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Meddling In Sovereign Affairs. Foreign Diplomats Gather At Russian Court To Support Western Puppet Navalny

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Meddling In Sovereign Affairs. Foreign Diplomats Gather At Russian Court To Support Western Puppet Navalny

Cars of foreign diplomats near the court. Click to see the full-size image

Multiple cars of foreign diplomats gathered near the court where the hearing over Aleksei Navalny’s violations of his suspended sentence over the corruption and money laundering started on February 2.

According to local sources, diplomatic staff of at least 18 foreign states, including those from the United States, the UK, Bulgaria, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, the Netherlands, Sweden, are present.

Aleksei and Oleg Navalny were convicted of stealing about $500,000 from two Russian firms, one of which was affiliated with French cosmetics company Yves Rocher and of laundering part of the amount. Under this case, Aleksei Navalny was conditionally sentenced to 5 years. Since then, Navalny has repeatedly violated the terms of sentence additionally to being involved in other money laundering schemes via his ‘Anti-Corruption Fund’ (currently under investigation), and actively worked in the interests of foreign states to destabilize the situation in Russia.

The detention of Navalny in any another state, for example in the United States, and his sentencing for treason would have happened much earlier. Nonetheless, Russia appears to be among the most free and tolerant countries around the world and Navalny has still faced no sentence for the treason.

On February 1, videos appeared online confirming the active cooperation between the Navalny team and foreign intelligence services. In particular, videos confirmed the following: Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Fund requested information from the British intelligence to use it against Russian interests. Navalny & Co also made personal denunciations to British intelligence services and transferred information about companies and citizens of Russia to the British side. They also coordinated their efforts to fight against the Russian business and support British companies with the British intelligence. For this, the Navalny team requested $10-20 funding from its British friends promising them a “reward” in billions of dollars as soon as they come to power. The tools that the Navalny team was promising to use to undermine interests of Russia were “mass protests, propaganda and deals with the elites.” MORE HERE

Therefore, there is no surprise that multiple foreign diplomats gathered at the court to support such a valuable tool of Western intelligence services in Russia. According to reports in local media, there are over 98 foreign journalists at the court building. This highlights the propaganda and diplomatic campaign that is now being employed to intervene in Russian internal affairs, pressure the distribution of justice.

The gathered diplomatic, and no doubts special services, staff can also be involved in provocations designed to undermine the process and prevent the expected result of regular violations of the Russian law by the ‘best friend of Western democracy in Russia’.


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Black Waters

Send them back to the U.S

Just Me

A few cracked skulls will get the message across, imagine if these “diplomats” did this in DPRK, China or Iran. Russia needs to assert its authority at least in their own threatened country. This is beyond belief.


Its a good idea. Navalny to NK gulag

Ivan Grozny

Let them swim!

johnny rotten

“We would sell them the rope with which they will hang themselves”, astute on the part of Russia to exploit the compulsion to repeat the same mistakes by the Western ruling classes, public or private is indifferent, they still cannot understand the enormous fracture that exists between them ruling classes and their citizens, any bullshit that comes from those elites is rejected by most of the populations in the West, yet they insist without realizing the disaster looming over their heads.

Just Me

This is quite unacceptable and totally undiplomatic, supporting sedition in a sovereign country is a treasonous or terrorist offense. Imagine if Russian diplomats showed up at ANTIFA or right wing militia rallies and openly supported all the US political prisoners release. The FSB really needs to lift it game or a USSR type meltdown will gather momentum.

Peter Moy

I agree with your comment 100 %. Once again the US and its lapdog slaves are showing that they are just provocative, interloping, agitating, arrogant, condescending rats. The Putin government, especially the Foreign Ministry under Sergei Lavrov, really needs to confront these bastards who are doing everything they can to undermine Russia. This is just their latest attempt to install a so-called “opposition” whore (who received ~ 3.8 % of the vote in the last election) as the figurehead so they can loot Russia’s money, natural resources and if they could, dismantle the country.

Band Itkoitko

There’s at least one advantage though in doing what Russia is doing now. They are overspending the West, which sunk so much of their energies, efforts, and finances in Ukraine and many other places. They literally buried themselves. The UK is about to fall apart, the EU and the US are in a very bad shape (not clear which one is worse).

