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Media Accuses Syrian Army Of Using Chemical Weapons After Militants’ Defense Collapses In Eastern Ghouta (Map, Video)

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Media Accuses Syrian Army Of Using Chemical Weapons After Militants' Defense Collapses In Eastern Ghouta (Map, Video)

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On March 11, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Tiger Forces supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces split the East Ghouta pocket into two parts and fully isolated the Duma district after they had captured the strategic district of Mudayrah, according to the Hezbollah media wing in Syria. Following the liberation of Mudayrah, SAA and Tiger Forces units reached the SAA positions around the Armored Vehicles Base.

Currently, the Jaysh al-Islam militant group is besieged in the Duma district, while Faylaq al-Rahman, Ahrar al-Sham and Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) are besieged in the rest of the East Ghouta pocket.

According to Syrian pro-government sources, this major breakthrough will allow the SAA to negotiate with Jaysh al-Islam face to face. This means that a peaceful solution in Douma is more possible now as Faylaq al-Rahman and its allies have sabotaged all the previous peaceful efforts.

Only minutes after the SAA advance, the Qatari al-Jazeera TV claimed that the SAA had attacked civilians in the Irbin district in the western East Ghouta pocket with “chlorine gas”. As usual, the Qatari channel didn’t provide any evidence what so ever to support its claims. Moreover, several Syrian opposition sources didn’t release any reports about the supposed “chemical attack”.

Over the last three months, militants in the East Ghouta and the mainstream media have claimed that the SAA have used chemical weapons against civilians dozens of times. However, they have never presented any real evidence. Even the US acknowledged on one occasion that it got no evidence to support these claims.

The recent Al-Jazeera report is likely nothing more than a propaganda stunt aimed at providing a media cover for militants. Some opposition figures believe that only a US military action could save the besieged the militants in East Ghouta.

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  1. andy l says:

    These claims are getting tedious now – maybe we need to translate the boy who cried wolf into arabic.

    1. Dr. Ronald Cutburth says:

      Also teach them the word Oxymoron. See my comment below.

      1. jerrydrakejr says:

        Oxymoron or, Ox-moron.

  2. jerry hamilton says:


    1. Rob says:

      Those that make US, NATO and Israel friends will be great losers.

    2. John Whitehot says:

      the chemical allegations yes.

      but the news is great nonetheless.

      1. Rob says:

        Yes pro Trump terrorists have forgotten the chemical attack this time because they are busy in packing their luggages. LOL

    3. Rob says:

      Erdogan does not want any new state of US, NATO proxies close to Turkey with in 1000 kms. Turkey have started operation in Iraq as well dismantling the US and NATO proxy state in Iraq. US can create these new states on their own land.

  3. Dr. Ronald Cutburth says:

    Great news. Any gassing would always also kill SAA army personnel. So The claims are termed Oxymoronic meaning the one who claims it is a hopeless moron.

    1. John Whitehot says:

      “Any gassing would always also kill SAA army personnel”

      There is no gassing. The only gassing is the one made by jihadists on civilians to blame the SAA, but they do it well far away from any possible real witness.

      1. jerrydrakejr says:

        One more gassing… Happens when they eat beans …
        Not so toxic, but extremely flammable!

  4. Rüdiger Preiss says:

    This is laughable at best

  5. Lupus says:

    HAHAHAHAHA ????????

  6. antoun says:

    genial news the djihadists from goutha oriental are dead!! et aljazeera quatari media cry baby!!!

  7. Rob says:

    Well done Tigers. Now just take Harasta town to secure the division and then start from the East of the south part of the East Ghouta to liberate it.

  8. Mehdi Ali says:

    well done SAA go ahead and clean the filth

    1. Rob says:

      Unity and a good strategy lead a country to win from a supper aggressor.

      1. Patricia Murrow says:

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    2. Rob says:

      Erdogan does not want any new state of US, NATO proxies close to Turkey with in 1000 kms. If US and NATO create their proxy state near Turkey then Turkey will dismantle it, as Turkey is doing now in Syria and Iraq. If US wanna create these new states on their own land then Turkey have no problem but not in Middle East.

