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Member Of Pro-Kiev ‘Volunteer Battalion’ That Fought In Eastern Ukraine Was Killed in Syria

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Member Of Pro-Kiev 'Volunteer Battalion' That Fought In Eastern Ukraine Was Killed in Syria

Members of “Crimean Jamaat” in Syria

A member of the Ukrainian “volunteer” battalion who fought in the region of Donbass in eastern Ukraine was killed in northern Syria.

According to reports, a column of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham militants, under the command of field commander Abu Hashid, was shelled by unknown fighters near the city of Icarda, Aleppo Province. The militants were en route to assist those already fighting against government forces in the Hama province.

One truck vehicle was destroyed, and in it was a field commander with the call sign Abdul-Ilgiz Al Kerim, who died. His comrades-in-arms claimed that he came from the Republic of Crimea and joined the Ibadu ar-rahman detachment. Prior to that, he participated in a conflict in eastern Ukraine, where he was injured.

His injury happened in 2014, most likely, this happened in the battle of Ilovaisk, where the pro-Kiev Crimean Tatar militant group branded as the “Battalion Crimea” was completely defeated. After the dismantling of the “Battalion Crimea” in 2015, the former militants took up the usual criminal business.

They, using weapons obtained in the conflict zone, they terrorized the region of Kiev and Kherson paying tribute to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

A part of these militants joined another enthnic-based armed group – Noman Celebicihan Battalion. This organization participated in the Kiev-endorsed economic blockade of Crimea and, alongside with the so-called Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People [another radical group] participated in terrorist attacks that led to the mass blackout in Crimea in 2015.

After Kiev was forced to take an action against the bandits who had fled, some of them, fearing persecution, went to Syria. These “democrats” joined the ranks of the militant group “Crimean Jamaat”, which was created in Syria in the summer of 2015. Just months later, in the fall of 2015, the group swore allegiance to the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda – Jabhat al-Nusra.

In 2016, it was reported that a group consisting of Crimean Tatars was formed within Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (the new brand of Jabhat al-Nusra). Abdul-Ilgiz al-Kerim started his international terrorist career in this unit.

The participation of Crimean Tatars on the side of the militant groups fighting against the Syrian government forces was initially announced by the former leader of the Mejlis Mustafa Dzhemilev. In particular, a few years ago, he said that the Crimean Tatar militant, who was part of Hizb ut-Tahrir, had been blown up in Syria by a mine.

This story, among others is a clear example of the real face of patriotism brewing acros Ukraine. The interesting fact is that this patriotism involved even some non-Ukrainian citizens and ISIS-trained ‘activists’. These facts were even reported by some mainstream media outlets.

On December 26, 2018, The Times posted an article titled “Putin is our enemy too, says Chechen fighter in Ukraine”. It provides a look at “activists” that voluntarily assist efforts of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in their conflcit with local resistance in the region of Donbass.

These activists, some trained in ISIS camps, formed the Sheikh Mansur battalion and actively operated along with Ukrainian Army units in the combat zone.

Member Of Pro-Kiev 'Volunteer Battalion' That Fought In Eastern Ukraine Was Killed in Syria

After the 2014 Maidan Coup, Ukraine has become a hotbed of various radical groups (from Islamist to Nazis), organized crime networks, sects and sectarian-style believes.

Radicals are obtaining combat expirience in the combat zone in the eastern part of the country. A high level of corruption and a flow of weapons from the region of Donbass has led to a rapid growth of organized crime groups (at least some of them is formed by members of pro-Kiev “volunteer” battalions). The society is divided by political and religious views and even ethnically.

The Kiev government and their Western sponsors are actively working to shape the Ukrainian society in order to supress the last pockets of resistance. Media outlets, non-governmental organizations and even churches that do not act in the framework of the pro-Western mainstream agenda. In the coming years, it’s expected that various Islamic sects, non-canonical churches and new age-styled liberal beliefs will continue their rapid growth in Ukraine. These entities will be used as a tool to dismantle traditional religions, including Islam and Christianity. This will lead to a further atomisation and division of the society making it a soft target for the ongoing radicalisation and propaganda campaign.


