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Meet Reza Karimi, Iran Identified The Natanz Bomber

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Meet Reza Karimi, Iran Identified The Natanz Bomber

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On April 16, the Ministry of Intelligence of Iran identified the man behind the recent sabotage act at the Natanz fuel enrichment plant (FEP), which was reportedly plotted by the Israeli intelligence.

“Reza Karimi, the perpetrator of this sabotage… has been identified” by the Iranian intelligence, the state TV announced. “Necessary steps are underway for his arrest and return to the country through legal channels.”

According to the TV, the suspect fled Iran before the April 11 explosion at the Natanz EFP. It remains unclear if the man was an employee at the plant.

The Ministry of Intelligence shared a photograph of the suspect on a red card that had “Interpol Wanted” written on it. On the card, Karimi’s age was listed as 43.

While some sources reported that the incident at Natanz was caused by a cyber-attack, others said that a deliberately planned explosion destroyed the independent internal power system of the plant.

All the centrifuges damaged as a result of the sabotage act had been replaced, according to the state TV. Furthermore, a large number of centrifuges whose enrichment activity was disrupted by the explosion had been returned to normal service.

Iran responded to the sabotage act by launching a plan to enhance uranium up to 60%. The first batch of 60% enriched uranium was produced on April 17.

The sabotage act at Natanz EFP was widely seen as an attempt by Israel to hinder the ongoing talks between Iran and the US in Vienna. The two countries are discussing a possible return by the US to the 2015 nuclear deal.


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johnny rotten

The traitors must be executed, they do not deserve nor mercy and even solidarity, I wish Iran to take this unworthy as soon as possible, I trust Iran who knows how it should be treated.

Peter Moy

With this sabotage act the life expectancy of Karimi has been greatly reduced. This brainwashed dupe, probably with CIA/Mossad/MI6 support, is no longer of any use to them. He can expect a violent end to his earthly existence.

Blas de Lezo

The guy is a walking cadaver too hot to handle by anyone.

Diana Cornwell

Iran would allow explosives to be smuggled into its highest security nuclear facilities, then would let someone plant and detonate the explosives at his leisure, undetected?

Surely the Iranians can lie, too.


Exactly doc…..to me its inconceivable that someone could even fart wrong inside Natanz. Security there is unreal. However, if this substation that he stuck that sticky bomb on was 20 miles away from Natanz, then sure it might be believable, but I doubt it. The various substations that feed those dozens of centrifuge halls are definitely located on site. You know, my gut feel is the Vevak sniffed this Reza Karimi out long ago as a mole. They set him up and entrapped him and then busted him with his pants down. He’s probably locked up in a cell at Evin…….then Iran released this mythical James Bond story of fukkin ‘tomorrow never dies’……lol…..nothing happened I bet. And here they are pumping out 9 gms per hr @ 60% purity 24/ 7……lol. At this rate we got a dozen nukes by the end of this month alone…..lol. One more false flag and Iran’s sitting on enough fissile material for a few dozen nukes to have a real bargaining with the P-5 plus 1 at the next meeting. Iran’s become sharp now. It’s playing as dirty as these hillbilly are, and the deception totally worked. The dead giveaway for pulling this false flag is that the West refuses to lift a single sanction, without Iran compromising first, for the last 3 months straight. Here’s Iran’s motive for pulling this stunt.

Diana Cornwell

Where are the good guys?
Hint: not on this planet.


dead man walking, or running


Now we shall see how independent of the Reich interpol is,or am i being ridiculous Lol !!

Free man

Especially bad Photoshop job..
Iranian government claim that they listed this man in Interpol. but thats a fake. nobody with this name is in the Interpol wanted list.

Rhodium 10

Make a phone call and tell him that there are not problems…

Free man

There is no such person.


more than likely hiding away in illegally occupied palestine waiting to be airlifted to warmer climes. Iran needs to find him and make a very public and gory execution of the villain. and when the stuff is weapons grade, make nukes fitted on a missile with which the jews in palestine can be removed from their mortal coil


“The sabotage act at Natanz EFP was widely seen as an attempt by Israel to hinder the ongoing talks between Iran and the US in Vienna. The two countries are discussing a possible return by the US to the 2015 nuclear deal.”

The problem is the US IS Israel for a long time already.


Mormons is the only way …

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