      1. Maxime St-Jacques Canada says:

        No no no, Turkey will leave. Turkey doesn’t acept M. the President Al-Assad to govern the way (he) did while Turkey borders full of terorists. We all the world support a resolution that will help the solution process. Before the end, Turkey will give back Assad’s former lands in order to conclude territorial arrangments with Syrian democratic, Irak Democratic and the Transfor of the polliticians will be on paper truth.

    3. Cheryl Brandon says:

      Viva La SAA soldiers

  9. David BlackBeard says:

    so next move should be cutting Harasta district off …. messige from tiger forcses and SAA to harasta district bitches BEND OVER !!!

  10. Michał Hunicz says:

    ZioWahhabis triggered.

  11. sagbotgamot says:

    Cruise missiles against Syrian Army positions has just been launched from the Mediterranean Sea. Unfortunately, it lost its way to the bottom of the sea haha

    1. John Whitehot says:

      they’ll probably tell that they were “cruise torpedoes” that will activate in due time and hit Syria when they less expected he he he LmaoLols.

  12. Bru says:

    It is impressive how the media so quickly and uncritically take over the propaganda of… terrorists!

    1. paul ( original ) says:

      Well rehearsed lies are easy to repeat, so not as impressive as it might

    2. gustavo says:

      Impressive ? This is normal, there is nothing to impress about it .

    1. jerry hamilton says:

      Ha ha ha. A doctors face mask is just perfect to defeat the effects of gas.
      They really do think we are stupid.

      1. FlorianGeyer says:

        They do John and they also believe their own lies , which makes the situation very dangerous indeed.

        In the UK the government and cops cannot get their ‘story’ right about the ‘ chemical attack’ on the traitorous Russian spy. They are considering four places now where he was supposedly attacked BUT when he and his daughter found them on a park bench frothing from their mouths , only a standard ambulance response was actioned :)

        It has all the hallmarks of a False Flag where they ‘Jump to Conclusions ‘ too quickly as per their narrative.

        Military grade Sarin/VX takes minutes to kill and a droplet the size of a pinhead on the skin can do that.

        1. jerry hamilton says:

          Hmmm… The White Helmets have had some dealings with Sarin gas in the past.
          Lucky for them that they are immune to it.

          1. FlorianGeyer says:

            Yes Jerry. Sarin is rather like having a bad cold or flu. After one gets better this a build up of immunity :) :)

  13. Joe says:

    Reports said only US actions can save the militants… ha .. if US is to attack Syrian SAM will shoot them down plus Russian SAM and planes too. US is out of bound in those areas .

    It is only a matter of time even US areas would be taken care of.

    1. Ricky Miller says:

      I agree but also feel that Russia really can’t respond or even threaten forcefully until after the election next weekend. If the Empire wants to provoke and pressure in a dual goal effort to push back on Syrian government gains and to affect the Russian election than this is really the last week to target both birds with one stone.

  14. Serious says:

    Why are they relying on kuffars Americans ? I though “God” was on their side ? XD.

  15. Tudor Miron says:

    Rats and their nato advisers are farting loudly from fear of SAA/RuAF strikes while al jazeera scum is trying to spin it as a gas attack. In fact it was, but it was commited by headchoppers. It wasn’t dangerous, just stinky.

    1. John Whitehot says:


  16. Redadmiral says:

    Great news and a hero’s welcome for the SAA and its allies, the forces of liberation

  17. Rodney Loder says:

    Trump has smartened up, the FSA is now rarely mentioned as a ethical outpost, and the sermons about chemical attacks have become a mare’s-nest, taken over from Christ walking around his followers giving out the same fishy story from a seemingly small paper bag, is al-jazeera feeding their starving audience on mother’s milk, straight from the grapes of wrath Saudi Arabia, I pity the poor mother.

  18. Serious says:

    Chemical attacks propaganda begins to be counter-productive.