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More a son of his mother out of the stage.


Far too many in NATO nations will not wake up to the actions of the US/UK proxy terrorist thieves until they recieve a knock on their doors by hooded men with guns and knives who demand protection money.


Well, I think that they already have it, their governments.

Zionism = EVIL

Russia really needs to wake up to the Turkish agenda which is to destabilize Crimea and the Caucasus on the model of what the Americunts and NATO did in Afghanistan circa 1980’s.

In Midst of turmoil, Ukraine Becomes Gateway for Jihad and a major base for Mossad and western intelligence agencies.

Khalid, who uses a pseudonym, leads the Islamic State’s branch in Istanbul, with full support from Turkish authorities. He came from Syria to help control the flood of “volunteers” arriving in Turkey from all over the world, wanting to join
the global jihad. Now, he wanted to put me in touch with Ruslan, a Salafist “brother” fighting with Muslims in Ukraine.

The “brothers” are members of ISIS and other underground Islamic
organizations, men who have abandoned their own countries and cities.
Often using pseudonyms and fake identities, they are working and
fighting in the Middle East, Africa and the Caucasus, slipping across
borders without visas. Some are fighting to create a new Caliphate —
heaven on earth. Others — like Chechens, Kurds and Dagestanis — say
they are fighting for freedom, independence and self-determination. They
are on every continent, and in almost every country, and now they are
in Ukraine, enjoying full government patronage and western support. Their agenda is to create a Islamic state in Syria and Caucasus and kill Russians or anyone who does not agree with their warped world vision.

Toronto Tonto

Russia needs to get its troops out of Ukraine , The DREAM of a land corridor to the stolen land of crimea is NOT going to happen .

Daniel Miller

If Russia had its troops in Ukraine then it wont exist anymore.
Also why wold they want a land corridor when they have a bridge connecting it to the rest of Russia
both cars and trains can now go in and out.

Harry Smith

Yep, there is a joke about Russian troops. An Ukrop is asked why he is fighting at Donbass, and he says: “because there are Russian troops”. And then he asked why he doesn’t fights in Crimea, “ because there ARE Russian troops” answers Ukrop.

Zionism = EVIL

Ukraine is fucking joke, it has never been a country. It is an integral part of Russia, always know as Kievan-Rus. The Orthodox religion started here and all important battles for the survival of Russia from Poltava to the defeat of Nazis was fought on Ukrainian Russian soil. Sevastopol has been Russia’s primary warm water port for centuries, so it would be insane for the so-called west and its Jew masters to think that Russia will just walk away from its own land and history.

Harry Smith

Please bro. Kievan Rus is NOT a state but a period of time when the Grate Duke of Rus was sitting in the Kiev as main city of all Russian princedoms. That land was not crucial for surviving of Russians, and the real main battles were at Northwestern Russia, like battle on ice, and central Russia like Kulikovo battle. The importance of the lands of modern Ukraine is highly overestimated, mostly because of domination of Ukrainian “experts” opinion in the western MSM.

art poirot

The land corridor was a farce from the beginning and the only mention of it was in western media. It was never a real goal to begin with. Russia will get out when the dnr are capable of defending themselves against Ukraine.. Untill then, it’s a case of “make me”

Tudor Miron

There’s no regular Russian troops in Donbass. It was actually confirmed many times by OBSE as well as high ranked Ukro military. Yes, if situation becomes really dangerous for Donbass than Russia will help but right now people of Donbass are doing well by themselves.