Russia can hurt them on several fronts. Like cracking down on their asset networks (spies and others), in Syria and the region, on the energy markets, on the financial markets an possibly many other political, economic, and military stages. Overall, as long as Russia counters the “partner’s” interests globally and lets them overspend everything in endeavors that become at most imagined small semi-victories, Russians are truly destroying them. After all this is a battle of the soul and this is where Russia will win. In the end, there will be only one standing – Russia or the west – and that one will not be the west.

Fog of War

Keep dreaming, keep the hope alive.

Band Itkoitko

What would be a good, well-planned and well-measured response according to you? (anything concrete, even if that is to simply start shooting) I actually partially (even more than that) agree that it would be proper to have harsher response, but cannot see a proper one, although it’s clear that Russian leadership has better vision of options. It’s easy to complain all the time but let’s say that you are in charge. How would one deal with complete lunatics? They don’t understand patience, they hardly even understand pain in any proper way. It only charges them to seek more hurtful activities. While every regular person or nation simply wants to go along with their usual life in peace, some people come and start their abusive tactics because they have no life of their own, they are parasitic. It seems practical to leave them sink in their corruption and try not to sink with them. If Russians wanted to be away from these western plague, why did they pull down the Soviet Union? Yes, it was corrupt and was sinking but they could have done it differently. I really don’t think that Putin and Russia have the full capacity to completely address such an issue. So their best bet is to not allow to be stained by that apostasy of the west.

Ivan Grozny

A massive crackdown on the ‘opposition’ – which certainly is possible – would rather be a disadvantage to Russia. Yes, it removes some players, but: it will leave others hidden – new ones will emerge, out of sight of the FSB. Nice to park the clown Analny somewhere – out of sight. Fellow inmates will surely ‘educate’ him, ones they learn he is a traitor. No matter that you disagree, despise or even hate the leader, a traitor to the Motherland cannot be tolerated – many regard Analny as a modern day General Vlassov (those that do not know him, look him up on the net).

Fog of War

Imagine if the US illegally took over a Russian diplomatic compound in the US and ransacked it for information. The imagine that Russia did nothing in response or retaliation. Actually , no need to imagine that as it actually happened and Russia did ABSOLUTELY nothing. Just like now it seems.

Lone Ranger

Crumbling U.S. Empire is a bully. They only understand brute force. Diplomacy is useless. He should serve Life in prison for High Treason. Imagine if he was a Russian agent facing trial in the U.S.? Demonrats would skin him alive… Shame on him.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Can only the imagine the establishment outrage and consternation inside of the U.S. or UK if Russia’s diplomats turned up to whistleblower proceedings there.

Fog of War

No I cant imagine, because the ZioAmericans would stop them at the Russian embassy gates. The diplomats wouldn’t even be allowed near the court room. That is the obvious difference in these situations. Putin’s Russia is a frightened lapdog.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Or the more likely… Not overly concerned.


Put those so called Diplomats on the next plane out of the Country,and stop playing this game with the rules the Empire wrote,Russia should play by its own rules.

Band Itkoitko

Does anyone really care at this point what these people are doing or thinking? The “partners” only create a theater/circus/Hollywood crap-show, while life goes on in its own mysterious ways. They pay too much focus/money/effort on propaganda, opinions, manipulations, and fake things, while neglecting what is actually happening. This dissociation won’t end well. They are only “shooting” some expensive productions but nothing substantial is done, they don’t have courage to face their problems and address them with humility and some sacrifice. Funny how they don’t see their own self-destructive behavior.

Tommy Jensen

I admit I were also there in Moscow in front of the Moscow Court together with Nuland, McCain, Morrell, Haspel and Obama, to show my back-up and support for Navalny the only person recognized by the free and civilised world as Russia’s President.

Against all International Rules of Usury Order, the Kremlin dictatorship regime refuse democracy and freedom for its innocent Russian population, and I am against that in a global green eco community with minority rights and peace.

cechas vodobenikov

decadent fascists trying to protect their incompetent spy

Fog of War

Once again Russia flaps its gums but does absolutely nothing against a blatant affront to its sovereignty. Foreigners rolled into a Russian court with no justification or right. Why were they even allowed in ? Why aren’t they expelled as this is an obvious slap to Russia’s self governance. Why does it seem Russia is just playing a part in a ” soap opera ” ? I’ll let everyone else answer that.

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