Member Of OPCW Team On Douma Denounces Chemical Attack Narrative In UN Security Council Address


Ian Henderson, a former inspector with the OPCW accused the chemical weapons watchdog of issuing a sanitized report on the alleged 2018 attack in Syria’s Douma. He says that the OPCW ignored serious reservations of its own fact-finding team.

“The findings in the final [Fact Finding Mission] report were contradictory, were a complete turnaround with what the team had understood collectively during and after the Douma deployments,” Henderson said.

According to Henderson, the OPCW’s final report on the Douma incident, released last March, omitted key findings of its own inspection team that had serious doubts on whether a chemical attack took place at all.

Now former member of the OPCW staff, Henderson a recorded video address to the United Nations Security Council after his visa application to attend the meeting in person was rejected.




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