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JUNE 2021

Media Spreads Rumors About “Dozens” Of Russian Private Military Contractors Killed In US-led Coalition Airstrikes

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Media Spreads Rumors About "Dozens" Of Russian Private Military Contractors Killed In US-led Coalition Airstrikes

FILE IMAGE: Russian Special Operations Forces troops in Syria

Several international news agencies and media outlets reported that the US-led coalitionkilled “dozens” of Russian private military contractors (PMCs) in its airstrikes against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in Deir Ezzor on February 7. While some of these outlets claimed that over 20 Russian PMCs were killed in the airstrikes, others went as far as claiming that over 100 were killed. All of these claims are based on so-called “anonymous sources”.

In response to this wave of claims, Russia’s UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia told reporters on February 8 that no Russian forces were at the SAA positions that were hit by the US-led coalition. Even US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said on February 8 that there were no Russian fighters among the SAA units that were attacked by the coalition, according to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

Furthermore, Syrian pro-government sources confirmed that 20 to 30 fighters of the Arab al-Bakara tribe were the main casualties in the US-led coalition airstrikes on the SAA. The tribe confirmed this claim soon after in an official statement.

The statements of Nebenzia, Mattis, al-Bakara and the lack of any real evidence didn’t put an end to this wave of claims. On the contrary some, Syrian opposition news outlet went on and claimed on February 9 that over 130 Russian PMCs were killed in the February 8 airstrikes.

The claims didn’t stop there. As several opposition sources reported that the Deir Ezzor Military Council (DMC) backed by the US-led coalition launched an attack against the SAA on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River and captured the village of al-Tabiyah.

However, these claims were not confirmed by the US-led coalition or the DMC itself. Moreover, US Department of Defense spokesperson Dana White said on February 8 that the US-led coalition is not looking to start a conflict with the SAA and the Damascus government.

These reports about “Russian casualties” in the US-led coalition airstrikes against the SAA are another example of the ongoing propaganda war, wihch is an important part of the Syrian conflict.

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Shy Talk

and the ” media” continues to spread the rumours


True or not those rumors one thing is for sure: Russian and Iranian forces fighting in Syria (Spetsnaz + IRGC) are incapable to subdue the irregular militias trained by the US.


These proxy armies are armed and paid by US. That is the problem, Wank. US training is nothing special.


Time…..Time……Time is on their side….yes it is….

Eskandar Black

Why should Russian & Iranian troops subdue American Headchopper Militias by the way…….? American Headchoppers should be subdued by Americans……..it’s their problems that they constantly bring to the rest of the world……..solve’m!


He is stupid the Russian Spetnaz have different tasks assigned to do not just go in and be in the front doing regular combat

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

What BS are you trying to spread as the made several factions disband out of fear already , you understand nothing and like your name suggests , as they say you are what you eat.

Group involved in the region also are called the ISIS hunters and 10 Christians were killed by US illegal strikes. Any action in Syria is an illegal strike and subject to civil and international law there.

Hope Turkey wins at the ICC in charging US with supporting and backing terrorists, then we will see if they can spin this at Hudson,Brookings, CFD, MEI, etc. these people should all be registered under the foreign agents act along with AIPAC.


You do look a bit like a hasbara troll.


Spetnaz are there for reconaissance missions to get coordiantes for Russian airstrikes,they’ve completely different specialized missions to do rather than the regular combat you idiot on the other side Iran is more all in with their IRGC.
But ywhat I’m going to tell you,you’re just another stupid troll


They simply try to talk about everything not to talk about their genocide against the syrian people and their attack against the syrian government.

But, As usual, Russia and Syria, instead of using this attack to attack SDF and called USA a terrorist organization and the ennemy of the syrian people, they chose to take the USA narrative.

Russia and Syria always fall in USA traps. So easy.

King Tudor777

The SAA hasn’t the strength to attack the SDF now, and the US is threatening them, let them finish Idlib first and let’s see the Turks after Afrin, if they go to Manbij, FSA and SDF will bleed there. Let them kill each other, i don’t think Russia will allow Turkey to take Syrian territory, so let the Turks do Assad future work.


