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Media Fuels Rumors About China’s Possible Invasion To North Korea

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Media Fuels Rumors About China’s Possible Invasion To North Korea

Chinese soldiers march past Tiananmen Square before a military parade in Beijing marking the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. (Kevin Frayer / Getty Images)

The Daily Star posits that because China is building a six-lane highway in its northeast on route to North Korea, this means preparation for deployment of tanks and troops to its North Korean border. The photos obtained by Daily Star Online show Chinese construction workers digging tunnels through the mountains and massive cranes constructing bridges over rivers. Truly an unprecedented act of aggression.

Media Fuels Rumors About China’s Possible Invasion To North Korea

Click to see the full-size image

Media Fuels Rumors About China’s Possible Invasion To North Korea

Click to see the full-size image

As the situation on the Korean Peninsula escalates, the US experts are quick to stoke the fires as some sort of wishful thinking, trying to at the very least make it look like Beijing may support the US and South Korea, if the conflict was to escalate even further.

Media Fuels Rumors About China’s Possible Invasion To North Korea

Click to see the full-size image

Scott Snyder, senior fellow for Korea studies and director of the program on US-Korea policy at the Council on Foreign Relations, said that China’s Jilin province even budgeted and paid for improvements in road infrastructure inside some parts of North Korea in recent years. No doubt to improve logistical access to the Rason port inside North Korea.

This hysteria regarding China’s military involvement in the matters is not limited to the US. South Korean news agency Chosun reported in April that Chinese army has deployed about 150,000 troops to the North Korean border in two groups to prepare for unforeseen circumstances.

Dean Cheng, an Asia security expert at the Heritage Foundation, a think tank in Washington, said Beijing would have a ”vast array” of contingency plans involving military options to seize Kim Jong-un’s nuclear weapons. And just last week the Rand Corporation said any conflict between North Korea and South Korea and the US would quickly spiral into World War III. If that were the case, American and Chinese troops would then rush across the border in a race to take control of the nuclear weapons and missile facilities.

Northeast China is already host to thousands of North Koreans. If there is to be another conflict on the Korean Peninsula, China would be worried about a large number of Koreans fleeing across the border.

Most likely the observed media hysteria is just a part of the ongoing media campaign aimed to show that China may put a blind eye to the US-led intervention in North Korea or even support it.

However, the Chinese leadership does not see the Kim regime as a threat to its security. In turn, the Chinese military is actively prepares for a standoff with the US in Asia Pacific.

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Keep it Real

China will aid North Korea! Uncle sam is scarred of the dragon!


Wisely so .


No they won’t, stop being delusional. All of you need to stop instantly taking Nork’s side just because they’re against America. Nork government is literally evil, even worse than the Saudi’s.

Gary Sellars

The Yankistani Imperium is evil. Its hands are drenched with blood of teh peoples of this planet. The DPRK simply wants security guarantees (which the US refuses to give) so have been forced to take the action of developing a nuke deterrent.

In case you were thinking of it, don’t repeat the BS about NKs being repressed or jailed in gulags. The US has the largest prison population on the planet in both absolute numbers and in per capita terms. Land of the Free? What a joke….

Brother Ma

How would you know?

Solomon Krupacek

sure not. china stopped bargain with NK. the people bank of china cut the money transfer ways for NK, most of NK issues were blocked.

Gary Sellars

Chinese are just playing realpolitik. They co-operate with the crazed Yankistanis up to a point so as not to create unnecessary (additional) hostilities from the Murican Deep State, but never so much as to seriously affect their relationship with the DPRK, or to weaken its internal stability.

Push the Chinese too far (or seriously threaten a “pre-emptive” attack) and Chinese co-operation will evaporate like mist in the morning sun.

Keep it Real

China will never back down, someone still have to learn his lesson! Korean War!

Tiresia Branding

China is ready to contrast a possible SK/US/JP invasion of NK


‘Truly an unprecedented act of aggression.’

I would suggest it is reinforcing the Chinese statement that she will support North Korea if the US invades.
Millions of Chinese soldiers could be moved very quickly to keep the US from plundering the huge resources of North Korea and killing 30% of the population as the US forces did in the 1950’s war.
In the 1950’s it was Chinese soldiers who eventually pushed back the Western invaders.


“..the Chinese statement that she will support North Korea if the US invades.”

Why is it that ‘Western’ media never mentions the fact that the Chinese have made it clear as a condition of the US initiating an attack?


Fear of Reality perhaps ?


The US is the land of the mushroom people, kept in the dark and fed sh*t.


The MSM don’t report anything unless they get a memo from the CIA, Defense or State Department PR divisions. The PTB want the American masses to be completely unaware of the fact that the US was clearly warned against any military attempt on North Korea. See my post above. The days of the Triple Alliance are about to return… we have gone back full circle to the days before WWI, except with nuclear weapons and cyberwarfare.

Gary Sellars

I think it was ex-CIA director William Casey who famously quipped that US disinformation efforts will be complete when everything the US public believes is a lie.

Brother Ma

Because they know that if the people of the land of the free and the brave hear the truth too often….they might actually demand it from now on!




