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Media: Trump Plans to Visit Russia after Inauguration

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According to media, citing a high-ranking source in the US Republican Party, US President-elect Donald Trump is going to visit Russia after his inauguration.

Media: Trump Plans to Visit Russia after Inauguration

US President-elect Donald Trump (Photo: AP / John Locher)

US President-elect Donald Trump will come to visit Russia after his inauguration, the Izvestiya newspaper reported, citing a high-ranking source in the US Republican Party.

“After some intra-team consultations, it was decided to postpone the visit. It will be prepared after the inauguration of Trump,” the newspaper quoted its source.

According to editor of The National Interest magazine, Dimitri Simes, Trump’s visit to Russia before the inauguration may be regarded as an “undermining of the current policy” and a desire to conduct international negotiations “behind back of Barack Obama‘s administration.”

According to the source of Izvestiya, Trump did not know about the resumption of an operation of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria. He also noted that now, there are “no serious contacts” between the Kremlin and the Trump’s team.

Earlier, Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin held a telephone conversation. The sides gave the same estimate of current relations between the two countries, describing them as unsatisfactory, and spoke in favor of active work for their normalization.

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Peter Jennings

Let’s hope that the US security services do their job properly this time and do not allow themselves to pulled from security details around the president as happened in JFK’s assassination, or the sloppy work displayed around the Robert Kennedy and MLK assassination, the attempted assassination of Reagan, etc.

The cover-ups afterwards were known about but some ‘americans’ decided to shut their mouths about it because of fear, greed, stupidity. The US do seem to have a lot of assassinations, much more than even banana republics.

President Trump will have good security in Russia because the security service there works as it should.


Trump will hopefully have his own security besides the secret service. Any president that has gone against the privately owned federal reserve or its predecessors has been killed or an attempt made. Jfk’s executive order 11110 is likely a large part of what got him killed along with his interference with the us terrorist group known as the cia.


There are now calls by both Democratic and Republican Representatives and Senators to launch an investigation of Donald Trump’s connections with business and political interests in Russia (to be completed BEFORE Trump’s inauguration). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-xRI4wylzg includes a pretty good summary of different news sources that are reporting this news.


Thanks for pointing that out. I hope nothing happens to stop trump from having an opportunity to prosecute some of the criminals in power.

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