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Migrant Rioting Breaks Out In Sweden

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

It would appear the mainstream media (along with several celebrities and Swedish politicians) is going to be apologizing to President Trump once again.

Having spent the entire new cycle trying to ignore the immigrant crisis facing Sweden, and pin the ignorant tail on Trump, both Dagbladet and Expressen reports riots breaking out in the highly immigrant concentrated Stockholdm borough of Rinkeby, Sweden with police firing warning shots as 100s of young people throw stones and burn cars.

During the evening hundreds of young people gathered in the center of Rinkeby, well known for its high concentration of immigrants and people with immigrant ancestry.

Migrant Rioting Breaks Out In Sweden

In June 2010, Rinkeby was the scene of riots and attacks against the local police station and Rinkeby is the region in which the ’60 Minutes’ crew were attacked in 2016.

The problems Sweden faces integrating large numbers of Muslim immigrants is a subject on which Nordstjernan columnist Ulf Nilson has written many times. His warnings of increasing radicalization among Sweden’s Muslims – warnings he started to broadcast a decade ago – now seem eerily prophetic in light of an Associated Press investigation that found Stockholm to be a breeding ground for jihadists among Swedish Somalis.

According to the AP report, which first ran Jan. 24, an al-Qaida-linked group is busy recruiting anti-government fighters among Somali youths living in Rinkeby. A suburb of Stockholm, Rinkeby has earned the nickname of “Little Mogadishu” because of the number of Somalis living there. Rinkeby is also the center of the recruiting efforts of al-Shabab, a group with ties to al-Qaida.

Rinkeby is a known problem area in Stockholm. It was here NRK journalist Anders Magnus was attacked with stones last spring, and here the police never go in the evenings without reinforcements from other patrols according to Dabladet. A freelancer the newspaper spoke to, described the situation as serious.

“I’ve been in some turmoil, but this is something extra. It looks like a war zone here”, he was quoted as saying Migrant Rioting Breaks Out In Sweden As Expressen reports (via Google Translate): The alarm came to the police at 20:18 on Monday evening. A police patrol should then have been in the area for disposing of a wanted person.

In connection with this began several people at the subway throwing stones at police. There appeared a number of young people threw stones at the police patrol. I do not know how many it concerned, but there will be several people anyway, says Lars Bystrom, spokesperson at the Stockholm police, told Expressen TV. Migrant Rioting Breaks Out In Sweden Police patrol on the site must have felt so constricted that they were forced to fire warning shots in connection with the stoning. The police will then have withdrawn from the location. Photos of the site, one can see how many cars are on fire, and emergency services are on site to extinguish them. Migrant Rioting Breaks Out In Sweden 7-8 cars have been burned in the area. We move back and forth, it never stands still at such incidents but we have good resources in place, says Lars Bystrom. Migrant Rioting Breaks Out In Sweden According to information are about the emergency services have requested reinforcements from Sollentuna and Brännkyrka. Migrant Rioting Breaks Out In Sweden At 22:20 the police attacked a second time by the youth gang. It was about a planned, concerted attack where the young people rushed towards the police and threw stones. A police officer was hit by a stone on his arm, but it is unclear how seriously injured he was. Police headlining the event as assaulting a police officer and rioting. No person should even have been arrested in connection with the stoning. Police EMS Units have been blocked from entering…

* * *

How long before Schumer starts crying for the poor immigrants of “little Mogadishu”? And how long before CNN manages to blame Trump for tonight’s riots?

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Burn baby, burn! Bring in more to fuck your blonde haired daughters! The Swedish men are a disgrace. They should march on their capital and hang those psychotic bastards who have destroyed their country.

svenne svensk

Well not only the daughters today 3 afghan 17 to 19 was sent to prison for the rape and beating of a 15 year old boy.

Real Anti-Racist Action

This is what happens to an indigenous tribal peoples who media and entertainment gets taken over by foreign colonizing Jews. They are getting cucked to death. Your Jew media cucked you Goyim. lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sShxBV9ccEE


Oh come on. A handful of kids get drunk and burn a couple of cars. You call that a riot? Sure, there may be a few gangs made up of Somali immigrants in Stockholm. But there are hundreds of gangs in every major city in the US and every other country in the world. The Swedish police just have to man up and get used to the modern world.


That’s probably the case. Here’s the thing though, while I don’t think immigrants are more prone to violence and crime because they’re immigrant, every act of violence, every crime they do commit would never have happened if they weren’t allowed into our countries in the first place.


If they are no more prone to violence, then the number of incidents per unit of population will be unchanged.

I think when it comes to some refugees, they probably are more prone to violence, because they’ve been living in a war zone and they may not adjust easily to normal life. That might require a lot of extra work by police and social services to prevent.

Still, there are a lot of benefits to a host society of immigration, including of refugees. Young adults work, pay tax, and they’ve already been educated. And they bring new ideas and ways of thinking – think of all the Jewish academics from Germany, Austria and Hungary who fled to the USA to avoid Nazi persecution. Plus, multi lingual international diasporas facilitate international trade.


Any crime committed by an immigrant is a crime that would not have been committed if he would not have been allowed into that country. If I were to become a victim of a crime by an immigrant what solace is there for me that they are not more violent then on average? Or that they are victims of a war? I’m still a victim that I would not have been otherwise.