Why are they so worried about the Chinese building roads?
It was some time ago when Modi’s India sent troops to stop Chinese workers building a road, INSIDE China’s borders.
Paranoid much?

Thank heavens China doesn’t build ICBM silos or military fortifications (like Bar-Lev or Maginot lines) along it’s borders.


They are not paranoid. China has just played an ace that totally trumps (lol) any US war plan and they are really pissed. China can bring men and materiel on a six-lane highway. It will be like the quickest large-scale military deployment in the history of mankind.


I trully doubt China is going to attack NK. But, I really do not believe is it wise to China to lose all his interests and investments in America because of a tinny crazy dictator. The idea of “area of contention” (to use NK as deterrent for NATO) is something old. China has changed, and the economical interests are much more wider than losing money beacuse of a tinny idiot. In terms of pure state interests, China and USA could really act together, ad they are presently doing in the diplomatic field. China would only intervene in case of NK attack on South Korea or USA. Otherwise, I guess China prefers bet that USA are only gambling like in the past.

jade villaceran

china gamble, if they win, the one will be payed is china and the payor will be destroyed


poor choice of words. exactly the opposite…..china once aided N. Korea , will do the same if needed again. simple as that.

Igor Dano

You ask for donnations?
You publish a BS without a precedense.
Gfys with your donnations.
Daily star is your source??????

Solomon Krupacek

SF wrote: rumors.



no i think china is getting ready to defend NK from zionist attack, as they have said recently they would do so, unless NK attacks first


Exactly. China is signalling “you start a war, you bring men and materiel via air and ship for thousands of miles, we bring men and materiel on a six-lane highway for a few hundred miles. Which one is quicker? And cheaper?”

Brother Ma

Well said. Chinese can still surprise just as it did in korean war when they invaded korea, when by yanquis got ro china korea border.cia had no idea!

chris chuba

Funny, I hear this whenever China builds a road the West freaks out. If they build a road in the Himalayas, same deal. If they build a wall, A2D2.


I have been thinking for some weeks now that the only way to end Trump’s ridiculous notion of fighting a war with North Korea would be for China to send in their military and sign a mutual defense pact with them in return for ending nuclear testing. They tried to be subtle (in their very Chinese way) a little while back by reporting that if NK attacked first they would not intervene, but if NK were attacked, China would defend them. Now, by trying to be subtle with the crude and dense Washington establishment they might as well be speaking Mandarin to a yak. Trump has painted himself into a corner by blustering and running his Twitter “mouth”, essentially drawing “red lines” for the famous US “table of options”. He tried to distract from this by doing the shell game tactic – but what about IRAN? (Forget North Korea, never said anything…) It didn’t work, so now he is ludicrously trying to threaten war with both! Two countries with superpower backing who are militarily powerful in their own right? I think it is pretty sad, really.
Clearly him and his “advisors” (probably chat buddies on Breitbart or something) are looking back to the great Gipper to see how to MAGA in this day and age. The tax and deregulation proposal is a non-starter, since the taxes are already non-existent for corporations and the rich, and they have no regulations left to destroy. Cutting the deficit is impossible, because the military is the one that needs cutting – but sadly the military is the only thing keeping the bubble from bursting. What’s left? A big ol’ war, right? That’ll get America back on top! USA! Except… The USA is already at war. With so many different countries it is hard to pin down the exact number. The alternative is to accept failure and defeat, be sensible, meet with world leaders about the USA stepping down as the imperial master, no more full spectrum dominance…. WHAT? SILENCE TRAITOR! We will Make America Great Again ™ if it destroys the entire planet, got it?
Now the Russian and Chinese leadership have probably been watching this unfold with dismay, and have learned from bitter experience just how reckless and stupid the US leadership can be – especially in a lose-lose situation. Expect to see some mutual defense pacts announced soon…


They say that the fat Kim is insane. But who is more insane? He who threatens to use nukes IF attacked, or the one that threatens to go out and attack a nuclear armed power? It’s like the concept of MAD has been completely forgotten.

I shouldn’t really be surprised though, the US military has a long history of ignoring the concept of MAD and think that any war with a nuclear power will not go nuclear. And if it does that it can win it.

Brother Ma

I dont t think he is insane at all.didnt fat kim go to same school as pm cameron of uk and knew each other there?

Olive Tree

You’re clearly falling in the same trap as this article is pointing out. Why would China do anything to NKorea if she sees the Unified Korea by SKorea pose more security danger than NK with Nukes?


Very well put!

Solomon Krupacek
Gary Sellars

epoch times? Oh dear, you really do scrape the barrel sometimes…

Solomon Krupacek

i can give it also in russian language. important is, putin signed sanctions.

John Whitehot

“The photos obtained by Daily Star Online show Chinese construction workers digging tunnels through the mountains and massive cranes constructing bridges over rivers. Truly an unprecedented act of aggression”



They should invade before the US does, foil their plans a little more.

eric zweistein

SouthFront falls for every fake news story…

Richard M

Bolivia will invade Nepal before China invades N Korea. Jong is China’s puppet. Anytime a diversion is needed from Beijing’s aggression in S China Sea or along their southern borders, crazy jong can always be trotted out.

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