  19. Starlight says:

    Southfront STILL cheering the turkish death squads in Syria after Assad demanded the UN act after Turkey invaded. Southfront hopes you have the memory of a GOLDFISH and forget the Turkey planned and executed the plan to shoot down the Russian jet, with the assistance of ethnic turks in Syria. Southfront hopes you have the memory of a goldfish and forget that Turkey funneled most of the ISIS men and weapons into Syria and allowed ISIS to send back into Turkey everything they could steal, including the oil.

    But Southfront is merely respecting a Kremlin instruction to lionise Turkey at this time. In every other forum, the most foul racist nonsense is spewed suggesting the kurds “deserve” to be exterminated. This is how you get played when you forget all concepts of morality, and think supporting Putin is no different from supporting your local football team.

    East Ghouta is NO NEWS, since it would have been trivially cleaned up years ago if Putin had only allowed this. But he didn’t- ask yourself WHY?

    Now Britain is on the verge of a massive anti-Russian operation, including the absolute sabotage of the World Cup. And Putin the zionist is going to allow Russia to take another horrible blow full in the face. MI5 wouldn’t have carried out this false-flag if they were not 100% certain of Putin’s limp-wristed response. The Deep State now considers that it has a complete handle on Putin, and that he can no longer be a hinderance to their plans.

    1. jerrydrakejr says:

      You see a picture poorly. Clear glasses …

    2. Tudor Miron says:

      “East Ghouta is NO NEWS, since it would have been trivially cleaned up years ago if Putin had only allowed this. But he didn’t- ask yourself WHY?” Do you even read what you post? How some one can be that dumb to think that someone will buy this BS? You guys remind me of drying paint – same level of entertainment and intellectual substance.

    3. Serious says:

      Turkey enters twice Syria (Euphrates Shield op + Olive Branch op) because of your backstabbers kurds. Russia attacking Turkey for YPG that fight Assad will be the dumbest move ever.

    4. Rob says:

      This is so low level propaganda. You are from Israel, you are a Zionist migrant. You have no right to talk. Fo.

    5. FlorianGeyer says:

      “including the absolute sabotage of the World Cup”.

      Wow, that’s going to make the earth move. The Brits will lose anyway. :)

    6. jerry hamilton says:

      Thank you so much for posting here.
      If I ever feel low I just read one of your posts and I am happy laughing hysterically.
      What would we do without you and velocrapter.

  20. Redadmiral says:

    Maybe, al-Jazeera meant TAF used Chemical weapons in Afrin as YPG Militants defence collapse and are forced to retreat into the city

  21. FlorianGeyer says:

    Whereas in the real world where it rains, snows and the sun shines we have this reality :-


    But I suppose that in the Orwellian fantasy world of US/UK narratives that the US Coalition if Terror will say ‘the Syrians now have chemical weapons because they found them’ in a US terrorist warehouse :)

    1. Tudor Miron says:

      Yeah, they (MSM) will never say much about this https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/retaliatory-rebel-mortar-attack-kills-and-injures-scores-in-damascus-pictures/ because when needed they see headchoppers as freedom fighters :)

    2. as says:

      Their quality of work has sharply declined after Russian intervene. I guess they realizes that none of their civilians care all that much since they all buys it that the terror happens because radicalism.

  22. Ono&Dsz says:

    Haha..yes they are using WC Net or Mr.Muscle…

  23. nodomino says:

    This is going to be the big lie for the duration. But the big truth is there is NO MOTIVE for the Syrian forces to use chemical weapons. The only beneficiary of these attacks are the invaders and they make these charges to provide political cover so the USA can burn up more of your money.

  24. AlexanderAmproz says:

    Jim Mattis refutes the « Fake News » from Israël and NATO

    by Thierry Meyssan

    The Atlantist Press has been claiming for years that President Bachar el-Assad used chemical weapons against his own people. Except that according to US Secretary for Defense, General Jim Mattis, this is fake news. Like Saddam Hussein’s chemical weapons, this story, which has been occupying the columns of newspapers for the last five years, is pure war propaganda.