As for the benefits to a host country. Considering that on average half of them, if not the vast majority of them end up on welfare, they bring in backwards ways of thinking, they gather in low income housing parts of cities because that’s all that they can afford, squeezing out the locals. Their arrival means additional competition for the locals on the housing market, making it harder for them to get affordable houses. On the job market their arrival means more competition for jobs and it keeps wages lower. I wouldn’t say the influx of cheap Eastern European labor was the only factor but ever since their arrival in Western Europe wages have not kept up with rising productivity and people are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet, as everything has gotten more expensive but wages have not risen accordingly.

Also refugees from places like Syria, Iraq, Somalia and Eritrea are nowhere near as well educated. Well, maybe from Syria, as apparently even 7 year old girls can start english language twitter accounts in fluent english.


Actually Syrians and Iranians are very well educated , but the rest are “3rd world” , and lucky to have reached grade 4 , and so drive the price of labor way down .


Syrians and Iranians do not make up the majority of socalled refugees. So we mostly end up with dead wood.


In terms of crime, what you are saying is extremely misleading. If the overall crime rates have not risen then your average person is not more affected by crime because of immigrants. So if a native is burgled by an immigrant, then he would otherwise have been burgled by a non immigrant if that immigrant had been kept out of the country.

In terms of jobs and welfare, that’s false, they pay more in taxes than they receive in welfare.

In terms of jobs, more labour only lowers wages if it is not balanced by more capital. Banks shift billions of pounds across the world far more quickly than immigrants can migrate. If you want to stop a fall in wages, then you should be calling for capital controls to stop industry leaving the country.


>>In terms of crime, what you are saying is extremely misleading. If the overall crime rates have not risen then your average person is not more affected by crime because of immigrants. So if a native is burgled by an immigrant, then he would otherwise have been burgled by a non immigrant if that immigrant had been kept out of the country.<>In terms of jobs and welfare, that’s false, they pay more in taxes than they receive in welfare.<>In terms of jobs, more labour only lowers wages if it is not balanced by more capital. Banks shift billions of pounds across the world far more quickly than immigrants can migrate. If you want to stop a fall in wages, then you should be calling for capital controls to stop industry leaving the country. <<

That is indeed a major problem. And one that should be addressed. That doesn't negate the fact that the benefits of immigration have not been reaped by the lower and middle classes, who are in competition with them and have seen their wages stagnate. So its no surprise that everywhere anti-immigration parties are on the rise. I know that in the UK immigration was one of the biggest reasons why people voted for Brexit. So you can argue that immigration is good, that immigrants contribute more then they take, but if people do not experience this and only experience the downsides, immigrant crime, lack of housing, stagnating wages, you will not convince anyone and will only lose credibility. This is exactly whats happening to the mainstream parties across Europe. Its why Trump won in the US.


The reason British people voted for brexit is because they get their information from a media run by corrupt rats.

In terms of crime – this is simple arithmetic. If the crime rate stays the same, that means the natives are not worse of. You don’t have to image it is the same person. Native criminals who would have otherwise stolen from another native, will instead steel from an immigrant. Thus natives will be benefit from less crime.

In terms of the Mafia, etc, as Britain received huge waves of immigrants in the 2000s, the murder rate fell. So either the Mafia has gone soft, or otherwise immigration does not cause organised crime.

Jacek Wolski

What would you call it then if not a riot? A teddy bears picnic perhaps? You’d be singing a different tune if it was your car or house on fire. I could be wrong. You might be a pyro by profession, set your own belonging on fire for pleasure.


Okay then, it’s a small riot. Sweden is a big country, maybe these rioters are very spread out.


Riots in Sweden are centralised – always in immigrant suburbs of the major urban centres – Stockholm/ Malmo. Riots always follow same practices – initially burning cars – then as state responds throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at state services – police/ ambulance/ fire brigade. Wake up, it is structural issue.


This quite different – criminal gangs in US do not systematically assault all government services – police/ ambulance/ fire brigade – they know they’ll need one them at some point. Young muslim gangs in Europe are actively trying to force government services and all state control out of the areas they deem ‘theirs.’ Many of these immigrants came from failed states and are used to actual mob rule in practice – that combined with a islamic rejection of western values and law – and you have serious structural minority problem.


I live in a part of Britain with a lot of Muslim immigrants. There is crime and drugs, but nothing like what you’re talking about. No mobs, no sharia law take over, no attacks on civil institutions. The closest I’ve seen is all the Pakistani taxi divers throwing a tantrum at the councillors because they were granting more licenses, which may drive down fares.


Referring to Sweden – Belgium axis, essentially those host countries taking in more recent middle east/ north African muslims from failed states – not UK with older generational Pakistani/ Bangladeshi immigrants.


The Swedish police are hand bound by their ruling politicians and cannot respond with any appropriate force in these instances. It is reason why Swedish police are quitting in large numbers, in manner unprecedented in that service.

Brad Isherwood


svenne svensk

This is not migrants it could be a few of them there but mostly this is 2nd generation I migrants youth people so most of them are born in this country and are Swedish zitizen. So I quess the integration has failed here and will continue doing so. Iam Swedish and live in Malmoe city.


I can not believe the Swedish tolerate “the police withdrawn from the location” , and they had guns ! Immigrants or citizens , matters not , allowing lawless areas to develop is to surrender . My best , may your wakefulness , awaken your fellow countrymen .

svenne svensk

The police are not allowed to use water cannons teargas. And as a normal person you can not do anything against this criminal gangs. If you have the money just leave the areas if not stay home inside.


You can organise a neighbourhood civil watch, you can vote a rightwing party into power in your city, you can demonstrate.

Don’t you have balls to defend your city and country?


‘But diversity is our strength! Only neo-nazi’s would oppose this wonderful enrichment.’ /s

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