First, end with ISIS. 2 months that I stopped following syrian war and it’s still the exact same situation. Why do two ISIS pockets still remain ??? No ISIS = No legemacy for USA to stay and the so-called “USA coalition against ISIS” will be dissolved. USA wants time to create stronghold in Syria.

After that create a coaltion Syria-Iran-Russia to attack USA. You must attack them because they will not go. USA is ill, you can’t reason them.

And never trust the Turks. kurds deserve what they have. Hope the turks finish with them. But, the problem is that the Turks will never cooperate with Assad and FSA will become stronger. Turks and kurds are both syrian ennemis.


I am not sure right now what Russia is pretending to do with respect to USA (Kurds) and Turkey (NATO), it is not clear at all.

Tudor Miron

Just wait and see while noticing the red parts of Syrian map expanding day by day. Here’s one example https://southfront.org/map-comparison-development-of-military-situation-in-idlib-proivince-since-start-of-2018/


The real pitfall Serious is to fall into the traps set by people like you who always debate from both sides of the argument so as to confuse those who are not aware of this Zionist propaganda tactic.

You would love to see Russia,Syria.Iran and Hezbollah attacking ALL Syria’s enemies at once wouldn’t you Serious ?

Luckily none of those allies behave like American Cowboys, so you will be disappointed with the end result.


Why not behaving like USA as it’s successful ?

USA is not that strong. If I was Putin, I will never had let USA enter Syria nor Ukraine. And, if USA wants war so let go to war and end the Earth. Do you thing that USA want a nuclear war in her soil ? No. USA never want to be attack in her soil. So, Putin can send cruise missile into USA targets in Syria. USA is defenseless there and is bluffing.


” If I was Putin, I would never had let USA enter Syria nor Ukraine. ”

President Putin protected the choice of 98% of Crimean voters to return to Russia and the USA was thwarted from occupying a strategic warm water port that had been part of Russia since the Reign of Peter the Great until 1991 when Russia gained a long lease with the then friendly and NEW state of Ukraine .

Apart from the reunification of Crimea with Russia we can be thankful that a a man of your unique qualities is not the President of the Russia Matt. :)


Why doesn’t USA attack Russia about Crimea ? XD. As I said, USA will never start WW3 for Syria or Ukraine. So, don’t be afraid. USA is bluffing.


Despite all the USA’s illegal and engineered wars , she still has to give a semblance of abiding by international law.

It may have escaped you, but Ukraine’s illegal and violent coup in 2014 was paid for by the USA . The Ukraine is not in NATO and the US Military has no reason to be 3500 miles from America playing soldiers on the Russian borders.

The US may or may not be bluffing but it seems that the Zionist Jews who control the US for Israel are willing to fight to the last drop of Christian American blood and tax dollars.


If you, ruskies were woth of oxygen what you greath in, you would help to legal ukrainian president against coup. But you shit on your allied president. Simalar story in Cuba, Vietnam, Syria. Ugly, coward ruskie nation!


ahaha that trool funny american gay!


That is what the US actually wanted Russia to do and today we see a typical US post coup state that is in financial ruin.
The US hoped to draw the EU states into war and failed.

Tudor Miron

Lol :) I feel your pain.


The US has NO legal right to attack Crimea without a UN mandate.
IF the US was so foolish the US mainland would become uninhabitable.


You, ruskies are simply cowards and losers. Alwyas try to say some tales, like here you, but this will not change the reality: you are the biggest losers.


Solomon Kurwacek is that you? different name, still reeking of bs.


Solomon’s english was a tad better, wasn’t it?


It is the American people who are the biggest losers today.
They are collectively 20 trillion dollars in debt and with a population of circa 250 million.
You do the math Velociraptor :)

Tudor Miron

Lol :) Who’s that brave Winner barking behind his keyboard? We, Russians should look for somewhere to hide from this dangerous superman :)

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They are adding those regions to Russian Federation and once Porky and his government collapse , then Academi, Grey, and other mercenaries are gone, no pay no play. US may no longer be willing to continue to fund this failed coup , understandable under the circumstances.


USA is unpredictable. ANd count on their mercy is not a clever thing.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

US is running out of money and allies so they are not in a good situation.


