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Media Reveals Details Of Text Of Draft Syrian Constitution Proposed By Russia

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Media Reveals Details Of Text Of Draft Syrian Constitution Proposed By Russia

The Russian state-run news agency ‘Sputniknews’ reveals details of a text of the draft Syrian constitution proposed by the Russian delegation during the Astana talks, backed up by Moscow, Ankara and Teheran (source):

Earlier in the week, the draft Syrian constitution, prepared by Russian experts, was presented to the Syrian opposition during the settlement talks in the capital of Kazakhstan. Head of the Russian delegation Alexander Lavrentyev underlined that Russia was not interfering in consideration of constitution and presented the draft to the opposition simply in order to accelerate the process.

Russian constitutional proposals for Syria that were handed over to the opposition during Astana talks suggest that the word “Arab” be removed from the official name of the country, the document obtained by Sputnik, reads.

“The Syrian Republic is an independent democratic sovereign state based on the principles of people and supremacy of law and equality and social unity and respect of the rights and the liberties of all citizens without any differentiation. The names of the Syrian Republic and Syria are equal,” Russian-proposed constitutional draft, obtained by Sputnik, reads.

The document envisages changing Syria’s borders only if the country’s nationals support the move via a referendum.

“Any loss of Syrian territories is not acceptable, change of state borders can only be allowed through a general referendum with the participation of all citizens and on the basis of the desire of the Syrian people.”

Russian proposals for Syria suggest that the Kurdish autonomies can use Kurdish and Arabic languages on equal rights.

“The Arabic language is the official language and the way in which the official language is used will be specified by the law.” “The Kurdish cultural self-ruling systems and its organizations use both the Arabic and Kurdish languages equally,” the document reads.

The documents suggest that the cultural diversity of the Syrian society must be ensured. “Upon the national heritage which promotes national unity, the cultural diversity of the Syrian society will be ensured.”

Moreover, the draft constitution proposed by Russia suggests extension of the Syrian parliament’s powers so that it could declare war, impeach the president and approve the head of the Central Bank.

“The People’s Assembly will be responsible for … decisions on war and peace issues, the removal of the president from the office, appointment of the members of the Supreme Constitutional Court, appointment of the head of the Syrian National Bank and his dismissal from office.”

The document also suggests the Syrian army not to be allowed to interfere in politics or used as a means of oppression.

“The [Syrian] armed forces and other armed units are under the society’s supervision and they will protect Syria and its territorial integrity. They should not be used as a means of oppression of Syrian people and interfere in the sphere of political interests. They do not play a role in the process of transition of power.”

The constitutional proposals for Syria suggest that international law should be a priority in case domestic law contradicts it. The document stipulates the supremacy of the international law.

“The recognized principles and provisions of the international law and Syria’s international treaties are an integral part of its legal system. If an international treaty defines different rules than that of the Syrian law, then the rules of the international treaty will be used.”

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Douglas Houck

This draft seems to have been written to incorporate many of the opposition’s desire/demands. That’s OK for a first draft. It also shows Russia as an objective third party, and not just a supporter of Al-Assad. For any hope of a political settlement Russia has to gain trust from the opposition. This is much better than if the US was involved with the two major powers supporting their favorite Syrian players. This is an opportunity for Russia to show its ability to be a positive force in the ME/world.

Brad Isherwood

More like Russia throw the towel in the ring as Somewhere in carved up Syria,
US missile defence shield goes in.

Maybe Russia figures having Their missile system in Syria can minimize/negate… the US
Missile system .
Israel wants the US missile shield vs Iran.
Mattis and Flynn already barking about Iran’s Illegal ballistic missile program.

Maybe this is why Russia jumped into Syria and secured the future bases.
Which makes sense….as US broke it’s promise on not expanding NATO eastward,
exit ABM treaty,…..and stuff missile shield near Russia’s border.

Douglas Houck

I don’t see it as the Russian throwing in the towel at all.

