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Members of Ukrainian ‘Volunteer Battalion’ Attack Security Staffs of Remand Prison (Video)


“Yepp, that´s what happens in a pattern democracy like Ukraine. Imprisoned people cut their ears in anticipation of an upcoming visit of old pals and later on are so very much devasteted that the visitors have to leave and cannot stay in prison so they start attacking the guards. The visitors should have stayed – their behaviour in the past surely made them worthy to do so.
We only can thank the US for their continuous fight for freedom and democracy.” (C) Fraggy_Krueger 

Fighters of one of the disbanded special battalions of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs attacked guards of the Lukyanovka remand prison and cut off an ear of one of their companions in arms.

Members of Ukrainian ‘Volunteer Battalion’ Attack Security Staffs of Remand Prison (Video)

Arrested Tornado’s fighters (Photo: ridus.ru)

Fighters of the disbanded Tornado special battalion of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs attacked guards of the Lukyanovka remand prison on January 11, the Russkaya Vesna news website reported, citing a volunteer of the so-called Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO), Roman Sinitsyn.

“Former Tornado’s fighters attacked the guards. So far, there are no details, but a lot of police have arrived there,” Sinitsyn noted.

This information was also confirmed by a representative of the National Police, Yaroslav Trakalo. He also noted that he still does not know any details of the incident.

The leader of the C14 neo-Nazi group, Yevgeniy Karas, said that Tornado’s fighters took hostages.

According to the head of the Kiev police, Andrey Krishchenko, one of the fighters was injured. Now, an investigation is underway to determine whether he wounded himself or somebody injured him. His accomplices demanded the guards to provide him emergency medicine. As a result, they organized a short mutiny, which, according to Kryschenko, was put down. The injured fighter was hospitalized. His condition is now stable.

At the same time, Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine Denis Chernyshov said that there were no any attacks of Tornado’s fighters on the guards of the remand prison. According to him, Tornado’s fighters have no complaints about actions of the guards.

Later, a video, taken with security cameras in the Lukyanovka remand prison, was published online. The video shows several Tornado’s fighters, holding Maxim Glebov, nicknamed Achilles, and a former battalion commander Ruslan Onishchenko, cutting off his ear after the attack on an officer of the remand prison.

However, Deputy Head of the Lukyanovka remand prison, Aleksander Savchenko, denied that the arrested ex-commander of the Tornado battalion, Ruslan Onishchenko, cut off an ear of his former subordinate Maxim Glebov. At the same time, Savchenko could not explain the video footage, showing the attack of arrested Tornado’s fighters on one of their companions in arms.

“I have seen this video, but I cannot explain what was happening, I did not see. According to the officer, Glebov cut off his ear before there was an attack on the junior officer. Then he [Glebov] tried to attack the employees, and he was held by Tornado’s fighters, that’s all,” Savchenko said.

Reportedly, during a closed judicial session on January 11, Glebov confirmed illegal activity of Tornado’s fighters, gave ‘confessionary evidence’, but, at the same time, claimed that he “personally was not involved in this.” It caused a strong reaction of Glebov’s companions in arms, including Onishchenko, who blustered out threats to abase Glebov and then to dispose of all his family.



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