Russia and Syria are trying to reason a rabid dog (USA) by telling him to stop and go away. XD. Of course, the rabid dog continues to attack and kill people because a rabid dog is ill and mad. But, Russia and Syria are afraid of killing the rabbid the rabid dog and even calling him ill !!!


No they let the rabid dog die……. if it bites you, you get infected too……

Brad Isherwood

Some tribes even have ties with their counterparts in Iraq, especially those based around the Euphrates river. Prominent among these clans are the al-Jabbour, al-Obeid, al-Ouqeidat, al-Bakara, Anza, and Shamar, which came from Nejad and the Hijaz in the Arabian Gulf to settle in Iraq and the Jazira plains in Syria. 


You can bet money that US Masonic Gangster opium racket masters want teach lesson to
Iraqi/Shia Arab tribes who don’t fall into line.

Masonic Lodge Lord Palmerston of Empire gunboat China and Opium wars.
China capitulated. ..Empire got Hong Kong, Shanghai, control of Opium racket and lots of other concessions.
Masonic All seeing Eye of Doom USD $ bill kicks off global pillage and looting with False
Flag 911.
Planet Rothschild wants this…
Wanted the Taliban offe’d so that Afghan Opium fields racket could turn profits again.


Kurds have been part of the Former French Connection Orient Narcotics route.
Worked with Fatullah Gulen organization. ..who were/still Are…involved with CIA,
Who use Opium/Narcotics global racket to run operations and serve** Planet
Rothschild/BIS Central Bank system.


Trade wars,..global narcotics racket.
Way older than BS Abrahamic religions with their fatalistic death cult Doctrines.

There is no Allah,YHWY,Jesus in Kevlar watching this crime – murder spree going down in the
Mid east.
The region is being crushed like Masonic Lodge and Lord Palmerston know how.
Bankers and the 1% win


Just get some good therapie.
Good luck.

Brad Isherwood


The true background of the ongoing conflict is who will have control of trade in Syria
/Iraq …connective to China One Belt One Road.

The Old Silk Road from my previous link proves the merit of ancient trade routes and..
Narcotics**…which wars are indeed launched over

You might try to be specific in your reply…
IE. ..what posted by me…pushed your buttons?

Sheeple could not believe their Gov would do 911 on them and blame others for doing it.
Same Sheeple can’t accept that Jewish Banking, Oligarchy, Corporate interest,
We’re part of 911.

US post Revolution war with Britian is All Masonic. …
Military Industrial Complex is Masonic skillset.

Abrahamic Religions are all BS….created by Man…..used as control over Sheeple.


Everything is created……. it is lovely…… you can forget all the Bullshit you ever learned, that my Friend is absolute Freedom…… and any Fucker tryin’ to take that……


Just get some teacher who will also teach to you read, not just write.


How does 1% win from 99%?…….. they must be really, really, really smart than right? Why are they shitting their pants then at the moment? I can smellem up here…..

Weldon Cheek

Dont know about all the opium side but the target of the strikes being part of this small collection of tribes could be significant,then again maybe it was just their area of control that was hit and its no big mystery why its mainly their guys that took the biggest hit?

Ishyrion Av

Actually, ALL Russian, Syrian and Iranian servicemen were killed in that air strike. US won. War is over.



Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Sarcasm hard for people to understand in text, but rightly said about the false narrative pushed by the US foreign backed lobbyists all qualify under the Foreign agents act.


What in the world is going on here? USA spokesperson Dana white???? Is this article for real or is this some joke? Am I missing something here.

comment image?strip=all&w=960


so what can russia do? nothing… they afraid of US


Annexation of Crimea and military support for Assad begs to differ. Where are you getting your news from?


Your guess is as good as mine as to where he gets his news from


Dozens? Hundreds? Godzillions!
fake news and propaganda bs.

Srini Rao

Putin is tied up with his reelection campaign. Any Russian deaths will contribute for the reduction of his popularity. that’s why MSM desperate to do any thing to Putin’s reelection. But it will fail to influence Russian election despite how much propaganda it spreads.


Actually, it could also be used to show that Russia is under attack and prop up those candidates who pursue a tougher stance against the United States of Aggression.