My reading is the Syrian War is coming to an end and outside of ISIS, most everyone knows it. The attempt at negotiations last year failed as the opposition still felt it had a shot at either overthrowing Al-Assad and getting the whole country or if not that then some part of it. They were also thinking that Hillary Clinton would win the US Presidency and back them.

With the election of Trump, the improved performance of the Syrian Army and it’s allies, along with Russia’s military capabilities leading to the liberation of east Aleppo and the recent gains in western Syria all of those hopes are gone. It’s time to negotiate with the Syrian government or get nothing.

You can see this in the recent SANA article where “Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban affirmed that having Russian role back in the region is normal and in the interest of all the peoples of the region as it serves the Palestinian cause and the security and safety of Syria and all Arab countries.”
and further where in the TASS article, where India’s Ambassador to Russia, Pankaj Saran gives a long interview of how India is looking to increase economic, political and cultural ties with Russia. Eurasia is the future of world economic activity and Russia is acknowledge as a primary player.

Russia needs to show that along with not wanting to impose it’s values on anyone else it can be a major force in managing the area, and the Eurasian countries would rather have Russia play that role than the US. With the Syrian War ending everyone is beginning the process of looking to establish their own interests. Will be interesting to watch. First drafts are just that, Drafts. These documents should include the kitchen sink, so everyone feels they have been listened to. See:


Nobody from Lebanon to Iran is going to allow the US to install a missile defense system. The Kurds are an interesting wildcard and the Russians are playing nice with the Syrian Kurds just in case. Israel already has a missile defense system but they are too far away to bother the Russians.

As regards NATO, I don’t have a feel for how that is going to go, but its seems to be heading in Russia’s favor.

The US should work with the Russians and Chinese on the installations of these missile systems as it is destabilizing the areas of installation. In South Korea the US (along with S. Korea and Japan) has a legitimate concern about N. Korea. Both sides need to address each others concerns. Nobody is helped by having the Chinese move nuclear ICBMs around that are aimed at the US.

Thanks for the reply.


The “Head of the Central Bank” gets more mentions than the … prime-minsiter
It seems the Russian legal (constitutionalist) advisers are well aware of the trully imporntant prerequisites of the globalist system.


This is not the solution, you can’t change a nation’s identity without looking back at its history and respecting it. The Kurds arrived in Syria from Turkey as asylum seekers they were not indigenous people of Syria. How would Russia like it if someone came and told Russia it must remove the word “Rus” from Russia and replace it with an ethnic neutral term. You simply can’t change a nation’s identity like that without radicalizing the indigenous people of that country. Not only will this not create lasting peace it will pave the path for future civil wars and possible ethnic massacres.


So A hole you going to call Assyrians arabs also?


Come to think of it, I can see the political reasons behind this move, it is an attempt to draw Kurds away from the US axis and back into Assad’s camp. I still stand by my statement but I can see the reasons behind making this strategic change.

Arthur Smith

Actually, that’s exactly how things are in post-soviet Russia. The draft is probably based on our own constitution/laws.


Hes an idiot if he thinks Syria is fully 100% arab. There are druze, turkmen, kurds Assyrians. He wants to deny them their rights.


Your mom is an idiot, I already mentioned that the vast majority of those minorities are not indigenous. Syrians aren’t even ethnic Arabs, the word “Arab” is being used in its linguistic context.


Bringing mom into this displays your maturity 10 year old style.


As is your using profanities in a polite serious discussion.


Polite would not be denying someone there rights because you hate their culture. You know nothing apparently but Turkish propaganda. Try again.


You clearly have a low IQ since I never said nor implied I hated anyone’s culture. You’re emotional because you’re probably a Kurd and too butt-hurt to accept certain historical facts such as the fact the Kurds are not indigenous to Syria. They are guests of the indigenous Syrian people. This is the gratitude you give to your generous hosts who gave you refuge in your time of need.

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