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JUNE 2023

May Abandons Brexit Vote, Moves Toward No-Deal Preparations

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On December 10, UK Prime Minister Theresa May addressed the House of Commons after the canceling the parliamentary vote on her Brexit deal, a day before it was scheduled to take place.

The Prime Minister said that the decision was bamde because she feared she would lose it “by a significant margin.” May faced laughter from Labour benches when she said that, over three days of debate, she had “listened very carefully to what has been said in this Chamber and out of it by members from all sides.”

It’s important to note that May refused to commit to a specific deadline date for the vote, instead insisting that it will only be held once “assurances have been achieved.” However, she said that the British government is committed to withdraw from the European Union on March 29.

Jeremy Corbyn responded by saying that her deal was bad for the UK and asked what was the point of May bringing back the “same deal” to MPs at a later date.

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In my humble opinion , bearing in mind that the EU has to get a 100% agreement from ALL the EU members for all aspects of a negotiated ‘divorce and trade outside the WTO rules’, it was pointless to try to negotiate with the EU.

In my opinion the correct stance ( and always has been) should have been, ‘We are leaving in ‘x’ months and Britain will be satisfied to use the WTO rules that we already utilise with much of the world. If you ( the EU) have any proposals that have been fully agreed by all the EU states, please make us (the UK) an offer. We will then answer you in 14 days’.

If there is no deal that is satisfactory to the British electorates decision with the democratic pan UK aggregated vote to leave the stifling embrace of the EU, we will leave and mirror any malign actions that the EU takes against the UK.

You can call me Al

I think you will find that 17.4 million Brits wanted to start at the point and then negotiate for certain types of agreements (which I believe we should keep).


Negotiations are impossible with any group with equal votes until the issues are ratified by all of the group first.

If they are not, the whole process just revolves in circles, as differing ideas keep the momentum the wheels of indecision spinning in different directions and speeds.

I agree that Britain should honour any agreements BUT with the proviso that the EU honours theirs. Agreements should also be ‘Time Limited’ ( 10 years max) as well, for the benefit of both parties.

You can call me Al



We missed our calling to be MP’s Al :)


Just leave the EU without a deal and within a decade you lose scotland and northern ireland ;-)


Thats the bonus :)

Brother Ma

Can’t wait!


Good let the colonies go.

Northern Ireland shouldn’t even exist.

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