Hey Ukie turd why don’t you go migrate back to your homeland, what’s pathetic of you fucking Ukie Canadians is you fanaticism over country you don’t want to live in. For all you pathetic tough talk stupid Ukie Canadians don’t have the balls to live in the poorest and most corrupt state in Europe. All you can do like the worthless trash that you are is blame Russia for your own incompetence and stupidity, because you can’t take responsibility for yourselves. If you feel so strong about Ukraine then get the fuck out of Canada, otherwise shut the fuck up, coward.

Harry Smith

Why do you think he is Canadian? If I will type “Donald Trump” at my nickname, doesn’t mean I am the President of the United States.

John Whitehot

a flag in the nickname, if it brings any indication, is the country from which the “user” IS NOT.

Zionism = EVIL

He is a Jew troll. Does not know much about Canada either, I checked him out a few months ago and he is a total dud! In Canada due to rampant Anglo racism, the Jews and Ukis Anglicize their names, their their dumb ugly FM Christina Alexandra “Chrystia” Freeland who is a Uki and hates Russia.

Zionism = EVIL

Ukraine is Jew controlled shithole, and I am being kind :)

John Whitehot

the US needs to stop trying to put a wedge between Europe, Russia and China, because they are terrified by the prospect that Eurasia will fluorish economically, and that the zionist cabals ruling the US won’t get a dime from it.

Zionism = EVIL

Dumb arsehole, the headchoppers are hardly going to be kind to the Canadian brainwashed morons either.

Ukraine is now becoming an important stop-off point for the Islamist “brothers”,
like Ruslan. In Ukraine, you can buy a passport and a new identity, while the government turns a blind eye. For $15,000 in funds from Turkey, UAE and Saudi Arabia, a fighter receives a new name and a legal document attesting to Ukrainian citizenship. Ukraine doesn’t belong to the European Union,but it’s an easy pathway for immigration to the West. Ukrainians have
few difficulties obtaining visas to neighboring Poland, where they can work on construction sites and in restaurants, filling the gap left by the millions of Poles who have left in search of work in the United Kingdom and Germany.

You can also do business in Ukraine that’s not quite legal, but with rampant corruption, it is relatively easy. You can earn easy money for the brothers fighting in the Caucasus, Syria and
Afghanistan. You can “legally” acquire unregistered weapons to fight the Russian-backed separatists, and then export them by bribing corrupt Ukrainian customs officers who also work for western intelligence agencies.

“Our goal here is to get weapons, which will be sent to the Caucasus to kill Russians and establish an Islamic state,” Ruslan, the brother who meets me first in Kiev, admits openly
without any hesitation.


Except that the Russian-Crimean land corridor is already well and truly linked and open. Bad luck chump.

comment image

Neo Onh

Don´t need a “corridor” as all of Novorossiya will be liberated!

John Whitehot

Oh I’m sure that there are millions of people mourning, for the loss of such pillar of Justice and Peace.

I propose three days, no, an entire week, of official mourning and whining, all the national flags put at half-mast, and a summon at the UN palace to release an international document of grief about this irreplaceable loss. And a state funeral with a 21 gun salute in Arlington, VA.


Not a priority target for spetsnaz or anything :)

Zionism = EVIL

Russia will regret making deals with these scum and their Turkish and Zionist masters. They have a simple one dimensional agenda of killing Russians and creating a warped barbaric Wahhabi “caliphate” in Syria, Iraq and Russian Caucasus. I had posted this last year when the CIA recruitment program in Ukraine had just started, now with total Jew control of the clown Ukraine puppet regime, it is becoming a large scale operation in coordination with Turkish intelligence. Erdogan is an idiot who thinks that in the chaos Turkey will reclaim the lands lost to Russians over last two centuries, including Crimea.

Zionism = EVIL

I had posted this last year as the Jew fucks are recruiting and training the Crimean Salafists and other Caucasian Wahhabi fuckwits to go kill Russians in Syria and the region. This recruitment and training is directly controlled by CIA and MOSSAD in collaboration with Turkish MIT which is a conduit for transferring these animals to Syria and Iraq.

Neo Onh

Good !

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