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JUNE 2023

Media Turning On Itself: USAToday’s Wolff Slams CNN’s Stelter As “Ridiculous, Self-Righteous Figure”

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Media Turning On Itself: USAToday's Wolff Slams CNN's Stelter As "Ridiculous, Self-Righteous Figure"

Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Amid the ever-increasing virtue-signaling fanaticism of the mainstream media in their incessant anti-Trump (so-called ‘fact-checking’) propaganda, it appears the infighting has begun. As The Hill reports, USA Today and Hollywood Reporter columnist Michael Wolff slammed CNN’s Brian Stelter on his media affairs program Sunday, telling the host he was becoming “quite a ridiculous figure.”

With mainstream media credibility at record lows, The Hill points out that Wolff accused Stelter, in a recent Newsweek column, of delivering “a pious sermon about [Donald] Trump’s perfidiousness and nursing personal grudges.”

The 31-year-old “Reliable Sources” host asked Wolff if his style or substance was wrong in attempting to “fact-check the president.”

And then the fireworks began…

“I think it is, and I mean this with truly no disrespect, but I think you can border on being sort of quite a ridiculous figure. It is not a good look, to repeatedly and self-righteously defend your own self-interest. The media should not be the story every week.”

“Every week in this religious sense, you make it the story,” Wolff added. “We are not the story.”

“Isn’t there room for one hour a week on CNN for this?” Stelter asked.

“Listen, I love your show, but I wish every weekend you did not turn to the camera and lecture America about the virtues of the media and everyone trying to attack it. The media will be fine,” Wolff  replied.

“The media doesn’t need defending?” Stelter followed.

“The media doesn’t need defending by the media,” Wolff responded. “The New York Times front page looks like it’s 1938 in Germany every day.”

“No it does not. Give me a break,” retorted Stelter.


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The American media forgot that its job is to report the facts . Commentary is allowable by others only. ABC’s O”Reilly stating that Putin is a killer as he questions Trump is just a good example of how they are trying to report and comment at the same time . SLANTED news is generally called propaganda. Americans are seeing through it , and that has the media , afraid .

Lord Humongous

There are a few, and only a few on the left who are beginning to realize how deep the shit is that they are in. Their narrative and propaganda no longer resonates, they are correctly seen as infantile, feminized cry babies. They can not comprehend or accept that alpha males are now in charge, because they cannot begin to compete. And I love every second of their tortuous misery. May they burn in HELL.

Alex Popoff

Russian crisis exposed western media as orwellian ministry of truth (which they always were).

50, 25, maybe even 10 years ago, without internet media they could push their agenda without any problems. Just remember how in 08.08.08 people believed “Russia attacked Georgia” nonesence.

But only six years later “Putin shoot down the MH17” lie didn’t work even after GLOBAL WORLDWIDE CAMPAIGN against Russia and Putin personally. The whole era of western media “truth monopoly” is over. Internet won. People won.

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