By the way, what is the problem with Putin’s non-reelection?
Putin is the best friend of the West in Russia (from among the top candidates, of course).
If Putin is not reelected, he will be replaced by someone who will directly take on the West, especially on the propaganda front, i.e. someone who will not merely support some occasional pre-election “fake news”, but will go straight for the Western leaders’ ego, uncover their lies and double standards and make fun of them.
Because, basically, a politician must not become funny or a source of ridicule. A politician can be loved, hated, feared, but never ridiculed—because that spells the end of his political career.
(The explanation is simple: if a politician is loved, people will vote for him; if a politician is hated or feared, it means that some people hate him or fear him for some reasons for which the others love him. In any case, politics is about power and being fearsome means being formidable and wielding power and people want to be associated with such politicians because they elicit respect., which is conferred upon the politician’s voters. But if a politician is ridiculed, nobody will want to be associated with the politician because his image of a lack would be associated with his supporters.)

George King

Drum roll, who are those ” prop up those candidates who pursue a tougher stance against the United States of Aggression”? There aren’t any who can hold a candle to President Putin.


True, now there aren’t, but my point was that if Putin was to lose the election, the election would be won by a politician with a much tougher attitude toward the West.

Weldon Cheek

What happened with trump then?did he get away with it by having a rediculous name a rediculous haircut a rediculous cowards way out of vietnam war and a rediculous ammount of rediculous tweeting going on? Id say he has exposed a major flaw in your thinking!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Trump dyes his hair orange not “red” but he is brown haired actually.

AM Hants

Just said similar.


Let us make happy the media and the fool people by saying that…in fact, about 50,000 Russian were killed there.

Tudor Miron

I’m the last one standing… :)

Bulgarian God

Hahaha, russians are weaklings !


CNN claims to have spoken to some of those involved:

The attack thrust eight kilometers into territory held by the Syrian Kurds, and appeared to target an oilfield nearby that — before ISIS seized it and it was seized back by the Syrian Kurds — once brought the regime considerable revenue.
After the regime-loyal tanks fired at and got within a kilometer of American troops, the Americans say, they brought in a C130 gunship and warplanes, killing over a hundred assailants, they say, and causing the rest to flee.
It was a staggering development that kept coalition HQ up all night, and perhaps the first time regime-loyal forces openly and knowingly fired upon American troops. Also, the US forces struggle to believe such an attack could be launched without Russian knowledge, as the Russian military has long known of the US presence at the base.
The Russian ministry of defense later issued a statement suggesting that the armored, 500-strong force the Americans observed was in fact a local Syrian militia hunting down the source of mortar attacks by ISIS fighters on nearby villages, and that they strayed into Syrian Kurdish territory without Russian military knowledge.
Commander Hassan (he declined to give his family name) of the Syrian Kurds, known as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) when they sometimes contain Arab fighters, said he had been in contact with the Russian military for days beforehand as they noticed a troop buildup. “They said we don’t know what you are talking about and that they don’t have any plans to attack the SDF, even at two minutes before the clashes started when I was on the phone with them.”
Later the same Russian monitor said the fighters had moved without their knowledge, and then called back one more time. “He asked for a ceasefire and for things to calm so the problem could be solved,” said Hassan, but also partly so casualties could be collected after the US strikes.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Where do you think they got the fake news on this , I can tell you where it came from and the idea people behind it. This is one of the worst Fake News from them yet holes are in the story already and US have no rights in Syria not of defense or making strikes killing civilians as this is what they are actually doing. Besides the truth was told by other sources and now you have a failed story from the west easily debunked.

Why don’t you pedal your fake stream news elsewhere.


Show any kind of evidence then will look into this without evidence nothing to discus


Reminds one of this scene halfway “Full Metal Jacket”, how did it go again. Joker: If we’re going to make up that we killed a VC captain, why stop there? Why not make him a general?

AM Hants

Why does Russian Presidential Elections come to mind and trying to use soft psy-ops, so the people of Russia believe a load of body bags are on their way home? Normally it is mirror transposition/reverse blame, so when Russia had a decent exercise, after the loss of Major Roman Fillipov, how many US mercenaries were taken out?

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