this hypothesis: weaponized refugees keep eu and vassals in line with anglo zionist objectives, and serves as a manpower pool for al nusrah.


S Melanson

Bingo! And a good summary of the ugly reality.


Oh Nooo, now Merkel and Macron retards appeared on scene.
Will you please shut your mouth about Syrian domestic unrest?? I can’t believe it


Yes, mrs “refugees welcome” Merkel and mr “shooting his own people” Macron coming to talk about problems, the solving of which they have no idea!


Yes, moreover both criminals . Criminals supporting king size criminal Erdogan & co.

Concrete Mike

Pas de bon sens!!


Oui mon ami, qui se ressemble s’assemble: on reconnaît l’arbre à ses fruits…

Xoli Xoli

Merkel is actually suppose to tell Macroni to implement reforms and stop oppression of peaceful protestors in France.

AM Hants

Remember who funds the White Helmets, besides the UK and US. No wonder they re in p@anic mode. Their puppets are getting a kicking.

Concrete Mike

So the idlib civilians are entilted to all the humanitarian aid, while the rest of the syrians have to live under a plethora of sanctions and cockblocking actions by usa turkey israel and friends.

Plus the thing no one talks about, the HUMAN TRAFFIC (refugees) being used by the opponents of the Syrian nation as a club to bring eu and other vassals into line.

It sickens me. All the NGO’S are in fact intelligence agency fronts all along.

Im glad the Russians stepped in with a good old NYET!!!

I remember Putin declaring after the libyan regime change, how it was a tragedy and that russia was not going to allow these shennannigans anymore.

Thank you and so far a job well done.

Xoli Xoli

This how one sided terrorist organization NATO performs. Apparently so worried about a particular point were their concentrate to destroy or bring in terrorists.UN and NATO aid always Carrie’s weapons.According to NATO rules it part of evil action plan.Not long ago NATO and UN were so worried about the well being of North Koreans and Venezuela. Why are NATO and UN not so involved in China to help with coronavirus.

Xoli Xoli

Merkel and France gay should take their ISIS in Idlib Because their created terrorists in Syria.No need for a meeting with France and Germany. Led Germany Merkel and France Macroni asked Erdogan to leave Syria. Let’s not make USA NATO problem a Syrian problem.let USA and its terrorists also leave Syria. No more back door phone calls just leave Syria. No more time waisting useless talk show meetings without immediate action.

Xoli Xoli

Time to babysit Erdogan is over.Waisting time on NATO created problems is over.Let NATO be held responsible for its orchestrated crimes and chaos.

Xoli Xoli

There wont be ceasefire until Erdogan leaves Syria.Let NATO’s first sort out their hidden agendas and advising each other to leave Syria. Before calling a meeting with Putin.Putin is not a springboard for NATO I’ll advise actions and wrongs including terrorism.

Xoli Xoli

Both Merkel and Macroni hidden agenda is to so to the world that their spoke to the culprit.While the real culprit is Erdogan with whom their is NATO terrorists shit weer supposed to deal.Their are waisting Putin’s private and valuable time with that rubbish useless meetings. Those two bitches were supposed to resolved Ukraine issues which their created with USA and Britain. But the point is there is no Middle man to blame.Aggressive NATO ideology to destroy humanity.


another issue that the world community should consider is that the jews in america and the jews in england and the jews in palestine fucked up jeremy corbyn’s chances of winning the last election in england, the one´boris fixed in december last year. labour’s sad result was entirely due to the jews of the aforesaid places managed to discredit corbyn to an extent never seen before. that can’t be allowed to be forgotten and the world needs to avenge the jews dirty tricks and the best way is actually a wave of anti-zionism 2.0 and allow that to take place wherever a jew is found. the world is not safe as long as the jews are allowed to set the narrative.

AM Hants

Remind me, but, didn’t France send a load of cruise missiles to Syria, following the EU, French, US, Dutch and UK funded White Helmets, following the CW false flag. Surely the ICC should be investigating that, not a sovereign nation defending itself.


There we go again another Minsk Agreement in the making or another Treaty of Berlin. Time for Russia to stop sitting on the fence and tell Germany, France and their accomplices to stop their interfering and start by stopping their sanctions on Syria and supporting the terrorists.

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