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Media Revealed Details of Fighting with Ukrainian Saboteurs in Crimea

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Sources familiar with the investigation have told Russian media details of the clashes between the Ukrainian saboteurs and the FSB officers at the Crimean-Ukrainian border.

Media Revealed Details of Fighting with Ukrainian Saboteurs in Crimea

Photo: novorosinform.org

Lieutenant Colonel of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB), Roman Kamenev, and a contract trooper, Semen Sychev, were killed during the fights with the Ukrainian saboteurs, who were trying to break in Crimea on August 7, the Kommersant newspaper reported on Wednesday, citing a source familiar with the investigation.

The source noted that there still are not any accused in the case of the death of the security forces because the Kamenev’s killer can be both among the killed militants, and among the detained saboteurs, while criminals, who fatally wounded Sychev, have disappeared on the territory of Ukraine.

According to Kommersant, on August 6, the officers of the state security apparatus received operative information on a sabotage group, coming from the territory of Ukraine. Officers of the department of the accompaniment of operative actions of the FSB appeared on the way of the saboteurs.

Head of the Department, Roman Kamenev, ordered the suspects to surrender their weapons, but they opened gun fire, fatally wounding the officer. The security forces also opened gun fire and killed two criminals. Three survived saboteurs try to put the blame for the death of the Lieutenant Colonel on each other.

A driver of the combat vehicle, 22-year-old Corporal Simon Sychev, was killed during the clash with the second group of militants near the Crimean-Ukrainian border in the wetlands near the Siwash Bay. Three bullets hit the soldier: one of them broke the foregrip of the automatic weapon; another bullet went right through his shoulder; and the third bullet entered the neck of the falling soldier and pierced the lung. The soldier died in an ambulance car.

According to the Kommersant’s source, Kamenev is going to be awarded the title of the Hero of Russia, while Sychev was posthumously awarded the Order of Courage.

On August 10, the FSB reported on the prevention of the terrorist attacks, which have been prepared by the Ukrainian intelligence in Crimea. A source in the Russian security services said that Chief of the Intelligence of the 37th Battalion of the 56th Brigade of the Ukrainian Main Intelligence, Captain Vladimir Serdyuk, was the sabotage organizer. Later, Serdyuk confirmed that served in the battalion, but in another position.

During the interrogation, detainees admitted that the airport and the bus station in Simferopol had to be the objects of the attacks.

The Ukrainian authorities continue to claim that the official Kiev was not involved in these events. Petro Poroshenko has called Moscow’s accusations “baseless”. The day before, it became known that Kiev may try to lay the blame for the preparation of the sabotage on “radical patriots”.

In Crimea, they believe that Kiev will not abandon the organization of new sabotage acts on the peninsula, pretending that attempts to destabilize the situation on the peninsula are a ‘resistance action of the Crimean Tatars’.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin called the sabotage attempt “a stupid and criminal act” and stressed that in this situation there is no point in holding the meeting in ‘Norman format’.

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Real Anti-Racist Action

The SAS are training plenty of more Ukrainian terrorist besides this singular group. They always do. No one is touching the SAS right now, that allows them to create over time thousands of terrorist as they did in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Syria and so forth. Till someone touches the SAS and puts the fear of God in these atheist, then terrorism will continue to abound!

Kristy Rain

And you know what Russia and the hard fighting people of Nova Rossiya would say to the SAS?

“Bring it!”

Pic totally related


You appear to think its just the SAS. l would suggest the most of the special forces of the NATO countries are involved. Especially the US directly or indirectly via mercenaries.

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