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Member Of Israeli Parliament’s Defense Committee Admits No Israeli Strikes On Syria Since S-300 Delivery

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Member Of Israeli Parliament’s Defense Committee Admits No Israeli Strikes On Syria Since S-300 Delivery

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Ksenia Svetlova, a member of the Israeli parliament’s defense committee, revealed that Israeli warplanes had not approached Syria’s airspace since Russia supplied the Syrian military with S-300 air defense systems.

“There hasn’t been a single mission since Syria received S-300s. The S-300 has changed the balance of power in the region,” she told media on November 5.

Svetlova’s remarks went contrary to speculations widely spreaded by mainstream media outlets in late October. On October 29, Reuters reported citing “the senior official, who could not be named” that warplanes of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) had continued attacks on targets in Syria even after the downing of the Russian Il-20 military plane on September 17.

“The IDF have attacked in Syria, including after the downing of the Russian plane. Military coordination with the Russians continues as before,” Reuters quoted the source as saying.

However, Rueters were not able to provide any evidence to confirm such claims. Syrian local and military sources mocked these reports. Nonetheless, they gained a wide attention in the mainstream media because they contribute to its general narrative towards the conflict.

Svetlova’s statement is another confiration that the Reuters article was a common example of fake news.

Despite a compliated situation faced Syria after the S-300 delivery, top Israeli officialls continue to make threats against the Syrian Armed Forces.

On November 5, Ze’ev Elkin, Israel’s Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and Minister of Environmental Protection called the S-300 delivery to Syria a “big mistake” and threated that Israeli forces will eliminate S-300 systems if they are employed.

“The Syrian military are not always capable of correctly using the hardware transferred to them. In case of improper operation, civilian aircrafts may be harmed,” he claimed reflecting the Israeli attitude to blame Damascus for every escalation in the Israeli-Syrian relations.

Elkin even stated that the Syrians “might use [S-300 systems] to down an Israeli military or commercial plane over Israeli territory.”

“Considering the mess that is going on in the Syrian Army. Shipping S-300s might lead to destabilization of the situation,” he added.

The minister even went further threatening Russia.

“By shipping these kinds of weapons to Syrians, Russia bears partial responsibility for their use,” Elkin said. “Usually, Israel reacts to attacks on its territory and its aircrafts not through international demarches, but with practical actions. Actions would undoubtedly take place, should [an attack] occur, against the launchers used to attack Israeli territory or Israeli planes.”

“I hope greatly that there would be no Russian military specialists [at S-300 sites],” he stated. “Israel has for all these years been doing everything it can to make sure Russian military personnel are not harmed. The Iranians have repeatedly used the Russian military as a living shield and conducted arms relocation operations under the cover of the Russian military presence.”

Elkin also speculated that Iran had attempted to use Russian military bases for weapons shipment operations. Nonetheless, he failed to provide data “how” Teheran wanted to do this without informing Moscow.

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That Guy

Now they’ve learned who is boss. Yeah boy!




Israel weaponizes mendacity.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

“Elkin even stated that the Syrians “might use [S-300 systems] to down an Israeli military or commercial plane over Israeli territory.”” Assad is not that stupid, but perhaps, reading through the lines, you just told us that a false flag operation of that nature we should expect?

“Israel has for all these years been doing everything it can to make sure Russian military personnel are not harmed. The Iranians have repeatedly used the Russian military as a living shield…” erhm…. you´ve been off planet the last few months?


” or commercial plane over Israeli territory. ”

I fear you are correct. This scenario would be more harmful if a plane load of American holidaymakers was diverted by Israeli Air traffic Control to route just inside Syria, or more likely , to be used as a decoy to hide Israeli bombers , as we witnessed in Latakia.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Yeah, and it would justify an invasion of Syria from Israel with full US/NATO support, or combined with a chemical false flag operation the international community would start openly support ISIS and HTS now that they would have a common enemy?

Promitheas Apollonious

and now they don’t openly support them? What planet you live on. No sarcasm mean here just matter of fact.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

I never said that they dont. For many of us they openly support them and have done so for years, and for us the West created ISIS and the Israeli government is controlling the world and so forth.