  25. Serious says:

    “But these data, as you know, has caused absolutely no interest in those
    organisations that declare their desire to cleanse the world of
    chemical weapons”, he stated.

    The syrian gov is either stupid either naive (which is a synonym of stupid). israel has chemical weapons and he has left syrian chemical weapons. israel has not ratified Chemical Weapons Convention. israel also have nuclear weapons.

    So, basically, Syria is a chicken.

    Don’t he see that those who “want to cleanse the world of
    chemical weapons” are the first to hold chemical weapons ??? XD.

  26. leon mc pilibin says:

    Every day Al jazzera say that there has been chemical and phosphorus attacks by the Syrian Army,,its just so ridiculous,,its a sick joke even they must be tired of spreading.

  27. Langaniso Mhlobo says:

    Very weak terrorist propaganda supported by western partners of crime namely Marconi,Trump,Merkel and May Theresa plus puppets.War instigator Stoldenberg must be arrested alive and air drop in terrorist Idlib zone or in Taliban zone.

  28. Langaniso Mhlobo says:

    How can a terrorist suicide bomber be scared of chemical gassing what a joke.

  29. Serious says:

    israel is using stupid sunnis to remove chemical weapons in Syria. israel has targeted several chemical weapons factories in Syria and Putin let israel do it.

    Also, israel wanted Iran to stop developping nuclear weapons.

    Russia allowed both removal of syrian chemical weapons and was part of the nuclear deal in Iran.

  30. turdkey warrior says:

    here we go again

  31. JEinCA says:

    Of course. Whenever the Empire’s proxies are in trouble there will be provocation.

  32. Loveyou says:

    As soon as they start losing then Russia is accused of using chemical weapons.

  33. AM Hants says:

    They always say that when they are losing. Then they will try and spin it with the UNSC, because they are so desperate, owing on the $billions they have spent, to lose.

    Well done all involved and good luck with the rest of the clean up.

    1. Serious says:

      Sunnis are stupids.

      1. FlorianGeyer says:

        The thousands of Sunni’s who fight in the SAA are not stupid.

        1. Boris Kazlov says:

          The sunnis are majority in SAA, but they consider themselves Syrians above all, Syrians never made a fuss about religious affiliations, it is a secondary matter and they feel offended to even bring the subject to discussion, just like Russians.

          1. FlorianGeyer says:

            It is the identity politics of Zionism that is ripping the world apart and behind it all are Zionist Banksters who always profits from wars and internecine rivalry.

      2. ZP says:

        You keep on peddling this Sunny-Shia divide hard, can’t you see the world is not buying it? The worthless shekels and dollars cannot buy you a new WW

      3. nshah says:

        You’re really an ignorant ..!
        What is ur faith if I may ask..?

  34. electron says:

    Could An-26 crash been caused by a collision with a bird or mini dr0ne?

  35. Terence Silvestre Jr. says:

    I hope that the SAA and its ally Russia put their anti-air defenses on high alert while making it clear that any cowardly and unfounded attack, in whatever form it is on the part of the United States against the Syrian army, will be answered by Russia with all its consequences, whatever they are.
    With a similar threat from Russia, the Americans and their allies were not foolish enough to risk a major confrontation with Russia to save the ass of a handful of immured terrorist rats trapped in Ghouta.
    Hopefully, Russia has the courage it needs to make himself fear and respect in a situation such,
    as it never did before in exaclty similar situations.

    1. Serious says:

      Sunnis think that USA will bomb Russia fior them. XD. How stupid they are aren’t they ??? XD.

      1. ZP says:

        You keep on peddling this Sunny-Shia divide hard, can’t you see the world is not buying it? The worthless shekels and dollars cannot buy you a new WW

  36. Serious says:

    Well, Russia and USA are just sharing the middle east like Russia and USA shared Europe.

    In fact, Russia and Syria are weakening middle east countries just like they weakened Europe countries.

    After that, USA takes russian sphere of influence countries and push for her international monopol.

