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Media Hypocrisy: In Aleppo Civilians Flee from ‘Regime Offensive’

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Media Hypocrisy: In Aleppo Civilians Flee from 'Regime Offensive'

Spokesperson for the United States Department of State, John F. Kirby

While Syrian government forces liberate more areas of Aleppo city from Jaish al-Fatah militant coalition led by al-Nusra (al-Qaeda), the mainstream media and the US State Department explain the Western audience that there are no terrorists in Aleppo city and civilians are fleeing from the “government advance” (HINT: only yesterday 5,600 civilians fled from militants to government-held areas).

Reports about the situation in Aleppo in the mainstream media:

Media Hypocrisy: In Aleppo Civilians Flee from 'Regime Offensive' Media Hypocrisy: In Aleppo Civilians Flee from 'Regime Offensive' Media Hypocrisy: In Aleppo Civilians Flee from 'Regime Offensive'

Let’s compare with the coverage of the situation in Mosul (exclusive SF analysis about the battle for Mosul is here). It’s amazing but in Mosul civilians flee from moderate opposition ISIS terrorists:

Media Hypocrisy: In Aleppo Civilians Flee from 'Regime Offensive'

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Douglas Houck

It’s amazing to see and read. In the past I wouldn’t believe it, but it’s so out there. Here is from todays WaPo. A newspaper that has lost all credibility even to its readers.

” Syrian forces have rounded up hundreds of young men as government troops advance into rebel-held zones in embattled Aleppo, residents and officials said Wednesday, prompting grave fears for the safety of those held.

Similar widespread detentions — apparently seeking rebel fighters or personnel for forced conscriptions — have followed the fall of other opposition strongholds during the more than five-year conflict in Syria.”

Forced conscription!!! Like who thinks that’s a good idea, even if it was true? Nobody in the Comments Section is believing this story.

Or what about this statement?

“…More than 20,000 people had fled to Aleppo’s government-held western neighborhoods, according to the Syrian Observatory, while another 30,000 had moved to areas held by Kurdish forces.”

I saw one Arab news site video that gave English translations to the many interviews of the recently freed civilians, but there needs to be more. Nothing like hearing it directly.


As far as I know western news outlets have no personnel in Aleppo, so everything they write is just reheated second hand propaganda coming from the enemies of Syria.

Douglas Houck

From what I can see, the western MSN uses the White Knights and the dude who calls himself, the Syrian Observatory For Human Rights almost exclusively, with a number of unidentified experts, etc. thrown in for good measure.


Yes that’s about the extent of it – a heap of know-nothings!

Douglas Houck

This type of propaganda is actually quite easy for the west. Both the White Knights (given $100 million) and the SOFHR are in the employ of the west. The MSM and even the US State Dept. then simply quote what these two sources say and they can never be accused of directly lying.

Now some of the MSM (like WaPo) is in on it. For the others, the west then demonizes the Syrian government (and Pres. Al-Assad) which makes the other MSM outlets very reluctant to use SANA or any pro-Syrian group as a source of anything. Don’t want to be accused of being a supporter of a demonic murderer or worse, being a Russian sympathizer.

Peter Jennings

Their info comes from a store owner from Coventry in the Midlands, England so It’s no wonder western outlets get their facts mixed up, and IMO they all need to be sued for their neglect, unprofessionalism, slander and lies, and in some cases possibly treason charges.

Daniel Martin

This pathological twisting of facts by the Western media is absolutely the most effective way of self destruction, no “fake media” in the world could achieve such an effective result as the Murdoch & Co. media. Good work guys, just keep it coming.


In many photos of E Aleppo displaced people there are smiles on their faces. How can this be explained? The pictures tell the story.

Peter Jennings

“there are no terrorists in Aleppo city and civilians are fleeing from the “government advance”. ”

Replace Aleppo city with washington for a truer picture. Freudian slips are a bitch along with the weight of evidence.

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