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May The Hysteria Never End: It’s World Mask Week!


May The Hysteria Never End: It's World Mask Week!

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On August 7th, “World Mask Week” began on social media. It should run through to August 14th.

Everybody can join in support – all that’s needed is to publish a photo or video in masks in social networks with the hashtags #worldmaskweek.

The rate of spread of the coronavirus remains high: hundreds of cases are reported daily, there are repeated outbreaks of the disease and signs of a new wave of the pandemic.

Still, the situation is admittedly being made somewhat worse by the premature softening of the mask regime, changes in the strict rules of social distancing and requirements for personal hygiene measures, the organizers of the action note.

“Right now, it is critically important to join forces and remind the public that simple tools such as wearing masks along with regular hand washing and keeping physical distance can dramatically reduce the number of infections, stop the spread of coronavirus and save hundreds of thousands of lives. In this sense, the readiness of federal and regional leaders to take effective and consistent measures is extremely important so that as many people as possible wear masks and feel responsible for the life and health of their close friends,” says Vladimir Melnikov, General Director of the Grayling communications agency in Russia, representative of Pandemic Action Network in Russia.

The initiative was organized by the Pandemic Action Network, a global non-profit organization, World Health Organization, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and CDC Foundation, African Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Facebook, Google, Global Citizen, eBay Russia, Global Women in PR Russia, Grayling and more than 40 other partnerships.

It is, evidently, a very liberally-pushed agenda.

The situation has somewhat calmed down, with the exception of the US and Brazil, but still the hysteria is being heavily propagated by the World Health Organization (WHO) and MSM.

Actions and events such as these, however, attempt to focus on the current narrative – the pandemic is still very serious, and the hysteria shouldn’t be allowed to pass yet.

Due to various reasons, most of which come down to speculation, and have caused more than a single conspiracy theory form, limitations are still currently required on the populations of various countries.

An extreme form attempting to propagate the hysteria in a very, obviously, fake manner is the travel advisory by the US to New Zealand.

It is clear that the United States is the country suffering the heaviest from the pandemic, and still it issued a travel warning to New Zealand, which, at the time, had 23 active cases of the virus.

It is, furthermore, showing that the 2009 swine flu pandemic infected much more people and was met with zero hysteria, and the pandemic passed, more or less, unnoticed.

Back then China was blamed for the pandemic, under the US President Barack Obama administration. The US reportedly had over 60 million cases.

US President Donald Trump is getting the entire blame for the COVID-19 hysteria in the US, while it’s currently infected just above 4.5 million.

It should also be noted that the Obama administration issued a massive $3.7 million grant to the Wuhan lab that’s been blamed for releasing COVID-19 into the public.

May The Hysteria Never End: It's World Mask Week!

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Meanwhile, Russia announced that in September it’s beginning industrial production a vaccine. So the crisis may potentially be passing, however, it must first pass through the wall of disbelief that will likely be fueled by media reports.




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