What im saying by “start openly support ISIS and HTS” is that in the western MSM they would actually come one day and say” Hey ISIS and HTS is perhaps not the best, but they are better than Assad, so lets send them guns and bombs”

Like we did with the Mujahideen in Afghanistan to fight “The Red Plague”

Promitheas Apollonious

they already said that for al queda. western MSM will always support their mercenaries no matter what. they been doing it all along since GLADIO and now with same shit different name, mercenary armies of theirs.

The ones who pretend they are asleep to the facts, are the sheeple followers and supporters of NWO meaning all the employees of the global companies. Politicians – police and all the agencies that lately over take the gardens of humanity like weeds hard to kill.

As for the israeli government controlling anything even their destiny I think there you should think more realistic as they don’t. Are just convenient idiots prepared for slaughter and are expendable as all colonies they are. holywood brainwashing the mass populations that slaves actually can become masters and in an ideal world maybe they could even thought they will have no idea how to behave and destroy everything they touch. In the real world helots, (tax slaves), will always be what they born to be clones of the system they live in with out ever taking any initiative on their own with out their master telling them to, or responsibility and that is the sad fact of this world as they make it in west to be.

Promitheas Apollonious

p.s. wait until the new movie of the white helmets come to a theater near you then you understand what I am saying.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

I know that the White helmets is part of IS or was it HTS, i dont remember.

I know that the west openly supports the white helmets but they dont openly say that the white helmets supports IS or HTS, thats my point here; create a situation witch justify the open support of everything and everyone that is against Assad, no matter what or who they are.

If i remember correct it was they dutch who refused to support the white helmets because of clear ties to ISIS or HTS, but that story was quickly washed away by the rest of the western world.

Promitheas Apollonious

xm…… plenty of evidence make it common knowledge what the white helmets support and where they are coming from. Common knowledge among their supporters in west and their effort to present them a s heroic. Have you noticed that always the heroes in holywood movies are jews or black and soon on your screens will be added to them the white helmets. The zionists always glorify their genocides.

What you fail to take into your thinking, is the fact that the majority of western voters hence the governing bodies they have, since humans always deserve their leadership and is a mirror to who they really are and my point is the mass population of west is supportive of the wars of their puppet governments, not the other way around.

The ones who are not supportive is a very small minority that always in history failed to unite and went into oblivion. So when you think as you answered me have in mind that voters who are the majority any where you look in western countries, are supportive of their governments actions other wise they would have found a way to stop them.

There is a saying about modern western societies. That, their thinking, is one palm size from their wallet. if that is not in danger they really don’t care as is hard for them with their 2 sec thinking span. There worry is make it into next day, having money for their smokes and beer, or dosage. If in doubt chose a subject and try to discuss it with someone in the streets and you understand what I am saying.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

I agree with a lot you saying, like; the government is a mirror of the voters and that the mass population is supporting the different proxy wars around the world, without knowing anything about the wars; i.e. deliberately blind trust in the government.

I dont know how long you have been digging stuff like this (in lack of a better term, sorry) but do you see a tendency to more and more are actually actively searching for the cause (some would say the truth) for all the trouble in the world or is it more the opposite?


Unfortunately your assessment is 100% spot on…….and your very last paragraph is very apt.

Brother Ma

The Dutch actually paid part of White Helmet’s formation and training costs but off course distanced themselves as soon as they could when they realised clever cookies were not believing their bs and Russia was killing these headchoppers too well. The Australians and Dutch are pityingly servile in accepting and pushing the bs about Russia shooting down that plane over Ukraine on purpose. Bought-out whores of the Yankees.


The Israel all airports are under strict observation by Syrian, Russian and their allies. Each and every action of Israeli terrorists are now recording.

Brother Ma

Well the zionatos did it with the Malaysian plane over Ukraine.


That’s true .


I concur with you Brian,actually they may be planning to use a false flag of a commercial plane or anything to blame it on Russians or syrians .Using Russians il20 as cover could have been something planned for long to cause pain to Russians..hope Russians are ready for every scenario.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Yeah, the Il20 incident could have been a drill to finetune the tactics needed, time will tell.

Dušan Mirić

As much as I know Iranians were not assaulting Israel from Syria. Israel was stabbing from the back Iranian efforts to fight terrorist invaders in Syria, so, their “excuses” are crap. About shooting down of Israeli airplanes over Israel, well, I don’t think it is Syria’s priorities, even if Israelis made a loooong pay back list. Besides, Syrians never shot down a passenger plane, Israelis did it at least once.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Correct me if im wrong, but i do not remember mentioning Iran, or perhaps im missing the point your making?