  37. Mustaffa Ashaa says:

    To Al Jazeera editorial board: The Molecular weight of Chlorine gas enable it to diffuse in the air close to the surface in a circle of lethal radius of 700-1000 m, (at low wind speed} and to suffocating radius up to 2000 m, Therefore the use of Gas is useless in close combat distances. Erbeen is less than 500 m from SAA positions since 8.3.2018. So, would you tell your source that his story of using gas is laughable. He may be believed by some camel urine drinkers and Bedouin Wahabis but your US and Western Master will laugh loudly at your lice-infested “Generals”. I appreciate your grief on losing your multi-Billion dollars investment in the head choppers but, save some grief for the time when you will face the charges of the victorious Syrians and their new JUSTA law which will hold you responsible for destruction of Syria. Just you wait.

    1. Serious says:

      The problem with Sunnis is that they think that they are smart. They can’t see how ridiculous and ignorant they are. Even if you tell them and show them how stupid, hypocritical and ridiculous they are they will not take it into account because they don’t like truth.

      1. Mustaffa Ashaa says:

        The conflict in Syria is not another form of Shea-Sunni historical division. The US proxies, (Saudis, GCC, Jordan, Israel and Turkey), were instructed to break the Iran-Syria-Hizbollah anti-Israel alliance by destroying its linkage, Syria. The shah of Iran was on best term with the US, Israel and the Saudis. No one said Iran was shea. They only discovered Iran was Shea after the Iranian Revolution that kicked the Israeli mission out of Tehran and gave it centre to the PLO.

  38. That Guy says:

    This pocket will hopefully collapse quickly.

  39. World_Eye says:

    Yooo they made 2 pockets now, finally they are cut off now NICE ONE SAA. Keep cleaning that creeps.

  40. Serious says:

    aljazeera is owned by the west and is basically a propagenda tool to brainwahsed people in the middle east.

  41. You can call me Al says:

    The chemical weapons were used as they were on that Russian double agent at exactly the same time …….whahahaha these dumb fooooks are both predictable and boring – stupid Yankers.

  42. Cheryl Brandon says:

    “Chemical weapons use” from Fake media is the WMD’S of 2001 in Iraq. These LIARS always bring back their LIES from the dead hoping most of us have no memory of those past LIES. Fortunately, the SAA soldiers and the elected government of Syria, will not be distracted by these LIES and fabrications. Keep kicking their arses. It is the USA which has 23 different dangerous chemical labs in 23 different countries.FUCK off Universal Sadistic Aggressors and Uk and the Global Financiers!

  43. gustavo says:

    “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION” Everybody in the World knows very well the HIGH HONESTY of Israle-USA-NATO.

  44. Baudouin Jérusalem says:

    GO SAA AND RuAF ! ! ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-TmnY-ucmo

  45. gustavo says:

    “WEAPONS OF MAS DESTRUCTION” only the majority of north-american people can believe these stupidities of chemical weapons used by Syria army.

  46. velociraptor says:

    Too much farts … cuase breathing problems, hedache.

  47. MeMadMax says:

    Why am I not surprised that they would cry wolf with a gas attack…

    … guess what you stupid terrorists: no one is coming to the rescue…

  48. Maxime St-Jacques Canada says:

    Great job : The recent Al-Jazeera report is likely nothing more than a propaganda stunt aimed at providing a media cover for militants.

  49. SnowCatzor says:

    Oh give it a rest already… no one is believing this ‘chemical weapons’ trope they always pull out. Every single time the terrorists are losing a major urban area they cry for foreign intervention, and the globalist MSM believe it without any evidence.

    Curious though… this never apparently happens when the SAA are retaking a city from ISIS… hmm.

    That either means:
    1) The SAA only use chemical weapons against the ‘moderate rebels’ but never ISIS… for no apparent reason whatsoever.
    2) Any chemical attacks are FSA false-flags designed to provoke foreign intervention.

    You don’t have to be a conspiracy-theorist to realize option 2 makes far more sense.

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