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JUNE 2021

Media: Russia Increasing Its Aviation Group to Include 100 Strike Aircraft

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SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence can’t confirm this information. Furthermore, such reports are well coordinated with the Western experts’ statements that Russia should start a ground operation because the Syrian forces supposedly aren’t able to get any success against ISIS and ‘moderate rebels’. The setting up of a new base could become a proof of this version in their logic.

On the other hand, it isn’t news that Russia is increasing the number of air force involved in its aerial campaign in Syria. It’s the reason why we can’t ignore this report.

Media: Russia Increasing Its Aviation Group to Include 100 Strike Aircraft

Originally appeared at Military-informant, translated by James Cooksey exclusively for SouthFront

Armed forces of Russian Federation will significantly expand its aircraft force in Syria bringing total number of fighter-bomber jets to 100 units.

Russian Aerospace Defense Forces will transfer additional number of strike aircraft and fighter jets for their cover in the near future in order to increase the number of combat sorties against Islamic militants and insurgents positions.

At the moment, new air base in Homs settlement area is being set up, where expeditionary force of guards and military engineers has already been deployed previously. Al-Rai newspaper reported on the Russia preparations to set up a second military base in Syria. Russian Aerospace Defense Force, as well as supply, maintenance and support facilities will be put forward on the Sha’ayrat airfield 35 kilometers South-East from Homs. The number of fixed-wing aircraft in Syria may rise to one hundred.

“Sha’ayrat airbase has 45 reinforced concrete aircraft hangars capable of protecting the planes in case of attack”, — the special correspondent on security Elijah J. Magnier says according to a source in the joint Russian-Syrian-Iraqi-Iranian headquarters in Damascus. As the author points out, the airfield has 3-kilometer primary runway, allowing any type of aircraft to land, and an auxiliary one which soon will be operational once renovation is completed.

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