We are talking about Israel faking a Syrian shootdown, but then blaming Syria.

Dušan Mirić

You’re right. On the second look I saw this was a quotation: “Israel has for all these years been doing everything it can to make sure Russian military personnel are not harmed. The Iranians have repeatedly used the Russian military as a living shield…”

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Oh, im sorry, i guess i forgot my own text, wont happen again :-) Thanks for pointing it out for me


Syria: peace implies international condemnation of the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood

by Thierry Meyssan

Although several peace projects are currently circulating in the chanceries, Thierry Meyssan points out their inadequacy for this sort of war. According to him, those who begin with an amputated analysis of the conflict, yet still believe they are doing the right thing, will not only fail to resolve the problem, but will pave the way for a new war. It is imperative to treat the ideological question as a priority. http://www.voltairenet.org/article203743.html


Trump’s strategy against Russia and China

by Alfredo Jalife-Rahme

The war in Syria has shown that when it comes to conventional weapons, the US Armed Forces are no longer the top dog. Russia is now in control. Moscow has brought a new resource onto the war pitch: the most recent generation of hypersonic nuclear carriers. This introduction should see Russia getting ahead of the United States in nuclear warfare. Unwilling to lag behind and seeking to make up lost ground, the Pentagon intends to profit – in as much as time remains for it to do so— from its quantitative superiority, to impose its choices on Russia and China. http://www.voltairenet.org/article203725.html


I have mentioned before that the Israeli terrorist state treatment is present in S-300. But now Russia have also stood in favour of Russian forces defence and have activated their S-400. The Syrian S-300 have been upgraded to S-400. Next year in June 2019 Syria will receive more 4 batteries of S-400.


Tommy Jensen

The S-300 presents no harm to Israel as we can take them out anytime we want with the F-35b stealth invisble space plasma airfighter. Russia must expect more Il-20 planes to be downed with Russian officers inside, if Russia continues its amateurish and unprofessional weaponzing of the Syrian dictatorship. Its not our fault Russia and Syria are shooting themselves in their feet and their butt and in their heads…………..LOL……….we can also do weaponized humour…………LOL.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

“F-35b stealth invisble space plasma airfighter.” As far as i know there is no air in space, and jet engines are breathing engines, meaning that they need oxygen to work. And what on earth/in space is an “Airfighter”? It fights air?

And stealth does not mean invisible, it never has, that stealth means invisible is something made up by uneducated civilians and MSM, ask the serbs. The correct term for stealth is Low Observable.

As a rule, everything with a surface is detectable by radar, because everything with a surface reflects radio vawes, RAM and angles can decrease that reflection, but not avoid it, as far as i know, please correct me if im wrong.

Promitheas Apollonious

stop self medication, you already established you are a moron.

Stephan Williams

If you haven’t figured out by now that Tommy is an accomplished satirist it might be you that is the moron, PA.

Promitheas Apollonious

accomplished………….. I see passion in your defending him. That is good. As they say the best antidote to thousand enemies it is a true friend. R u one? or just wanted to sound intelligent.



Promitheas Apollonious

If the syrians are not qualified to use what the russians supply them with, I think is a golden opportunity for israel to show us what their F-35b stealth invisible space plasma air fighters and show us the error in the russians short sighted policy and destroy them. This way they prevent an accident happening from the amateur syrians.

Lena Jones

Like anyone in the universe believed their story in the first place. Jews = eternal, serial liars: The Banality of Jews: https://platosguns.com/2018/11/05/the-banality-of-jews/

