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Media Report 150,000 Chinese Troops Deployed At North Korea Border. Chinese Foreign Ministry Denies

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Media Report 150,000 Chinese Troops Deployed At North Korea Border. Chinese Foreign Ministry Denies

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The war hysteria is spreading around the world.

South Korea’s Chosun news agency reported that China has deployed about 150,000 troops to its border with Northern Korea preparing for some “unforeseen circumstances” as the US Navy’s Carl Vinson Strike Group is approaching the Korean Peninsula.

The news came after the US Navy ordered the Carl Vinson Strike Group to maintain a physical presnce near the Korean Peninsula and amid growing tensions between the United States and the Asian country.

So, some media were happy to use this to make nice headlines.

However, Hua Chunying, spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry denied the reports:

Q: First, the rising likelihood of the six nuclear test by the DPRK coupled with the US dispatch of an aircraft carrier strike group to waters close to the ROK has made the situation on the Peninsula even more intense. What’s China’s comment? Second, it is reported that to prepare for potential emergencies in the DPRK, an additional 150,000 troops were deployed to China’s border with the DPRK. Can you confirm that?

A: About your first question, China has been closely following the developments of the situation on the Korean Peninsula. We believe that, given the current situation, all relevant parties should exercise restraint and avoid activities that may escalate the tension.

As for the second question, I am not aware of that. There were similar reports by the Yonhap News Agency in the past, which were proved groundless and false in the end. I’m wondering where you got this information.

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Xi child was educated in USA ….Harvard. Xi is US puppet. But many nationalist among China communist party. DPRK has adequate nuclear stockpile. Invasion of DPRK by any ground forces is blocked by nuclear tactical weapons of DPRK.


Kim Jong Un was educated in Switzerland…. is Kim a Switzerland puppet?


Switzerland is known for its neutrality. Kim Jong Un was at a very small closed private institution with small size. Every child capable of befriending Kim Jong Un was closely screened by his DPRK handlers. Switzerland and some eastern European countries have embassies in DPRK and history of support of socialist and communist governments.
Remember the saying…..the apple does not fall far from the tree.
As example of Chinese crook with son in Harvard see Bo Xilai.
Corrupt Bo Xilai of China had son at Harvard. The younger Bo was a graduate student at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. Birds of feather flock together.


Visited north-west Chinese Lioyang Province and major Chinese towns that border North Korea few years ago – probably 2/3rds of Chinese and North Korean border run along a series of natural waterway boundaries, of which the more northerly parts partially freeze over annually.
But would not be as easy to cross over with large force and armor as might assume.

Dustil schmit

I think eventually the US will develop something like a massive Non-nuclear electromagnetic pulse (NNEMP) that will knock out all electronics in specific range therefore making NK nukes useless. (because they can’t get the plane airborne or missile) It can be used on small countries like NK and possibly Pakistan (depends on if they have submarines. It wouldn’t work on countries like UK or France because they submarines with armed nukes and islands around the world.

Yuki Fuyui

Yeah, wont happen, they still got artillery enough to destroy anyone who approaches also your weapon would just make everyone convert their missiles to analogue controlled.

Kim Jong

Keep calm. Election in south korea is in a few weeks. I hope for a new version of sunshine policy between the two koreas.


If the chinese troop deployment is true, then this is VERY BAD NEWS for Kim Bong Well…

Absent of any other chinese military movement, say for example, the chinese navy going out to “observe” the US Navy, it means that Trump has the Green Light to flatten North Korea….


China has submarines that can shadow US naval vessels, and can choose to deliberately indicate their presence as cautionary signal they are sitting there and actively ready. That sort of military activity only rarely reaches the nightly MSM news, if so, usually for a reason. China also has a sort of discreet, paramilitary naval group, comprising a fleet of large ocean going fishing vessels that are essentially intelligence and observation vessels under the Chinese navy command.


A US carrier battlegroup always has a submarine as well…

And their passive sonar is much superior to anyone elses in the world….


Not so – the Australian navy diesel Collins Class submarines have repeatedly ‘sunk’ US naval destroyers via effective sub maritime tactics in mutual training exercises in last decade. You can even watch this on You Tube.


Thats great and all… for a training exercise where we give a little bit of lee way to our friends and allies *wink* *wink*

However, can you tell me if the venerable Australian Navy also has access to the Sosus Net? A underwater group of sensors located all over the world that are sensitive enough to detect Electric style submarines anywhere in the world?


Actually no – the US Navy tends to suppress these exercise results as a general rule. They are routinely out-maneuvered. Or more simply, as a US admiral remarked in late 1980’s about the US capital carrier fleet – when asked before Congress how long they would last in a full-blown Soviet – US conflict, he remarked 24 hours, or, a week, if they never leave US harbors.


Dude, whatever…

I’m a US navy vet…. I was a MM3(SW) onboard USS Camden(AOE-2)….


So what? You do not control the hard data information flow to Congress that is crucial to funding projects.


I just figured out something:

Typing while laughing hysterically is actually kindof hard to do…


Real Anti-Racist Action

Best-Korea has every right to defend themselves from being colonized again.
South Korea sold their people to the Chinese, in fact today 1/3rd of all citizens of South-Korea are ethnic-Chinese.
North Korea understand that “Korea is for Koreans” this is a healthy system.
The Zionist hate this, and wish to displace everyone all across the world till we can all be governed by the coming faults prophet and faults Christ.

China is no friend to the Koreans, no friend to Japaneses, and no friend to any Monotheist.
China is for Atheist and Atheist only.
No redemption in those who war against truth.
Atheist-China also wiped out 127,000,000 of their own people, smiled, and went to bed. No conscience.
China is an enemy to all Muslims, all Christians, and all Zoroastrians and all Hindus and all Buddhist religion.

El Diablo

You must write a Ucronic-Distopic game: Kazhar’s Jews, Chinese’s South Koreans: Japaneses are rettilians? :D

El Diablo

Only to say it: south korea is one of the most omogeneus populated country: quite all koreans. Chinese colonization threath is in the Jejou island. But the Jejou abitants aren’t just korean and they don’t like chineses. Anyway, is a recent problem, and it can be fixed.

Ho Pw

Looks like we have a China troll. A post by an Uyghur terrorist supporter.

Dustil schmit

I might dislike China government but I don’t hate Chinese people like he seems to hate them.

Dustil schmit

I congratulate China on keep the population lower they might need another one soon.
Your conspiracies and theories make zero sense, since China backs Muslim state in Israel.

John Mason

be interesting if the yanks will video their carrier going down, be sight for sore eyes.

Ho Pw

China have said it openly, she will not send a single soldier into North Korea if war broke out between US and the North. The war is between America-North Korea. But of course China need to send troops to the Korean border to protect her territory. I think majority of the South Koreans knows very well their country cannot afford go to war with the North because the result will be a win-Lose situation. I hope South Korea will have a new non hawkish president. The Korean Peninsula tension can be solve if the South tell the US to pull out her THAAD missiles and stop all further military exercises with the US in the region. Better still kick out the US forces in South Korea.

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