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Media: Russia Supplies Su-35 Fighter Jets To Sudan

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Media: Russia Supplies Su-35 Fighter Jets To Sudan

Al-Arabiya reported that Sudan received its first Su-35 fighter jets ahead of Bashir’s first Russia visit.

Sudan has become the first Arab country to acquire the fourth generation Su-35 fighter jets from Russia, the publication claims. This comes ahead of President Omar Ahmed al-Bashir’s first visit to Moscow on November 23.

The first batch of jets allegedly were delivered late last week. The UAE signed a similar agreement earlier this year to manufacture the Su-35 jets with Russia. The number of fighters delivered was not released.

Sudanese deputy air force commander, Salahuddin Abdul Khaliq Saeed, announced the deal back in March. The publication claims that Saeed told Sputnik news agency that the aircraft will contribute to the consolidation of Sudan’s defenses and will provide it protection from any threat.

There have been no commets from Russian officials concerning this report yet.

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I doubt it. Every so often we hear about some random country (like Pakistan) wanting to buy the Su-35 only for it to go nowhere, or be revealed as nothing more than a rumor.

Sudan doesn’t have the need (or technical expertise) for such an advanced and expensive fighter-jet anyway. They’d be far better off with some modernized Su-25s and MiG-29s, which would easily be enough to effectively combat any terror groups or militants that might appear in their territory.

If Sudan does buy Su-35s it will purely be out of vanity (as dictators love shiny toys).

Daniel Castro

I think the MiG-35 would be the best option, as long as it comes with AESA radar.

Tudor Miron

AESA radar is an option for Mig-35 but it’s not a cheap option.

Daniel Castro

A multirole fighter without AESA radar nowadays makes no sense, or else you might as well just stick to your old MiG21 models…


Why they give to them and not Iran??


Because Iran didint order any su-35… duuuuuu


They should

Mase fah


You can call me Al

LOL…. sort of sums it up hey !!?.


Because Iran’s strategic defence investment is not upgrading its air-force. Iran is only threatened by the Saudi-Israel-US axis, and an upgraded air-force will not be decisive if that war ever breaks out (I hope not). Missile defence will most likely be decisive. Iran needs to prepare an asymmetrical response.


Still upgrading their air force wouldntnhurt, as its not exactly one of their strengths :/

You can call me Al

Patience is a virtue.

Jens Holm

Its a matter of priority. I dont see Iran and Russia as friends as well.


Why not?

hans meiser

iam iranian and i say because russia supports israel it moves against iran in several issues such as the threat they actually pose to us in a matter of a war with israel considering that they are very closely militarily linked to israel and basically thousands of israelis work in the russian military because you can enter into the military with only one condition you must be a russian speaker and many israelis are russian speakers and serve in the military as spies basically


Yes. I think this is Russia attempting to keep it enemies closer and friends close. At least I hope so. I think though, for sure russia will come to Iran’s aid in event of full scale war

Jens Holm

I agree in the last part. They also cant effort both.

Jens Holm

Could be the russians want peace in Syria. They have no more gold.


How do u know?

Brad Isherwood
paul ( original )

This does not make any sense to me. I can not see why Sudan would need such an
advanced fighter. May be someone can explain what I don’t understand.

Jens Holm

Yes, I give one, which is my own.

Russians do all they can to sell anything they can to anyone, because they need to make a
lot ofmoney. They have a very big lack of any productions meant for normal export.

You can see the try for exports to Saudis and Turks in the same way. They cant effort there escalating pretending, they are some mini super power again having big minusses all over. Even their arrangements in Syria are too expensive. Its a kind of now and fast.

Not fx Assad again steal the Syrian oil some time in the future for Father Putin & Co and pay by that.

So now You have 1 speculation. I dont see Sudan can be able to handle those complicated jets unless russians send pilots and repair people too. I dont see that part of the world need weapon at all. For the moment only the mad cristian versions fight each other there, but there is no need of any escalations in high tech.

Nigel Maund

The Russians are now waiting to see what Israel and the KSA do next. If the stakes ramp up expect Iran to be supplied with “state of the art” equipment to inflict heavy casualties on both of them.

Jens Holm

You might turn KSA and Israel round in Your comments. Sauds are the angry ones, and Israel is possitive for some help for/against it.

Israel is the same. When other fights against each other, they dont fight against them. We see them help ISIS as private shield at Golan as well.


I am pleased that you recognise that Israel is Supporting, Arming and Encouraging UN proscribed Terror Groups Jens.

What has set you on this path to spiritual awakening ?

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