Brother Thomas



s300 = sling of David.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Israelis stopped attacking Iranian and Hezbollah targets in Syria back in early or mid september, soon after the Incident that caused the Russian plane to be shot down, but the Iranian SRBM strike against Isis in Dier ez-Zor just a few weeks later, is what really scared them the most, not the threat of an S-300 system. I grew up hearing the US and Israel both demanding, that the Iranians can never have nuclear capable SRBM’s ever, under any circumstances, but they do now, and their good ones. The Iranians showed them just how good they are by popping them in just 5 km away from the US special forces fighting Isis in Dier ez-Zor, and the US didn’t see them coming either, not until it was too late. And besides, they couldn’t do anything about it anyway, they were just a bunch of [lucky] sitting ducks waiting and hoping the missiles weren’t really meant for them. If the S-300 was the thing that scared them the most, don’t you think the Israelis would have taken advantage of the 3 weeks + period it took to bring them over and set them up, by making as many bombing runs as they could whilst they could, but they didn’t do that. You all know what the Israelis are really like, they didn’t stop in respect for the loss of Russians lives, or any fear of the Russian counter actions, I read what they said, I’m surprised no ones picked up on the fact they seemed to miss a very important window of opportunity, by not taking advantage of it. But as I say, the S-300 systems aren’t as much as a deterrent as most of you think they are, the Iranian SRBM are though. S-300 takes out Israeli jet in retaliation for unprovoked attack, or Iranian SRBM strike takes out major Israeli military facility in response to unprovoked attack, which sounds scarier. Or maybe even, Iranian SRBM strike takes out huge section of major city killing tens of thousands, that’s even scarier. Remember the Russians already have 2 S-400 systems there if they really want to get serious.

bob balkas

Fact is S-300’s are not S-200’s. Fact is Russia is not as friendly with Israel today a sit had been just weeks ago. Surely, fakers have seen and thought a lot about the two facts. And so have Russians, Germans, Syrians, Iraqis, Poles, Americans that matter…. How about the Americas that do not matter in the military-political sphere? They still listen to corporate media……

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Israelis are really pooing their pants about the Iranian SRBM’s but desperately want us all to think it’s the S-300’s that have them DETERRED, as if. The Russians already have 2 S-400 systems there in Syria already, does anybody really believe the addition of 2 inferior systems is suddenly spooking the Israelis now, you’re pretty stupid if you do. [Yes I know Russia integrated the SAA systems into its own superior systems and they’re all much better now.] It’s much more accurate to say there have been no Israeli strikes on any Iranian or Hezbollah interest anywhere at all since the second Iranian SRBM strike against Isis in Syria, the timeline fits better and the threat level does too. The Iranian strike against Isis a mere 5 km away from US special forces fighting in the area, was an effective demonstration of just how good these missiles are. Precision targeting. To hit a target just 5 km away from the US forces was incredibly brave, imagine the consequences if they’d accidently hit the US personnel, they must have been very confident in those missiles. Stealthy because they weren’t detected by either US or Israeli radar until it was too late, and that’s if they were detected at all, we have no idea as yet. If they were detected there was no response from either the US or Israel and no defensive actions taken by any of the US anti air defences. They had several AA systems within a hundred km or so of where it happened, but they may have been too far away for their short range missiles to reach anyway. Since they don’t have any anti ballistic systems like the S-300/400 systems [neither do the Israelis] it’s doubtful the US could have done anything to protect their soldiers if they had to, isn’t it lucky they weren’t the intended targets. But they didn’t know that at the time and would have stopped them if they could have, they wouldn’t have taken a chance of being hit by Iranian missiles even if they knew they weren’t the intended targets. Those Iranian SRBM are nuclear capable, have multi re-entry vehicles, accurate, stealthy, and practically impossible for the Israeli iron dome to defend against, but everyone seems to think it’s the S-300 systems deterring the Israelis, I don’t, I instead think the Israelis have a spy or 2 working for SF and encourage this false propaganda. Anti air systems only take out a plane or two, SRBM’s take out tens of thousands of people and large chunks of cities. The Iranians have threatened to respond harshly if Israel hits targets in Lebanon again, and since the S-300’s aren’t protecting Lebanon, lets see if the Israelis do or don’t, I’ll bet they don’t. That Iranian missile strike also told the US and Israel it wasn’t afraid of the consequences of accidentally hitting US servicemen if they got in the way, that means they’re not only prepared to protect their own assets on their own soil, they’re now prepared to do the same for their allies. The S-300 and 400 systems are deterring Israel from hitting targets in Syria, but not anywhere near as much as the Iranian SRBM’s are, they’re actually deterring the Israelis from hitting any Iranian assets anywhere at all, or any of their allies assets either for that matter.


“Ksenia Svetlova, a member of the Israeli parliament’s defense committee”

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