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McCain Calls to Down Russian and Syrian Aircraft to ‘Make Peace’ in Syria

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McCain Calls to Down Russian and Syrian Aircraft to 'Make Peace' in Syria

US Senator, John McCain, in his frsh article titled “Stop Assad Now—Or Expect Years of War” has clearly called to down aricraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian Air Force in Syria. In other cases, McCain believes there are little chances to peace in the wartorn country.

“The U.S. and its coalition partners must issue an ultimatum to Mr. Assad—stop flying or lose your aircraft—and be prepared to follow through. If Russia continues its indiscriminate bombing, we should make clear that we will take steps to hold its aircraft at greater risk. And we must create safe zones for Syrian civilians and do what is necessary to protect them against violations by Mr. Assad, Mr. Putin and extremist forces,” the senator wrote.

According to McCain such actions are the only hope for a ‘peaceful solution’ of the Syrian conflict, how he understands these words. He one more time ephasized that the United States blame the Assad government and Russia for civilians casualties in the country, especially in Aleppo. So, Jabhat al-Nusra and other radicals (mostly backed by the US and its “regional partners”) are not the core of the problem.

McCain’s attitude clearly depicts the sentiments of a significant part of the US elites after the collapse of the US-Russian deal over Syria. Somewhy they had believed that Russia and Syria were the only sides that had to follow the deal. Nonetheless, Moscow and Damascus said ‘NO’ to the unilateral abide by the terms of the agreement.

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this Old Man is ready for the Nursing Home !! Probably still dreaming about the Vietcong and the NVA…someone please tel him that the USA lost tat war and so far ..IS NOT WINNING SHIT in Syria !!

Brad Isherwood

Probably dreaming of the Flat in Hanoi and the sex …while POWs ate bugs and rice.

McCain is a piece of @ human being…His father Admiral McCain….same same.


Real Anti-Racist Action

Actually, he was not anti-north Vietnam. When he was shot down he gleefully surrendered to North Vietnam, he also gave them secrets and lots of helpful information to the Vietnamese.
Personally I think the Vietnamese were the good guys in the war, and the Zionist-USSA was the bad guys.
But none the less, McCain is known as a traitor for his cooperating with the North Vietnamese during the war.
Trump also often calls him a traitor for telling them everything he knew.
Something we both agree on is this, that John is a scumbag and should have never be in any public office to begin with.
He is an enemy to Americans, he is an enemy to Syrians, he is an enemy to Vietnamese and he is an enemy to Europeans and to Russians alike. His only loyalties are to the Mark of the Beast and Tel Aviv.


I think that Syria and Mr.Assad should invite him to come visit the people in east Aleppo. I wonder how long he could keep that enormous egg he calls a head attached? I would like to see an invite to western media to come in bed with the moderate opposition forces for a while. Lets see how long any of them could keep their heads?
This lunatic baffles me? The people of my country give their congressional leaders an approval rating in the low 20% range all of the time yet continue to reelect the same wind bags! This dinosaur needs to call it a day and move aside. At least in this statement he talks about something he knows about, getting shot down!


Slight correct to the article:

“McCain’s attitude clearly depicts the sentiments of a significant part of the (((US elites))) after the collapse of the US-Russian deal over Syria.”


And to think this man is the son of an admiral? This type of deranged thinking must be why he is in politics instead of the armed forces


It was all of those years in NVA captivity.


Okay, so he is certifiably insane. Who´s next? Keep the line moving.


Who of the degenerates in Washington is not insane?

Dod Grile

On the plus side the Alzheimer’s certainly has put into close contention for “Jackass of the Year Award.” If Jeb Bush and Cher were to drop out he would be a shoe in.


Cher is National Trasure Dod !! If you insist in defaming her you will be forced to listen to “Belive” !! a million times !!


Let’s just blow up everything!

Gue Bjuen

Good for you amtv! Truth punched right in his big swollen tumor ridden face!

Dod Grile

Terrible to see the ravages of Alzheimer’s. It would appear that his physicians need to consider a re-adjustment on his donepezil and memantine dosages.

Horrible disease. Just horrible.


Bet the metally derranged clown gets off with the thought of people dying. The American establishment is mentally sick.

Hassadnah Abraham

Ex POW of American Vietnam’s invasion. He is mentally sick

George King

Age will not save him from the gallows of justice, no matter how insane he is. Traitor and terrorist was his choice.


In USA, the mental insanity is a normal person. So, is there any surprise about this declaration ?

Divesh Kumar

Ah!!! Mc caine is alive…. I heard him after so many days. Actually Mc Caine should go to Syria and actively command his head chopper friends (ya if they spare his head). This war monger should be air dropped in Raqqa where he will feel very homely perhaps

Tom Tom

McLame is the biggest idiot in D.C.

Thanks, Arizona.

Michael Drysdale

How about the terrorists surrender ,the country’s legitimate government get back to ruling it fully and the states keeps it warmongering fingers out. Perhaps peace could work then


It’s Peace Faker i presume..


This warmonger mccain is up for reelection this year in Arizona. Hopefully he will be put out to pasture before he can cause much more harm. He was under investigation for aiding the enemy when vietnam war ended and he was sent home until his dad pulled some strings and got him pardoned. He has also been photographed with some of the senior leadership of isis and nusra when meeting with them in Syria.

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